Everyone’s Instagram Keeps Crashing Right Now | Apply 4 Fixes

Everyone's Instagram Keeps Crashing Right Now | Apply 4 Fixes

Instagram users all around the world reported technical issues on the Instagram platform. Although it is common to face glitches on the application, the sudden glitch of Instagram left the users to take out their frustration on Twitter. If you are facing the same issue, let’s know the reason Why Instagram Keeps Crashing on Android & iPhone devices.

Here, I will tell you the fixes on Instagram keeps crashing issues and whether Instagram has resolved the issue or not.

Why Instagram Keeps Crashing

Everyone's Instagram Keeps Crashing Right Now | Apply 4 Fixes

Yesterday Instagram users reported a technical issue on the application. Almost 25000 users reported the issue until 1 p.m on September 22, 2022. Twitter was flooded with frustrations and memes about why Instagram is down.

Instagram’s Statement on Why Instagram Keeps Crashing

After the error reports were submitted by the users, Instagram confirmed that they are aware of the issue and are working on the issue to resolve it as soon as possible. It was reported that 66 percent of users faced issues with the app, 24 percent faced issues with the server connections, and the rest of the 10 percent of users were unable to log in.

After some time, Instagram confirmed at around 2:30 pm that the issue has been resolved. Also, on the downdetector website, the Instagram app started significantly improving with the decrease in the number of error reports.

How to Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing

After Instagram made the announcement that the issue is resolved, many users reported that they are still facing issues with the app. To get rid of the issues with the app, apply these instant fixes now.

Method 1: Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing By Clearing The Instagram App Cache

Everyone's Instagram Keeps Crashing Right Now | Apply 4 Fixes

You need to clear the cache to solve the Instagram not working. Follow the given steps to do so.

  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. In the app section, tap on Instagram App.
  3. Click on clear cache.
  4. After clearing the cache, check if you have resolved the issue.

Method 2: Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing By Updating Instagram App

Everyone's Instagram Keeps Crashing Right Now | Apply 4 Fixes

If you find that your Instagram app is still not working. It might be because you haven’t updated your app in a long time. Simply open the Play Store or App Store and update your Instagram app.

Method 3: Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing By Deleting & Reinstalling Instagram App

Sometimes the issue can be at your end, fix the Instagram app not working by deleting the app and re-installing the Instagram app. After re-installing check if it fixed your issue.

Method 4: Fix Instagram Keeps Stopping Glitch By Install An Older Version Of Instagram

Install an older version of Instagram to fix the temporary Instagram app not working.

Wrapping Up

Instagram faces glitches every other day, the glitches hinder the proper functioning of the app. To know, why Instagram Keeps crashing and how to fix Instagram keeps crashing error, read the entire article and do share it with your friends!

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