10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters to Try This Love Season

Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters

When it comes to filters, Instagram wins the race. Be it a trivia game or a basic filter, there’s is an endless list for everything you search on the app. However, this time you won’t be trying on any basic filter. Try these amazing Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in your stories and have some fun with them.

Filters can be a game-changer when it comes to making a better engagement. So, even if you are not a fan of filters, you must try them this time. You might have noticed that your stories get a lot more views than the likes and comments on your posts. Need I say more? Probably not! You have all the reasons to try these Instagram valentine’s day filters and effects.

Do you know how to find filters on Instagram? Doesn’t matter, below you can have all your answers on Valentine filters on Instagram. So, quickly scroll and find out everything. 

How to Find Filters on Instagram?

Before you learn about all the Instagram Valentine’s day filters, first check out how to find filters on Instagram. This way, you can easily look for new filters every day even if you don’t like some from this article (which is very unlikely but let’s consider the odds)

Here’s how you can search for new filters on the Instagram app-

  1. Launch Instagram & click on your profile icon on the top left of your screen.
  2. Swipe right to open the camera.
  3. Now, keep swiping left until you reach the option of ‘Browse Effects.’
  4. Tap on the magnifying glass.
  5. In the search bar, type Valentine’s day.
  6. Click on the filter you like.
  7. Click on the middle icon button to capture the image.
  8. Tap “Your story” to post it as your Instagram story. 

Best Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters

Here are the most trending filters you must try on Valentine’s day. Not only are they full of love, but they are also fun. It would be a major miss if you didn’t post a story in these amazing Instagram Valentine’s day filters. 

1. Neon Valentine by Instagram

10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in 2022 | Fun with Filters!

Starting the list with the best Instagram Valentine’s day filter, Neon Valentine should be your first choice indeed. The actually cute bubbles will make your face glow with love. Try it with your partner, and make sure you check this filter by @instagram.

2. valentine by peachynightmare

10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in 2022 | Fun with Filters!

Try out this amazing filter by peachynightmare. It brings out a more sexy side of you and you will definitely flaunt your body here, be it curves or jawline. 

3. Valentine by majelsty

10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in 2022 | Fun with Filters!

majelsty is a digital creator and the Valentine filter by her had to come in this list. Why won’t it? It has cute little diminishing hearts on the crown and it’s everything, Valentine.

4. Valentine’s Day Text by puberty

10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in 2022 | Fun with Filters!

The account with 2.3 million followers, puberty creates amazing content and has some pretty filters. Try out their Instagram Valentine’s day filters. It tells you the text you will get on V-day. 

5. Valentine prediction by omg_arfilters

Have some fun on Feb 14 with this Valentine’s prediction Instagram filter by omg_arfilters. For singles, this filter might be the most interesting to do on Valentine, pun intended.

6. 4D Valentine by louissescarlett

4D Valentine filter is the cutest filter you will find in this season. Be it a kid, teen, young adult, or even your pet, it makes everyone cute, and that’s why you must try this one of the Instagram Valentine’s day filters. Check out this filter by louissescarlet.

7. Sparkles by instagram

10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in 2022 | Fun with Filters!

Remember the first time you looked at your partner? Those sparkles and butterflies are too good to be a reality. However, you can relive the moment with the sparkle filter by instagram.

8. Hearts eye by lun.arfilters 

10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in 2022 | Fun with Filters!

Do you wanna ruin that friendship? Yes, it’s that sound I am talking about. Take a video in this Instagram Valentine’s day filter by lun.arfilters, and send it to your crush. Who knows? Maybe cupid might work in your favor this time. Heart eyes filter has been taking Instagram by storm this love season, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should!

9. love detected by mardvxx

10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in 2022 | Fun with Filters!

This love calculator is all you need to post on Valentine’s day. While people might post pictures with their partners, you can have fun with Instagram filters by mardvxx.

10. Flawless by alessandra

10 Instagram Valentine’s Day Filters in 2022 | Fun with Filters!

Glow as you have never before with Flawless filter by alessandra. The blush, the lips, everything is actually flawless about this filter. So, make sure you definitely try it. 

Wrapping Up

Filters can never be boring, and all the Instagram Valentine’s day filters are proof of it. Try these filters; you will definitely like them. Comment below your views on these filters. You can also suggest us more filters in the comment section.

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