Instagram DMs Not Working? Try These 8 Quick Fixes to Solve Instagram Messages Issue

Why Instagram DMS not working | 8 Fixes to Solve Instagram Messages Not Working

Are your Instagram DMs not working? Don’t worry you are not the only one. A lot of users have been experiencing the same issue for hours now. So, if you have an important message to send or a funny meme to share, it has to wait. But, there are certain ways you can fix the issue of Instagram DMs not working.

In the article below we have given the probable reasons and their fixes to solve the problem of Instagram messages not working. We believe that these reasons would sync with the ones you are facing and you would find a way out of it from the list mentioned below.

So, what are you waiting for now? Go read the probable fixes for Instagram DM not working.

Instagram DM Not Working (Update 11 January, 2023)

According to the DownDetector website, the Instagram DM not working issue started around 12pm today and is still continuing. A major chunk of people are facing issues with the Instagram app, and some are even facing the DM issue with the website. As of now, there has been no statement from the official Instagram account, but like any other issue, this too shall be resolved soon.

People have been sharing their experiences on social apps like Twitter in hopes of getting the fixes. So, to ease it for you, I have mentioned the probable reasons and fixes for Instagram DMs not working.

Why are Instagram Messages Not Working?

Instagram DMs not working

When you are facing problems in your Instagram app, there can be many reasons for it. You may also not be able to use your Instagram messages. So let us look at the probable reasons for the glitches in Instagram.

1. Network Issues

Sometimes when you find that the Instagram app not working then you must check your connection. Your network connection may be weak which leads to the problem. Your Instagram photos and videos also would need time to upload. So you must switch to another network which is much stronger.

2. App Not Updated

When your Instagram app is not updated then the app would not function properly. You will have an issue while using Instagram and in worst cases, the app would stop working. Here you should keep your app updated on a regular basis for smooth functioning.

3. Clear Cache

When your Instagram cache is full you may have the issue of Instagram messages not working properly. In your Instagram cache, you would find all your data and information related to Instagram, they help you while you use the data. Clearing your cache regularly would help you in using the app properly.

4. Exceeding Instagram’s Limit

You may not be aware that Instagram has its limit on the messages that you use. When you exceed the limit then you may face problems like Instagram DMS not working. So always take care that you do not exceed the limit.

5. Instagram Server Down

Sometimes you find the Instagram messages not working when the server is not working. Your Instagram photos and videos will also not work. As Instagram has billions of users, and sometimes faces an issue with its server. During that time it’s not only you who would face a problem all the other users would also face the same issue.

6. Deleted Messages on Instagram

Sometimes you find there are unread messages in your app when you go to read the message you find that it is no more there. This happens when the sender of the message deletes messages from both sides. You may have a notion that your Instagram DMS not working.

8 Fixes on Instagram DMS Not Working

The most common problem on Instagram is messages not working. There are many reasons for the same and we have discussed the same in the reasons above. Let us look for the probable solutions which help to solve this problem.

1. Check Your Connection

There are many bugs and problems on Instagram. Sow when you have poor network connectivity then you may not be able to use the app smoothly and you come across problems like Instagram DMS not working. So always use the app on a stronger network like Wifi.

2. Check Whether You Are Blocked

When you are trying to send a message to someone on Instagram and you are not able to do so then you feel your Instagram messages not working. But that is not the truth. The person whom you are trying to send the message to may have blocked you and hence, you can not exchange any message with them.

3. Check Whether The User is Available in Instagram

When someone has deactivated their account then you can not contact them through messages in Instagram. Sometimes you try to send messages to your friends on your Instagram account but you are unable to do so, that could be the reason that the person has deactivated their account from Instagram.

4. Update Instagram

When you find your Instagram DMS not working then there might be a possibility that the app you are using is outdated. In that case, your app would require upgradation. You can go to your app store or google store and upgrade your app. After updating you will not find any problem with Instagram messages not working.

5. Undo Update

After reading the above fix you would be surprised to read this one. But this is a fact and happens most of the time. When you update your app, it sometimes backfires. You may face problems like Instagram DMS not working and similar glitches. Then you should go back to one version and your problem might get solved.

6. Report to Instagram

Whenever you face any problem on your Instagram app like DMS not working then you should look out for all the possible fixes. And when everything you tried did not work out then you should look up to the Instagram support team. They would get in touch with you if required or solve your problem within hours.

7. Clear Cache

There are many caches that come with the Instagram app once you install it and use it. These caches are helpful while you use the app as they have a lot of information stored in them. So clearing the cache from your Instagram memory would help you in avoiding glitches like Instagram DMS not working.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall The App

Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the app may help you in solving any problems you might face with your Instagram app. You only have to go to your app store or google play store and uninstall the app and again reinstall it. This would even solve your glitches like Instagram messages not working.

Wrapping Up

All the probable glitches for Instagram DMS not working and their fixes are discussed in the article above. You can refer to any of the fixes mentioned above and get your problem solved. You can also stay subscribed to our website of Path of EX for more updates on these glitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Instagram DMS not working?

This is a problem where you will find the messages on your Instagram account do not work properly and you may not be able to access it.

How to solve the problem of Instagram DMS not working?

The problem of Instagram messages not working can be solved through many ways like clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and many more such ways.

What are the reasons behind Instagram DMS not working?

The reason for Instagram DMS, not working can be network issues, backdated apps, exceeding limits in Instagram, and more.

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