iOS 16.3 Bugs, Errors & Improvements Over the Last Update

iOS 16.3 Bugs, Errors & Improvements Over the Last Update

A piece of good news for iPhone users- Apple has just rolled out the final beta of iOS 16.3 on 24th January. After the yearly announcement of its annual operating system update at WWDC on June 6, 2022, Apple delivered the new update of iOS 16 on September 12, 2022. This article will explain everything about the new iOS 16.3 Bugs, Errors & improvements over the last update, and how it is going to affect the experience of your iPhone and iPad experience.

iOS 16.3 has arrived with new features and designs that will make the user experience of the iPhone much easier and more convenient. However, the latest version has just come up, and people are noticing some bugs also. I will also cover those bugs, issues, and flaws that have come along with the new software.

In this article, I will give you all the possible information about the final beta version of iOS 16.3 along with iOS 16.3 bugs, errors, and improvements over the last update in a comprehensive manner.

5 iOS 16.3 Bugs Noticed

iOS 16.3 Bugs, Errors & Changes Tested

iOS 16.3 has released the final beta version for all iPhone users and the users are just excited to update their smartphones to the new update. The prior iOS 16.2 version came back on December 13, 2022, with a series of exceptional sets of new and interesting features with some bugs.

These features always include on display on the iPhone 14 Pro, a new karaoke future to the Apple Music app, and the commencement of the freeform application. However, with the newer iOS 16.3 version, there are some bugs to be reported by users. The following are some of the iOS 16.3 bugs that are noticed after the installation of the beta version.

1. One of the iOS 16.3 bugs faced by the users are duplicate mail notifications are received when there is just one mail received at their end. This issue was raised by one of the users named Jesse2395 on the Reddit community forum a few days ago.

2. The other bug that the users are facing in iOS 16.3 is the look screen notification animations are not running that smoothly. The bug was reported by one of the users named RossTheBoss421 in the Reddit community forum

3. The third bug that several users are facing is the Face ID Try Again Prompt for a very short time after their successful unlock. Let us know if the problem is also bothering you.

4. Haptic feedback seems to be much weaker than in the previous versions. confirm if this is also happening to you.

5. Another iOS 16.3 problem is that the App & System is hanging due to memory leaks, and it is still bothering the users.

The aforementioned iOS 16.3 bugs are the ones that the users are facing and need to be improved with the stable version.

Features of iOS 16.3

iOS 16.3 Bugs, Errors & Changes Tested

1. Unity Wallpaper

Apple has introduced a new feature in the newer version of iOS 16.3 called Unity Wallpaper. This feature is designed to celebrate Black History Month, which is going to take place in February.

2. Support for Homepod (2nd Generation)

Support for Apple’s HomePod (Gen 2), which was released last week, is now available in the newer iOS 16.3 version. The smart speaker may be set up and turned on by users.

3. Security Keys

iPhone users will have the option to add a third-party security key to their device with the forthcoming iOS 16.3 update. This physical security key will come in handy when accessing the Apple ID or logging into a new phone. The verification codes that are supplied to Apple devices when logging onto other devices will be replaced with Security Keys for Apple ID. According to Apple, security codes provide an effective defense against phishing and unauthorized account access.

4. Emergency SOS

With iOS 16.3, the emergency call button has been updated to prevent unintentional emergency calls. To make an emergency call after the update, press and afterward release the power and volume up/down buttons.

Other Improvements

iOS 16.3 Bugs, Errors & Changes Tested

The following are some of the improvements found in the newer version of iOS 16.3.

  1. The first improvement noticed is the advanced iCloud Data Protection expanding worldwide. You can easily enable it by going to the Setting on your iPhone and then Apple ID, then iCloud, and finally to Advanced Data Protection.
  2. Homepod alarms also play ambient sounds too instead of only laying Apple music. You can go to the Home and then Homepod and the New Alarms and finally play the media.
  3. You can also read the Homepod temperature and readings in the Home application.
  4. Some users have also experienced the Thermostat on/off toggle having an icon.

iOS 16.3 Improvements Over The Last Update

iOS 16.3 Bugs, Errors & Changes Tested

The following are some of the fixes that Apple has confirmed to fix with the new iOS 16.3 version. Let’s look at each one of them.

  1. The first issue, which has now been fixed, is in the Freeform app. The issue comes when you draw the pencil strokes with an Apple pencil, or your fingers may not have appeared on the shared boards.
  2. Another issue has been fixed where the horizontal lines appeared while waking up the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  3. The new version also comes with a fix where the Home Lock screen widget is not able to display the Home App status accurately.
  4. It also fixes an issue where Siri is not responded properly to Music requests.
  5. It also addresses the issue where Siri is not able to understand the car play requests accurately.
  6. It also fixes the issue where the wallpaper may look black on the screen.

iOS 16.3 Version Released

iOS 16.3 Released - What's New?

Wrapping Up

This article talks about the newer version of iOS and the iOS 16.3 bugs it carries along the way. I have also covered the new and exciting features that come with iOS 16.3. There are numerous people who have been waiting for the older issues to be resolved in the newer version.

Comment down below if you find the content insightful, and share your thoughts on the latest iOS version, 16.3. Let us know if you have already installed the new version nd what features you like the most.

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