Why is Instagram Stories Glitch Repeating My IG Stories | How to Fix It

Instagram stories glitch | How to stop instagram stories from repeating

Are you getting the same story on your Instagram feed? Is it just me or anyone else as well. This is the current scenario of Instagram. Almost everyone can see their stories repeating over and over again. The users are annoyed by the Instagram Stories Glitch they have been facing for two to three days.

The problem is a repetition of stories that are coming to the feed of the users. This problem is not new to Instagram. In 2020 the same problem had taken place but it was solved within a few hours. Users took to Twitter to report the problem and know whether they are alone in this confusion.

We have curated a few probable reasons for the Instagram glitches and feel they might help you in fixing the problem. The problem is definitely temporary and might get solved within a few hours.

Instagram Stories Glitch Makes Stories Go on Loops

Why is Instagram Stories Glitch Repeating My IG Stories | How to Fix It

There are a couple of reasons for the Instagram stories Glitch. Instagram has been going through a major issue since June 14, 2022. Although as of now there is no official statement about the issue on Instagram’s website. We can assume they are working to solve the issue for their users. We have discussed probable reasons which can bring in such issues. 

Network Issue

Stories might repeat when there is a significant problem in the internet connection on which you are working. When the issues with the internet problem are solved, then the stories may repeat again and again. The platform did not load them properly during the ongoing issue.

Outdated App

Your app may not be updated, and you can have problems using Instagram. Sometimes Instagram even updates its app to fix a bug or add new features. In such cases, you may face some issues while accessing Instagram. Therefore, you must go to the app store and update the app at the earliest to avoid Instagram story glitches.

Technical Issues in Instagram

The app may have bugs that need to be fixed. Do not worry; in such cases, you will not be alone in the list; loads of other users would also face the same issue. Here the support team of Instagram would take things in hand to fix it at the earliest to give their users relief from the problem. In most cases, the issue is resolved within a couple of hours.

Wrapping Up

You may face many problems with your social media handles while using them. The recent Instagram stories glitches are annoying me as well. I cannot access the groups and my friend whom I follow. I feel I am missing something in life. But this problem is temporary and will be solved within no time. So, stay tuned with Path of EX  for more updates on such issues on social media handles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram Stories Glitch?

It is a problem some users face when they get the same story in the Instagram feed repeatedly.

How to solve Instagram stories glitches?

The Instagram stories glitch is a technical problem on the part of Instagram, and they are working to solve the issue. 

What are the fixes for the Instagram stories glitches?

There are many fixes to the Instagram stories glitches like internet issues, technical errors, and many more.

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