What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft | Uses & Level of Impaling

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

Are you striving to know what does Impaling do in Minecraft? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Impaling is one of the best Trident enchantments available in Minecraft. This is the only enchantment in Minecraft that can be placed on Trident. In this article, you will learn everything about Impaling in Minecraft. So, just dive in!

Trident is a very challenging weapon in Minecraft that you must get from water. You can earn this weapon by defeating a drowning mob. Drowned mobs are transformed zombie mobs in Minecraft who live underwater. On top of that, not every drowned mob has Trident. So you have to try your luck on this. There is no other way to figure out beforehand whether a mob has a trident.

Fighting with a single group of drowned mobs can get you hardly one or two Tridents. But, without Tridents, you won’t be able to apply the Impaling enchantment on the mobs. This article has everything you must know to deal with Impaling in Minecraft. Let’s jump into it!

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

Impaling in Minecraft is one of the best enchantments to defeat underwater monsters. It allows a player to deliver more damage to the enemy. 

You will face a lot of underwater enemies while exploring underwater buildings like ocean monuments. Even to gather Tridents, you must defeat the underwater mobs, where Impaling enchantment can help a lot. 

I have explained the top five uses of Impaling in Minecraft, which will help boost your gameplay. Read through to know them!

What Are The Uses Of Impaling In Minecraft?

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

Impaling enchantment is a significant part of Minecraft. You must know how to use it properly. Let’s see the usage of Impaling in Minecraft.

The top five use of Impaling in Minecraft are –

1. Damage The Mobs

In the Bedrock edition, you can damage any mob with the Impaling in Minecraft, which is a great advantage for any player.

2. PVP Battles

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, Impaling enchantment combined with a Trident will help you to win the PVP battles and servers. Because in this edition, every entity will be affected by the additional damage caused by the enchantment. 

3. Ocean Monument

If you are planning to explore the Ocean Monument, you must take the help of Impaling in Minecraft because this monument is full of guardians and elderly guardians, which you must defeat to explore the Ocean Monument. Using an Impaling will increase the damage level to get you faster toward the Ocean Monument.

4. Aquatic Mobs

Impaling in Minecraft is a great weapon to defeat underwater mobs like Axolotls, Guardians, Dolphins, Squids, Turtles, Glow Squids, and different types of fishes.

5. Tridents

If you have a trident, you can use it with the impaling in Minecraft to defeat the monsters more efficiently. Players with a trident attached to the impaling enchantment can gather tridents faster than others by defeating the drowned mobs. Impaling enchantment makes the monster die faster so you can get the trident in no time.

How To Equip Impaling In Minecraft?

You can apply the Impaling in Minecraft using an Enchanting Table or an Anvil. Making an Enchanting Table or an Anvil in Minecraft is not a big deal. You will need three iron blocks and four iron ingots to make an Anvil.

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

You just need an enchanted book of Impaling and enchantment levels to apply the Anvil on the Trident.

An enchanting table can be easily made with two gems, four obsidian blocks, and one book. You must have Lapis Lazuli and enchantment levels to use the enchanting table.

How Many Level Impaling Has?

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

Impaling in Minecraft has five levels. You need to enchant the Trident with the help of the enchanting table to get these levels. You can combine an enchanted Trident with an Impaling book to get the levels. 

The damaging power of the Trident will be boosted up to 2.5 once you apply the Impaling in Minecraft. You can get a damage range of 21.5 in your Trident with the highest level of Impaling.

What Are The Supported Platforms For Impaling In Minecraft?

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

You will find Impaling enchantment in the following Minecraft versions:

PlatformSupported Version
Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes (1.13)
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes (1.4.0)
Xbox 360Yes (TU69)
Xbox OneYes (1.4.0)
PS3Yes (1.76)
PS4Yes (1.76)
Wii UYes (Patch 38)
Nintendo SwitchYes (1.5.0)
Windows 10 EditionYes (1.4.0)
Education EditionYes (1.4.0)

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about what does Impaling do in Minecraft. There are multiple articles on Path of EX about Minecraft’s different activities that can help boost your gameplay. Don’t forget to check them out! See you soon in the next post! Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Impaling Work On Drowned?

Impaling doesn’t work on drowned. At first, you may think they are aquatic mobs because they spawn underwater. But drowned actually are categorized as the undead mob.

2. Does Impaling Affect Players?

Impaling doesn’t affect players on Java Edition since the player is not an aquatic mob. But it can deal more damage to the player in the Bedrock version if the player is standing in the water.

3. Can Impaling Go With Riptide?

Yes, you can have impaling and riptide enchantment on the same trident. Impaling does work with any other enchantments of the trident so no worries.

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