Instagram Tests New Nudity Protection Feature | Get Rid Of Unwanted DMs

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Instagram has rolled out many new features on their platform among them the one which attracted my attention is Instagram Tests New Nudity Protection Feature. This one is recently introduced for the safety and security of the users on the platform. It restricts the use of disturbing and nude content on the platform.

The feature would also help to get rid of disturbing content on the platform. If you wish to know more about the feature then read our article with the latest information. I am sure you would definitely find it helpful. The platform has also taken into consideration more useful features which they have also initiated for the safety of the teen users.

Instagram Tests New Nudity Protection Feature

Instagram Tests New 'Nudity Protection'

Instagram has rolled out a new feature on its platform to help users not view unwanted content. You can choose to use the feature through DMs. You get a nudity filter in your DMs, which blocks nude content on Instagram direct messages.

The new nudity feature gives the option to their users to activate the nudity detection elements in their content. This feature was released last year for iOS users to scan their incoming and outgoing messages for nude pictures.

Whenever the feature detects such content on the platform, they make the image blur, as Instagram notes. It means that Instagram and its parent company Meta will not download and analyze the files or emails for this feature. It will be done on the device.

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Restriction Laid Down by Meta

Instagram Tests New Nudity Protection Feature | Get Rid of Unwanted DMs

Apple has done its research and has reassured its users that it is not downloading the actual images. Everything is done through machine learning and data matching. It never traces or tracks the details of the interactions on your Instagram handle.

The new feature implemented by Instagram is to ensure more protection, especially for teen users. This measure was much needed as last year. There were reports about Facebook and Instagram creating pressure on users’ mental health due to disturbing content.

They have also rolled out more safety tools and features. They have introduced features like take a break reminder and updated in-app nudges. These features help keep you away from harmful content—users under 16 come under the restrictive exposure category by Meta.

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Wrapping Up

Due to the threat of malicious and disturbing content on the internet, I believe this is a crucial and much-needed step taken by Instagram. Such a measure would go a long way as a protective measure for young users. Such limitations are needed to maintain the safety of the users within the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Instagram tests new nudity protection feature?

The new ‘nudity protection’ by Instagram is a new feature of the platform to stop the exchange of nude images among its users and, maintain the safety of the users also.

Will the new nudity protection feature be applicable to all Instagram users worldwide?

Yes, the new nudity protection feature will be applicable to each and every user worldwide.


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