IND vs ENG, 1st Test Day 2 Live Score: England Lose Joe Root But Cross 500-Run Mark | Cricket News

IND vs ENG, 1st Test Day 2 Live Score: England Lose Joe Root But Cross 500-Run Mark | Cricket News

IND vs ENG Live: Joe Root and Ollie Pope during Day 2 of the first Test match in Chennai.© BCCI

Despite the departure of Joe Root and Ollie Pope, England are still in a dominating position against India, on Day 2 of the first Test match, in Chennai’s MA Chidambaram Stadium. England captain Root, who is also playing his 100th Test match, slammed a double hundred, scoring 218 off 377 balls. His knock also consisted of 19 fours and two sixes. Meanwhile, Pope also made a decent contribution, scoring 34 from 89 balls. Currently, Jos Buttler, who is unbeaten, will be aiming to anchor England’s innings and score more runs. Earlier on the day, Ben Stokes scored a half-century, before falling to a delivery by Nadeem. Nadeem also registered the dismissal of Root, with Ravichandran Ashwin taking the wicket of Pope. The hosts will be aiming to apply more pressure on the visitors, and grab more wickets. (LIVE SCORECARD)


1st Test, Day 2 Live Cricket Updates Between India (IND) vs England (ENG), Straight From MA Chidambaram Stadium

  • 15:41 (IST)


    Nadeem sends a flighted delivery. Bess slams it past mid-off for a four! It goes over the fielder, and bounces near the boundary.

  • 15:38 (IST)


    Sundar overpitches his delivery, outside off. Buttler smashes it to the cover fence for a four!

  • 15:32 (IST)

    One run

    Nadeem sends a quicker delivery into the pads of Bess. He guides it to the right of midwicket.

  • 15:24 (IST)


    A slower, wider delivery by Ashwin. Buttler goes deep and cuts it over cover boundary for a four!

  • 15:23 (IST)


    A short delivery from Ashwin, outside off. Buttler smacks it to the left of cover for a four!

  • 15:19 (IST)

    No run, ENG: 485/6

    Buttler goes forward to defend this delivery by Ashwin, to the right of short leg.

    England are 485 for six after 159 overs.

  • 15:14 (IST)

    Two runs

    A drifting delivery by Nadeem. Buttler sweeps it to fine leg for two runs.

  • 15:12 (IST)

    One run

    A full and angling delivery by Nadeem, into the pads of Bess. He hits it around the corner for a single.

  • 15:06 (IST)

    OUTTT! Joe Root lbw b Shahbaz Nadeem 218 (377)

    A flat deliver by Nadeem, from around the wicket. Root tries to play it around his front pad, but misses it. It hits his front pad below the knee-role in line with middle. Root reviews it. There is no inside-edge and the ball-tracker goes in India’s favour.

    An excellent innings in his 100th Test match, by the England skipper.

    In comes, Dom Bess.

  • 15:01 (IST)

    One run

    Nadeem bowls a short delivery, spinning away outside off. Buttler hits it behind square for a single.

  • 14:57 (IST)

    OUTTT! Ollie Pope lbw b Ravichandran Ashwin 34 (89)

    Good delivery by Ashwin. A full length ball, on off stump. It drifts past the leading edge of Pope’s bat and traps him. LBW! NO REVIEW!

    In comes, Jos Buttler.

  • 14:48 (IST)

    Two runs

    A full toss by Ashwin. Pope lobs it over the wicketkeeper, and Pant goes to the wrong direction. Miscued shot though.

  • 14:48 (IST)

    Two runs

    A slower delivery by Ashwin, outside off. Pope reverse paddles it for two runs.

  • 14:42 (IST)

    One run

    A length delivery by Bumrah, on middle. Root hits it through midwicket. One run.

  • 14:35 (IST)

    Two runs

    A short and wide delivery by Bumrah. Root cuts it wide of third man for two runs.

  • 14:32 (IST)

    The action resumes!

    Joe Root and Ollie Pope to resume batting for England. Meanwhile, Jasprit Bumrah will bowl for India.

  • 14:29 (IST)

    Sanjay Manjrekar disappointed with Shahbaz Nadeem

    Former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar feels Shahbaz Nadeem needs to work on his performance. Despite Nadeem dismissing Ben Stokes, Manjrekar stated that he has conceded a lot of runs via the back-foot cut shot. Writing on Twitter, he tweeted, “Really disappointing to see how many times batsman have played the back foot cut shot against Nadeem. Hope it’s pointed out to him sooner than later.”

  • 14:13 (IST)

    One run, ENG: 454/4 | Tea session

    Rohit sends a low full toss. Root adjusts himself and hits it down to long-on for a single.

    Its Tea time now, and England are 454 four four after 147 overs.

  • 14:07 (IST)

    One run

    Nadeem tosses a short wide delivery. Root times his shot well to deep point. One run.

  • 14:04 (IST)

    One run, ENG: 449/4

    Nicely bowled by Rohit.

    The delivery gets a turn, from outside off. Pope hits it into the cover point region for a single.

    After 145 overs, England are 449 for four.

  • 13:57 (IST)

    SIXXX! Joe Root reaches double hundred!

    A flighted ball on off stump by Ashwin. Root plays a lofted drive to send it over long-on boundary for a six!

    The England captain reaches his double hundred in the 100th Test.

  • 13:51 (IST)

    One run

    A good length delivery by Ashwin on the stumps. Root goes on the back knee and sweeps it fine of the fielder at backward square leg for a single.

  • 13:44 (IST)


    Sundar tosses it up on off stump. Its a full toss and Root smacks it to the right of Pant. It goes past him for a four!

  • 13:43 (IST)


    Ashwin pitches it on outside leg stump. Its a good delivery. Pope goes for it early, and misses it and it hits his forearm nd goes to leg slip. Huge appeal follows, and Kohli reviews it as the last second. Ultra-edge and ball-tracking go in England’s favour.

    After 139 overs, England are 416 for four.

  • 13:39 (IST)

    One run

    A good delivery by Ashwin, outside leg stump. Root makes room and sends it to the left of mid-off for a single.

  • 13:35 (IST)


    Pope attacks this ball by Sundar. He goes down the track and smacks it with a straight bat, to the right of the bowler. FOUR! Beats mid-on as well!

  • 13:30 (IST)

    No run, ENG: 404/4

    A quick ball by Sundar on middle stump. Pope defends it to midwicket.

    England are 404 for four after 136 overs.

  • 13:27 (IST)

    One run

    Ashwin sends a carrom ball on leg stump. Pope goes back and guides it to deep forward square leg for a single.

  • 13:20 (IST)

    One run, ENG: 401/4

    Ashwin tosses it outside off. Root hits it to long-on for a single.

    After 133 overs, England are 401/4.

  • 13:16 (IST)

    No run

    A full delivery by Ishant, in at off. Pope defends it to cover. Drinks session!

  • 13:10 (IST)

    One run, 400 for England

    A short delivery by Sharma, outside off. Root pulls it to deep midwicket for a single. 

    400 for England!

  • 13:07 (IST)

    One run

    Back of a length by Nadeem, away from outside off. Root goes on the back foot to hit it towards the off-side sweeper for a single.

  • 13:01 (IST)

    One run

    Sharma overpitches this delivery on off stump. Root glances it to long leg for a single.

  • 12:59 (IST)

    No run, ENG: 394/4

    A good delivery by Nadeem. Pope tries to sweep it, but the turn makes him miss it. It goes to the wicketkeeper. No run.

    After 129 overs, England are 394 for four.

  • 12:56 (IST)


    Bumrah sends a good length delivery. Pope tries to play it but misses it. The ball hits the leg and goes to the wicketkeeper. There is an appeal for lbw, but the umpire denies it. No run.

  • 12:48 (IST)

    OUTTT!!! Ben Stokes c Cheteshwar Pujara b Shahbaz Nadeem 82 (118)


    Nadeem tosses it up on the leg stump. Stokes tries to slog-sweep it, but doesnt hit it well enough. He guides it to long leg, where Pujara catches it, despite a fumble.

    In comes, Ollie Pope.

  • 12:42 (IST)

    Two runs

    Nadeem bowls a flighted delivery, on middle and leg. Root uses his wrists to guide it through midwicket. Two runs.

  • 12:38 (IST)


    Bumrah sends a slow full toss. Stokes waits and then smacks it in the gap at midwicket for a four!

  • 12:32 (IST)


    Stokes attacks this delivery by Nadeem with much aplomb. He smacks it over long-on boundary for a six!

  • 12:29 (IST)

    No run, ENG: 365/3

    Sharma pitches it up, at off. Root glances it to the covers. No run.

    After 122 overs, England are 365 for three.

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