Instagram Hooks For Reels: A Comprehensive Guide!

Instagram Hooks for Reels: A Comprehensive Guide!

These days, every other content creator is trying hard to grab the viewer’s attention for those first few seconds because, in those few seconds, the viewer decides whether they want to watch the reel or scroll to the next. So, this makes the first few seconds of your content really important for the success of your reels, and you can’t ignore the significance they have.

Therefore, I am here with a list of Instagram hooks for reels that will make the first few seconds of your reel impactful. So, come along!

It was yesterday only when Instagram introduced the reel feature, and today, it is all Instagram is about, thanks to the algorithm that favors reels over picture posts. Creating reels has become a way of earning money for many, and this feature has also given birth to a new profession of Influencers. Grow your personal brand, get followers, collaboration, and earn money. Seems simple, No? But it isn’t that simple if you don’t know how to make viewers watch your content. Well, this is the reason why I am here with this article.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the article and have a look at useful Instagram hooks for reels. Why wait, then? Let’s begin!

What Are The Instagram Hooks For Reels?

What Are The Hooks For Reels?

Instagram hooks are sentences that you use in the very beginning of your reels to grab viewers’ attention and to make them want to watch the reel till the end by giving them a solid reason. The first few words that you utter that make viewers stop scrolling through endless reels is what the hook is meant for.

But it doesn’t mean what follows the hook is not important. It is equally important to encourage your viewers to watch your reels till the very end so that you can get the view.

How to Use Instagram Hooks for Reels?

Now, if I come to how to use Instagram hooks for reels, the simple mantra is the early, the better. It is best if you can use the hook in the very beginning and even better if you can start your content with the hook because this is what hooks your audience to your reel. So, even if you need to spend a considerable time on framing your script, it will be worth it.

Pro Tip: Remember that using the hook as the opening statement is the key to the success of your reel.

Where to Put Hook on Instagram Reels?

Where to Put Hook on Instagram Reels?

Hooks are meant to grab the attention, and if you want the scroller to stop at your reels, you need to put the hook in the first 8 seconds, as the average human attention span has reduced significantly over the years. So, it is important for you to incorporate the hook sentence at the very beginning or in your opening statement.

18 Creative Instagram Hooks for Reels Ideas

Now that you know what Instagram hooks for reels are and how to use them, here is a list of engaging Instagram hooks for Reel Ideas. Go through them once and use them to grab your target audience’s attention and to keep them glued to their screens.

Idea #1: “Watch until the end!”

Watch until the end is a hook sentence that helps you to make your viewers watch your reel till the end. But before uttering these 4 magical words, it is important to give them the reason why they should watch it till the end. There should be something surprising that you have kept for the last, which makes watching your reel worth it.

Idea #2: “Quick hack”

Each of us is looking for a hack so to make our lives easy and simple. And when someone says the sentence Quick hack for… at the beginning of a reel, it makes viewers stay and watch what the hack is about. So, it offers you a pretty easy way to hook your viewer’s attention.

Idea #3: “How I went from…to…”

No one is perfect, and there is always room for growth. If you are a lifestyle influence, well-being, and health educator, a sentence like How I went from…to… help people who are looking for a similar change in their lives connected with you and watch your reel till the end to drive inspiration from you.

Idea #4: “This one is for…”

“This one is for you if..” a sentence like this helps the audience know at the very beginning if the content is for them or not. This way, you can get more engaging viewers who will not merely watch your reel but also share it and drop a comment.

Idea #5: “Try this new…”

Some people are always looking for new things and love to be on top of it all. For such viewers, words like new, free, now, limited edition, etc, do wonders. You can make them watch your content because you have cleared it in the very beginning that you are going to tell about something new, something in trend.

Idea #6: “Don’t start your day without…”

For marketing, you must know how to make people feel that they need a particular product, device, or service in their lives to make it easy. And a hook sentence like Don’t start your day without… is the perfect way of introducing that necessity to your viewers.

Idea #7: “You need this.”

You need this work exactly like the hook term we just discussed. This hook phrase works best for people who are into digital marketing. Using this phrase, you can tap into the feeling of fear of missing out, which makes viewers want that product.

Idea #8: “X things you can do right now.”

There are people who are driven by what they see happening around them, and for such viewers, a hook-like X things you can do right now work the best. They get a dose of motivation they are looking for by watching such content.

Idea #9: “Quick reminder.”

All of us a somehow lost and often forget to live a little for ourselves. And if you are someone running an Instagram page that motivates people to practice self-love and do what they want in life, the hook sentence Quick reminder is best for you.

Idea #10: “Stop using…”

Assertive sentences like Stop using are the best to grab the attention and make them listen to what you are talking about. And this is what you need to get the view.

Idea #11: “Did you know…”

A sentence like “Did you know?” instantly makes the viewer curious, and this is what makes them watch till the end. So, it is one of the hook sentences you can use to get more views.

Idea #12: “Stop scrolling!”

When all a viewer is doing is scrolling through the feed, a sentence like Stop scrolling urges their mind to stop following the pattern and halt for a second to see what the video is about. And if you have something interesting to show you will get the view you are looking for.

Idea #14: “This will change your life.”

“This will change your life” is another hook sentence that grabs viewers’ attention immediately, but remember that to make them watch the reel till the end, you need to get them the necessary fodder.

Idea #15: “This will blow your mind.”

Who won’t be interested in knowing a thing that will blow their mind? Literally no one. This is exactly the reason why this sentence is in this list of hooks for reels

Idea #16: “Watch this tutorial on…”

“Watch this tutorial on…” is a simple and direct way of letting viewers know what the reel is about, and if someone is interested in learning what you teaching in the tutorial, you will easily get the view.

Idea #17: “We need to talk about…”

We need to talk about… is the best hook you can use if you post content where you discuss hot topics, challenges the world is facing, etc.

Idea #18: “We bet you didn’t know this!”

How does your mind react when someone says to you that they know you didn’t know this? The natural response is the curiosity to know about the unknown, isn’t it? Something similar happens when you use the hook sentence, “We bet you didn’t know this.”

Wrapping Up

With this I come to the end of this article, and I hope you find this article on the topic of Instagram hooks for reels interesting and useful. If you do, tell me in the comments section which hook sentence you liked the most. And yeah, for any further queries related to Instagram you can drop a comment on the comment section down below.

So, guys, that is it for today. Take Care! And keep visiting our website, Path of EX for more such trending stuff related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

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