Instagram November Update 2022 | Know All New Updates

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As we all know, each month, Instagram releases new features on the app. November updates seem to be promising for creators and NFT fanatics. Let me tell you all about the Instagram November update 2022. The updates that will be released in November will be focused on cross-app connections and the safety of the users on Instagram.

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So, what updates will be released in November? Let’s dive into the Instagram November update 2022.

Instagram November Update 2022

New updates on Instagram for November will be rolled out soon. These updates offer a major change in the way your experience Instagram. There are changes for mobile users as well as for desktop users. Here are all the new changes you can expect in the Instagram November Update 2022.

1. New Ads Tool and Surfaces to Increase Brand Reach

Instagram November Update 2022

Brands and creators can now maximize the use of Ads to increase their reach. You can now use Carousel Ads for Reels. Until now, you could make Ads with carousel posts. But with the Instagram November update 2022, you can now add reels to carousel ads as well. Instagram is also testing AR ads for the app as well. This will help customers try and see how the products will look in real life on their screens. This will be one of the major Instagram November update 2022 for creators and brands.

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2. Instagram Desktop Will be Revamped

Instagram November Update 2022

Instagram Desktop will now have a split screen for an easier interface. This will help you use all the features on Instagram’s desktop version. According to Jonah Manzano, the Instagram desktop version will have two sides. The left side will have features like Explore & Search, Notifications, Profile, and DMs. These features and additional ones will be shown in a vertical list. While the right side of the screen will now show your main feed. You will be able to view Stories at the top of the right screen with posts right beneath it.

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3. Instagram Feed to Feature More Ads

Instagram November Update 2022

As I have mentioned in the first update, there will be additions to the Ads tool and Surfaces to help brands and creators grow. This will inevitably impact the user base of Instagram. Instagram will now push more ads into your feeds to help brands grow. This is done to find the potential user base for the brands. So, you can expect to see more ads on your feed in the Instagram November Update 2022

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4. Users Can Automatically Block Nude Photos in DMs

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, and developer was the first to notice this feature update. Now, Meta has confirmed this feature. You will now be able to block unsolicited nude photos in your DMs. This will let the users control which images can be viewed in your DMs. You can turn off this feature anytime from your account. In the update photo, that is shared by Paluzzi, it is stated as Instagram will not be able to access the photos which will be covered. We are not sure how much of this claim is true. But this new update feature is one that was needed on Instagram.

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5. Share Horizon Worlds Videos on Reels

Instagram November Update 2022

This update is the one no one asked for. Since Meta Verse was introduced, Horizon Worlds was a part of it. For the people who didn’t even know this app existed, like me and you, well now we know. With the new Instagram November Update 2022, you can now share videos from Horizon Worlds on reels. This will enhance cross-app connections in the Meta Verse. Making the Meta app ecosystem gather a large user base.

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6. US Instagram & Facebook Users Can Share NFTs in the Apps.

Instagram November Update 2022

This is a great update for all Instagram and Facebook users in the US. With the ever-growing NFTs market space, you can now share them across Instagram and Facebook. For sharing NFTs across the apps, you need to have an updated version of both apps. After that, you can connect your digital wallet to the app to use this feature.

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7. AI-Powered Age Verification Will be Expanded to India & Brazil

Instagram November Update 2022

With the constant scrutiny that Instagram has been facing over the safety of the app, it will now expand its AI-powered age verification system. With more than 400 million active users in India and Brazil, these countries are at a higher need for age verification for using these apps. In the Instagram November update 2022, the AI-Powered Age verification system will be rolled out in India and Brazil.

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Wrapping Up

So, now you know all the new Instagram November update 2022. This new update seems to be aimed at brands and creators to increase revenue for Instagram. Whereas the users of Instagram can expect Ads being pushed into their feeds. The Nude Photo cover in DMs and Age Verification for India & Brazil seem like necessary updates. We will keep coming up with more such updates on technology. Follow us for more. Keep coming back to Path of EX!


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