Instagram Paid Verification: Price, Benefits, Availability & More For Verified Badge

Instagram Paid Verification

A piece of big news is coming from Meta Newsroom, announcing that they have started testing the Meta Verified-Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification subscription plan, which will be of great help to creators as this will help them to establish their presence more robustly. After the paid verification tactic of Twitter, it’s time for Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp-owning company- Meta to launch its paid verification subscription, which is no less than a surprise to its users.

The paid verification is named Meta Verified, which is “a new subscription bundle that includes account verification with impersonation protections and access to increased visibility and support.” This means under this particular paid subscription; users will get account verification, protection of their account against any attempt to impersonate, and a more extensive reach.

To know about the Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification subscription plan at length, let’s jump into the article without any further ado. Why wait, then? Let’s begin!

What is Meta Verified Instagram Paid Verification?

What is Meta Verified- Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification?

Meta verified is a paid subscription plan for Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp- owning company Meta, which will provide its users with Paid Verification at $11.99 per month. This plan is similar to the paid verification plan of Elon Musk-owned Twitter.

“We want to make it easier for people, especially creators, to establish a presence so they can focus on building their communities on Instagram or Facebook,” said Meta as they announced the plan yesterday.

Availability of Instagram Paid Verification Feature

Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification subscriptions are in the testing phase in Australia and New Zealand later, and gradually, this testing will be extended to the rest of the world.

Meta even said that they are bringing this paid subscription plan at the request of creators who were from a long time been demanding “broader access to verification and account support, in addition to more features to increase visibility and reach.” 

What Will You Get in Instagram Paid Verification?

The company has been planning to bring a paid subscription for Facebook and Instagram users since last year, and finally, they are up with the plan. So these things you will get in the Meta verified- Facebook and Instagram paid verification subscription.

  1. A verified badge
  2. Protection from impersonation
  3. Help when you need it.
  4. Increased visibility and reach 
  5. Exclusive features 

How to Buy Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification?

How to Buy Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification?

Meta Verified- Facebook and Instagram paid verification subscriptions are available for direct purchase on both platforms, but for Australian and New Zealand audiences as it is yet to be not launched in the rest of the world. Starting later this week, the paid subscription is available at $11.99 and $14.99 per month for the web and mobile applications (iOS and Android), respectively.

Also, it is made clear by the company that as they are testing and learning, “there will be no changes to accounts on Instagram and Facebook that are already verified based on prior requirements, including authenticity and notability.” 

But you never know if the testing proves to be a great success, there can be a change in this policy as their long-term vision is to “build a subscription offering that’s valuable to everyone, including creators, businesses, and our community at large. As part of this vision, we are evolving the meaning of the verified badge so we can expand access to verification and more people can trust the accounts they interact with are authentic.”

Process of Getting Meta Verified

How to Buy Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification?

The company has built “a series of checks into Meta Verified before, during, and after someone applies to eliminate the threat of identity impersonation while applying for Meta Verified.” These are stated as under:

1. To apply for Meta Verified, one should of 18 years.

2. The account must meet the activity requirement.

3. Need to submit a government ID that matches their profile name and photos uploaded.

4. Proactive monitoring for account impersonation.

Internet Reactions to Instagram Paid Verification

Look at these tweets and see how people react to this new change that the Meta is set to bring about.

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope you now know about Meta Verified- Facebook and Instagram Paid Verification. You can comment in the comments section below for any further queries related to Meta Verified Instagram paid verification.

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