iOS 16.1 Features: Everything You Need to Know

iOS 16.1 Features

iOS 16 will soon be getting a new update. The existing bugs and glitches will be fixed in the new iOS. So, what new iOS 16.1 features will you get? As we all know that a new update will have a few new features. iOS 16 was released on all Apple-Supported devices. But some updates were not rolled out on all devices, one of which was the battery percentage indicator.

iOS 16 may offer a lot of new customization options. But some of the changes were a buzzkill. I did not like the search bar right in the middle of my home screen. Luckily, you can disable the search bar in iOS 16. With iOS 16, adding widgets to your lock screen is possible. Apart from this, iOS 16 has a lot of bugs. Apple has advised users to stay on their current iOS or download iOS 15.7.

While everyone is laughing while watching the iOS 16 memes, a new update will be out soon. So, what are the new iOS 16.1 features? Here is all you need to know about this.

What are New iOS 16.1 Features?

iOS 16.1 Features

iOS 16 will be getting a new update soon. Apple is trying to fix all the existing bugs. More than that, it will have a bunch of additional features. This will make your iOS 16 experience smoother and faster, the way we all expected. Let me tell you all about the new iOS 16.1 features.

1. Customize the Lock Screen or Home Screen

iOS 16.1 Features

You can now customize your lock screen or home screen from the lock screen itself. After long-press on the lock screen, you will get to choose from customizing your lock screen or home screen. Previously, you could only edit your lock screen after long-pressing your lock screen.

2. Battey Percentage Indicator

iOS 16.1 Features

After countless iPhone users complained about the hideous battery percentage indicator, a new indicator is being tested in iOS 16.1. There are changes in the battery percentage indicator. This is another one of the iOS 16.1 features. The new battery indicator will now fill up and empty eventually, depending on how much battery is left. It will also show the battery percentage. The battery icon stayed full till the battery reached 20%.

3. Battery Percentage Indicator on More iPhones

iOS 16.1 Features

Apple is now planning to extend the battery percentage indicator to other iPhones as well. Previously, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini were excluded from this update. But with iOS 16.1 all supported iPhones will now get the battery percentage indicator.

4. Clean Energy Charging

iOS 16.1 Features

This is on is an entirely new feature. In iOS 16.1 your iPhone will be able to detect your charging pattern and will charge up when it can find low carbon emission electricity. This will help to reduce your carbon footprint. You can change this feature from the Settings in iPhone in iOS 16.1.

5. Paste Permission Fixed

iOS 16.1 Features

Another bug that was annoying was the permission pop-up for pasting from the clipboard. This has been fixed in the new iOS 16.1 beta update. Your iPhone will not be asking for paste permission again and again now. This is needed in the new update for smooth functioning across different apps.

6. Matter Support

iOS 16.1 Features

Matter Support is a home connectivity addition that will let you connect your iPhone to compatible devices in your home. Matter support will act as a smart home app making it easier for you to connect and use devices on different platforms. Matter support is one of the iOS 16.1 features being tested on the Beta right now.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know all the new iOS 16.1 features that you can expect in the new update. The new iOS is still being tested out. It will be a while before a bug-free iOS 16.1 is rolled out on all devices. We will keep coming up with more updates about iOS. To know all the trending stuff, keep visiting Path of EX!

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