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There is no possible way, that you have survived in today’s world and have not heard about REELS. Though started for an entertainment intent, it has now become a platform on its own. Choosing it as a career path, many content creators and influencers are using its viral aspect to capture the audience’s attention. And if you are one of them, you need to be in the constant hustle with your trending Reels. So, here’s the Weekly updated Trending Instagram Reel Trends of 2022 to keep you in Trend.

Instagram was already a popular platform but introducing Reels took it to another level. From kids to adults, everyone is so invested in this concept that their whole day revolves around it. From waking up to dance reels and ending the day with the recap reels, the reel world has become an important aspect of the real world. So, to keep your content fresh and your followers entertained, you need to be always up with the latest trends.

That’ll take some effort, but don’t you sweat. We are here to make your life easier. You no longer have to scroll through thousands of pages to get your information. Here we present you every week, the recent and upcoming Instagram reel trends you don’t wanna miss. After all, we won’t let you go out of style..!!

*Updated- 22 Jan 2022

I am back with this week’s Latest Instagram Reel Trend Report-

Latest Instagram Reel Trends Viral In This Week, January 2022

Can’t wait?! To have your followers swoon over your enticing Instagram Reels? Well, here are the Latest 7 viral trends of THIS WEEK that you would love to be a part of-“7 Instagram Trends for Your 7-day package”. Here we go…

1. Who’s Sexy..I’m Sexy

You must have seen this new trending Instagram Reel Trend getting hyped these days. In this latest Reel trend January 2022, a pass-over conversation is going on debating who is sexy!? ( just like our real world, where we are the only sexy creatures on this earth. Right!? )

This trending Instagram reel trend is carrying on in 2 ways-

Firstly in which 2 creators are standing side by side in which 1 person lipsyncs Who’s Sexy and the other answers back- I’m sexy..!! This fun talk-over discussion speeds up with time creating a fun entertaining reel trend.

The second way in which creators are capturing their followers’ attention is by creating a breathtaking transition video. In this new January 2022 reel trend, only 1 influencer is the focus and he/she asks the question and then answers back through a transitional reel Videoclip usually wearing an exquisite costume. Well you know when transition and influencers are put in one sentence, the end result is always a dazzling one, see for yourself- 

You could either choose a funny banter vibe with the first option or opt for a sexy intimidating mood with the second option. Well, In which ever way you decide to try this trending Instagram reel trend, it would be fantastic!! 

After all, Who’s Sexy..?? I’m Sexxyy! Who’s Sexy..?? I’m Sexxyy! Who’s Sexy..?? I’m Sexxyy!!

Well, you can always remix the Ig reel and add your twist to it, making it stand out.Do explore and have fun creating this amazing Instagram Reel trend of this week january 2022

Audio- Original Audio

By: kris8an

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2. Puff Puff Pass Trend

Hey..influencers !! I have good news for you, Finally, your long wait is over because your favorite Transition trend is back and I might add with a bang! Though there had been a few transitioning Instagram Reel trends over the last few weeks, but none of them was good enough to create its buzz. But now, this latest IG reel trend is trending where a glow-up transition flares over the Audio overlay Puff Puff Pass. This reel trend is very recent, yet many celebrities have jumped on it with their erotic transition videos.

In this trending Instagram Reel Trend 2022, first, the creators are doing an action of puff puff in their comfy clothes… And then with the pass overlay in the audio, the video is passed to their glammed up look. Which is definitely to swoon over.!! Trust me, This is gonna be a viral Instagram Reel Trend of this as well as next few weeks. So what are you waiting for- Take those Sexy clothes out of your Cupboard and make one hell of a transition.!!

Plus, it is a chance to make your ex and their new beau jealous..!! Wink..!

Look at these astonishing Instagram Reel for your reference.

Audio- New Body

By: 2shaddy

3. Outline Reel Trend

For your third Reel Day, let’s keep a chilled, light fun-filled trend. Afterall, after your Sexxy transition videos, your followers need a day break to absorb them. So, I have for you a fun Instagram Reel Trend going viral these days- Outline Reel trend. Yes..!! you must have seen reels and videos on this, if not- Don’t worry, I am here to guide you.

This trending Instagram reel Trend is a filter effect where you have to trace your face in one line only i.e without picking up your finger, you have to trace the outline of your face. And judging by our drawings, the end outcome will be a funny but still a cute picture.

you can choose filters: Face drawing or outline to make this trending Instagram reel of January 2022.

But creators haven’t stopped at just drawing their faces, and are showing their creativity and skills by trying new things. Some are having fun playing with their Dogs while others are making audience laugh with their funny facial expressions.

Filter:- Face Drawing, Outline

4. Playing With Sunsets And Lighting

There always has been something about Sunsets that attracts us towards them. The scenic view of the sunset is so enchanting and mystical that we can stare at it for as long as we can. Whether it’s the mesmerizing Yellow light of the dawn or the exquisite orange vision of the dusk, we wish we could play with its luminescence. But what cannot happen in the real-world, definitely can happen in the reel world.

And this is what Today’s influencers are doing. Playing with sunsets and Different Lighting Transitions, they have started a new Instagram trend. 

This latest Reel Trend of 2022 is one of the most beautiful trends of the time. Don’t believe me, Check for yourself-

This new trending Instagram Reel Trend 2022 starts with a video of a beautiful scene and later transitions to the same scene but with different background lights. This subtle transition enhances the clip and the Audience can’t help but rewatch it again and again. Influencers are showing their skills and creativity by taking it a step further and exploring this Lighting effect with Sunsets. In their video, With their sudden flick, the background lights change and the Sunset scene appears.

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5. AbcdefU.. X Play date

I won’t believe you, if you say you haven’t grooved to the song AbcdefU thinking about that 1 particular person, you want to dedicate it to… You know you have. !! Filming a close-up selfie video lip-syncing to the lyrics or a sexy power walk on the song is enough to get your EX where you want him..( wink wink) 

But that was a deal of weeks before, now creators want to spice it up, and what’s better way than to add some Melanie Martinez’s hotness. Yes..!! You guessed it right. Now influencers are seen making grooving and transitioning videos to a remix version of Abcdefu and Playdate.

Instagram reel trend 2022 remix transitioning-


FILTER:  All pictures: Zoom in

Alternating Zoom for 0.2 between

  • 1&2
  • 2&3
  • 3&4
  • 4&5
  • 5&6
  • 6&7

Alternating Zoom for 0.7-0.8 between

  • 7&8
  • 8&9
  • 9&10
  • 10&11
  • 11&12
  • 12&13
  • 13&14

You are always free to explore and experiment.

Audio : ABCD & Playdate Remix

By : anasher

6. Nationality Challenge

Bonjour..!! Instagramers. Have you seen this new “The Nationality Challenge” reel trend that is catching everyone’s attention on Instagram & TikTok nowadays? Well, if you haven’t you definitely should.

If you have ever wished you could be a part of a different country or get to try their exquisite culture well this is a 2022 reel trend you should give a try. In this influencers create a video of how they look in different ethnicities like American, Chinese, Indian & more.

You can achieve this either by using an Editing app or going one step ahead and trying different looks yourself.

How to Do the Nationality Challenge: Tutorial

  1. Download the application “FacePlay” from the Google Play Store / App Store.
  1. In this app, you will find Different nationality templates. Choose different templates to explore different options
  2. You can use free templates or buy premium templates for your video
  3. After selecting your desired ethnic template, tap Add a face > choose your photo and Press Confirm.
  4. Tap on Start Making
  5. Once the video is processed, save it.

To create other nationality videos, repeat the same process individually for every nationality you want to create. Compile all these videos and Taa-Daa !! Here’s your videos.

Audio : Nationality Challenge

By : eziijude

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7. Trending Dancing Reels 2022

Just as you are incomplete without your phone, a list of reel trends is incomplete without the mention of Trending Dancing Reels. When we hear the word Reel, dance is what comes to our mind first as it should be especially because– These content creators and their tantalizing dance moves have taken Instagram by storm. 

There is no way you can close your phone after watching these dance reels, once you are caught in the web of these Instagram reels, you have successfully lost 3-4 hours to scrolling. I am still not sure it’s a good habit or a bad one… But who cares? 

There are many trending Dance Instagram Reel trends going around, but This week’s Trending Dancing reels on which the influencers are grooving at are

1. Audio- Iko Iko (My Bestie) (feat. Small Jam)

By: justin_wellington_jw

Making a short cute Reel with your Best friend is exactly what you need. Instagram audience is loving this adorable little happy dance reels of friends on Iko Iko My Bestie. And on the complimentary, it’s so fun making this cute little happy trending Reel of 2022. Especially after the tiring week, this joyful boost with your friend is exactly what will recharge you. Have fun !!

2. Audio- TO THE MOON

By: Jnr Choi

And look Who’s back? Though this reel song is old but has still not gone out of style.This super cool beats are so crazzy..!! Trust me, you won’t be able to resist. Well, if you are looking for a dance reel audio- this song is the best to channel your energy and show those crazzyyyyy moves of yours to the world!! Don’t think just go for it.

3. Audio- Srivalli

By: javedali4u

Another song that has made creators mad is- Srivalli. This is an indian based song, and due to it’s viral dance move -Shoulder movement, this dance reel has stormed instagram explore with 1000’s of creators from the world trying on this trending reel trend 2022.

4. Audio- Mon Soleil (from “Emily in Paris” Soundtrack)

By: ashleyparklady

We all were waiting for Emily in Paris season 2, and the show definitely didn’t disappoint you. But what’s even great was the theme song that became one of the best IG Reel Song for Dance trends. Isn’t it the perfect Dance Reel Audio?!

5. Audio-  Shake Your Body Like A Belly Dancer

Ohhh… those beats. Trust me, they are enough to force you out of the bed and make you groove like never before. That fervent raging energy is exactly what we need to get out of the previous year’s exhaustion and make a fiery start to 2022.

    Now, don’t be shy girl.. go bonanza,

Shake your body like a belly dancer.

Well, these Dance Reel makes me want to try them all. So, what are you waiting for? Go, work those secret moves to send them a secret hidden message with your happy Lit reel.

Trending Instagram Reel Songs Of The Week-

Top 7 Instagram Reel Songs of this Week January 2022 are-

  1. No One Can Fix Me ( Frawley)
  2. Guess my love name (by reelsoquotes)
  3. ABCD & Playdate Remix (anasher)
  4. Infinity (jamesyng)
  5. Panda x Black Beatles (printtech_wrapping)
  6. HMU (by Tobias Dray)
  7. Poison (officialbellbivdevoe

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Trending Instagram Filters Of The Week-

Top 5 Instagram Filters of this Week January 2022 are-

  1. Peekaboo Potraits
  2. Delayed
  3. Is my partner Cheating
  4. Cute Cruella (hair colour)
  5. ‘Male Version of You’

6 Reel Transition Ideas January 2022

  1. Grab + Pull
  2. Hand Twist
  3. Arm Swpie
  4. Shirt Pull
  5. Hand Swipe
  6. Punch

Past Week Instagram Reel Trends 2022

Past Week Instagram Reel Trends that were removed from the list this week-

15 Jan

  1. 2021 Recap Reel
  2. Can we skip to the good part
  3. Infinity Ring light 

5 Jan

  1. 12 Months Of The Year 2021
  2. In 2022, I Should
  3. AbcdefU
Trending Instagram Reel Trends

Wrapping Up

Well, I guess, these are all the new trending Instagram Reel trends going around recently. So, take your pick and choose which Reel trend you want to join and be a part of a fascinating journey. 

After all, you get one chance to live, why waste it? Enjoy all you want, create whatever is in your mind, and show everyone what they are missing. And don’t worry, you won’t be lacking behind because as promised, we will update you weekly with all the ongoing latest Instagram Reel trends you want to know

Now go, make me proud, and do not forget to share your thoughts.

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Au Revoir..!!


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