What are iOS 16 Beta 2 Changes? Apple Releases Second Public Beta

ios 16 beta 2 changes

Apple is all set to launch the iOS 16 software update on all its devices this fall. Everyone is excited about this new update, but iOS 16 is still in the beta stages. So what are iOS 16 beta 2 changes? Here is what you can expect from the new release of the iOS 16 Public beta 2.

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Now here is what you need to know about the iOS 16 beta 2 changes. Read on to know all the devices on which the iOS 16 public beta 2 has been released.

What are iOS 16 Beta 2 Changes?

ios 16 beta 2 changes

Apple has released the iOS 16 Beta 2 on multiple devices. This will be the second beta update for iOS 16. And the major changes are with iMessage. iMessage will now have editing features. You can expect iMessage to let you edit your messages in this manner –

  • Unsend a Message– You can now unsend any message for up to 2 minutes after you have hit the sent.
  • Edit Sent Message– You can now edit any message that you have sent for up to 15 minutes. However, the recipient can see all the edits you have made.
  • Mark Message as Unread– You can also mark a message as unread when you want to make sure to reply to the sender but don’t have the time to do so right away.

What Devices are Getting iOS 16 Beta 2 Changes?

What are iOS 16 Beta 2 Changes?

While Apple had released iOS 16 Beat sometime ago, it has now rolled out the second update for its iOS 16 software. If you have signed up for the Beat Program with Apple, here are all the devices you can expect the new update to be released on-

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • macOS 13 Ventura
  • tvos16
  • HomePod 16

Wrapping Up

So now you know what are the changes in iOS 16 Beat 2. You can expect some instability in the newest update, which is normal. The update is being tested on multiple devices as well. Let us know in the comments if you have used the iOS 16 public beta 2 and if you saw any other changes in it. We will keep you updated on all the latest news in technology. Keep visiting Path of EX!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a new iOS 16 beta 2?

Yes, Apple has released a new iOS 16 beta 2.

Is public iOS 16 Beta 2 stable?

Yes, iOS 16 beta 2 is relatively stable. But it is still a beta and will have stability issues.

What are iOS 16 Beta 2 changes?

Apple has made major changes to iOS Beat 2 changes for iMessage.

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