Important voting deadlines NC voters should know ::

Important voting deadlines NC voters should know ::

— Friday is the last day North Carolina voters can register to vote on Election Day or by mail.

You can check your voter registration status on the State Board of Elections website. If you’re not registered, you can do so online.

WRAL’s online voter guide provide information about the candidates who will appear on your ballot, as well as details about how to cast an absentee ballot and when and where to vote in person early or on Election Day.

There are several important dates to know:

Voter numbers in North Carolina

On Tuesday, there were more than 7 million registered voters in North Carolina.

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More than 1 million absentee ballots have been requested, meaning about 17% of voters plan to vote by mail. More than 390,000 absentee ballots have already been mailed in, or about 33% of those already requested. At least 97% of those ballots have been accepted, and fewer than 1% were considered “spoiled,” which means they could not be counted, usually due to voter error.

If your ballot is not counted, you should be notified by county elections officials so you can cast a new ballot.

Between 16,000 and 20,000 ballots are being processed per day, and officials said submissions should be processed within a few days.

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The State Board of Elections said about 500,000 more people are registered to vote in this year’s election than were registered in 2016.

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