iOS 16 Official Release Date: When Does iOS 16 Come Out?

iOS 16 Official Release Date

Apple has a large base of loyal users. Each year these users eagerly await the new OS update. And, each year, Apple exceeds the expectations and brings something new to the table. This year, on June 6, at its biggest event, WWDC Keynote, Apple unveiled the most recent OS update, iOS 16. However, the iOS 16 official release date was not announced.

In 2021, Apple released iOS 15, which was a success. Everyone loved the features and changes it introduced. So, when Apple announced iOS 16, it was sure to make rounds in the news. Apple fanatics searched for its release date, beta, features, and more. Since June, we have got the beta versions, but now, with each passing day, everyone is getting eager to get their hands on the actual update.

In this article, we will have a look at the iOS 16 official release date. Note that we are making an assumption based on the beta releases and the release date of the previous years. So, scroll down to look at the official release date of iOS 16.

iOS 16 Official Release Date

iOS 16 Official Release Date

There has been no official statement regarding the iOS 16 official release date. However, we won’t let you go empty-handed. If we look at the previous year’s release date and the pattern of the beta releases, we can easily make an educated assumption about the iOS 16 official release date.

iOS 16 will be released on September 19. However, do note that this is speculation, and we will update the article as soon as Apple announces the iOS 16 official release date.

The release date of the previous OS updates:

Operating SystemRelease Date
iOS 12September 17, 2018
iOS 13September 19, 2019
iOS 14September 16, 2020
iOS 15September 20, 2021

Every year, Apple releases a new OS update in the fall. From the release dates given above, you can see a pattern. A fair assumption that can be made is that iOS 16 will be released in mid-September, like the previous OS updates.

iOS 15 was released on September 20, 2021, Monday. If we continue with this pattern, then there is a possibility that the iOS 16 official release date will be 19 September 2022, Monday. Or, there is a chance that iOS 16 will be released between 19th-25th September.

iOS 16: Beta Release Timeline

iOS 16 Official Release Date

Each year, Apple releases Developer and Public Betas before releasing the official OS update. This is done to test the bugs in the update. The betas also provide a way of taking people’s opinions that helps improve the official update. So, if you can’t wait to get your hands on the new update, you can start by downloading the iOS 16 beta.

On June 6, 2022, Apple unveiled the iOS 16 at WWDC Keynote. After that, it immediately released the first Developers Beta of the newest OS update. However, the first Public beta of iOS 16 was released in July. We currently have the iOS 16 Developer Beta 6 and Public Beta 4.

iOS 16 Beta Release Schedule

iOS 16 Beta VersionRelease Date
Developer Beta 1June 6, 2022
Developer Beta 2June 22, 2022
Developer Beta 3July 6, 2022
Public Beta 1July 11, 2022
Developer Beta 4July 27, 2022
Public Beta 2July 28, 2022
Developer Beta 5August 8, 2022
Public Beta 3August 9, 2022
Developer Beta 6August 15, 2022
Public Beta 4August 15, 2022

Last year, Apple released eight developer beta versions before releasing iOS 15. So, there is no way to tell how many more beta versions are yet to come. Since we are already in the stage of Developer beta 6, the only thing that can be confirmed is that we will get more beta versions before the official release of iOS 16.

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this article, we have looked at the official release date of iOS 16. If our assumptions are correct, then Apple will release iOS 16 on September 19, 2022, or another day in that week. I know most of you can’t wait for Apple to release its newest update. Until then, you can try the beta versions and check the features Apple has added to its newest update.

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