Instagram Update For August: Subscription Expansion, New Threads Features & More!

Instagram Update For August

Instagram has emerged from the photo-sharing app to money earning platform for content creators. Every few weeks, Instagram updates and upgrades its platform with the incorporation of new features. While some of these features are easily accepted by users, others are outrightly rejected by them. If you are someone who wants to know about the latest update on Instagram, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you about, Instagram Update For August and what new few features can be rolled out in August 2023.

In the July updates, we saw Instagram bringing a major change by introducing the text-based micro-blogging app called Threads. The launch of Threads saw immense success, much to the delight of the developers. In the month of August, Instagram is enhancing the Threads app along with the introduction of some new features.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about, the Instagram update for August and what new features will be added by Instagram.

What is Instagram Update for August?

Instagram launched Threads, a text-based platform for your micro-blogging needs. This is one of the major launches of Instagram for the year 2023. Ever since its launch, the platform has seen nothing but success. So the major changes that are in the month of August is bringing new changes to the Threads app.

So, let’s get started and know about the latest Instagram update for the month of August 2023. In the below-mentioned list, I have explained the major updates from Instagram.

1. Hidden Gems in the Threads App

Instagram Update For August

Instagram as a platform is focusing on the Threads app right now. Threads is essentially a text-based platform where you can share your thoughts, follow any discourse, follow other users, and join public conversations.

Threads was launched on July 6, and ever since its launch, the platform has seen immense growth and success, with record-breaking users joining the platform.

As the platform is primarily focused on the Threads app, the major changes on the Threads app include:

  1. Preferred Replies: You can now decide who can reply to your Threads, you need to tap on the bottom left where you can decide who can reply, it can be either Anyone, mentioned only, or profiles you follow.
  2. Triple Tap: If you triple tap on your Thread post, you will start a new Threads post.
  3. Quick Follow: In case you find something interesting in the recommendation section, you can also follow them on the same page.
  4. Mute: You can mute accounts that you follow and their posts won’t be showing up on your page. All you need to do is press three dots on their post and select the mute button.
  5. Quick Search: You can do a quick search on the Threads app by long pressing on the screen,
  6. Time Limits: You can easily take a break on the Threads app as well by heading to your profile, tab to settings, head to your account section, and tab on the take a break section. You can take a break every 20-30 minutes.
  7. Share on Instagram: You can share your Threads post by tapping on the Airplane icon and sharing it as an Instagram story or a post.

Apart from all this CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri in his Instagram post said that “the Threads team is working hard to introduce the Following feed, editing options, multiple accounts switch, post search, hashtags, translations, and web presence.”

2. Templates 2.0 For Reels

Instagram Update For August

Instagram is getting creative with Templates 2.0. Instagram is rolling new templates to Instagram Reels. The main features that will be incorporated within Instagram Reels include:

  1. Updating the Templates Browser: You can only check the templates that are trending and Templates that are recommended for you.
  2. Text, Transition & AR Effects: Apart from a number of clips and music feature, Instagram is adding text, transitions, and AR Effects.

3. Explanding Subscriptions

Instagram Update For August

Instagram is expanding subscriptions across the world. Making Instagram an attractive means of earning money, the platform has announced that it is expanding its subscription service in the next couple of weeks.

A creator can create and share exclusive content in stories, posts, reels, lives, broadcast channels, and highlights and a creator gets to decide the price for the exclusive content. While the feature was launched last year, the platform is announcing to expand the feature to several other countries.

Subscription service will be expanded to European countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, the UK, and France. In America, the feature is expanded in Mexico, Canada, and Brazil, In Asia, the feature will be expanded in Japan. And Australia will also get the paid subscription service for creators. The platform plans to soon launch the feature will be soon available across the world.

4. Instagram AI-Generated Features

Instagram Update For August: Subscription Expansion, New Threads Features & More!

Instagram is working on introducing various AI-generated features. Users will get to use various options, such as AI-generated stickers, comments, and direct messages. Moreover, AI-powered chat agents will enhance your user experience. Some of the amazing AI features that you will get to see on the platform-

  1. AI-generated content labels.
  2. AI-generated direct messages.
  3. AI-powered tool for editing stories.
  4. AI-generated stickers.
  5. AI-generated comments.
  6. AI chatbots.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is known for its latest updates and user-friendly features. Every other day there is a new update from Instagram. If you are here to know about the new Instagram update for August and Instagram August Update, read the entire article and do share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Instagram Threads?

Instagram has launched a new platform called Threads. threads is essentially a text-based platform. You can send posts of up to 500 characters, including images, gifs, and videos of up to five minutes in length

2. What is the Instagram update for August 2023?

1. Templates 2.0 For Reels.
2. Expansion of paid subscriptions.

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