Important Image SEO Tips You Need to Know

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Image optimization is as important as textual content optimization. Usually, people don’t take image optimization seriously. Hence, their websites get into a bad position and end up having a negative seo score. 

In this post, we would try to throw light on some of the important image optimization tips. You can focus on image optimization and take your website to the next level. As people are not familiar with image optimization, we would recommend you read these points in detail!

Important Image SEO Tips for 2021

There’re tons of tips and tricks to improve your website’s images, but for now, you should stick to the important and common ones!

Choose the right format 

The format of the image is one of the basic things about it. In image optimization, you have to focus on which kind of image format you are using for your site or blog. Different formats of images have their respective qualities. For instance, if you add an image in PNG format, you are adding the best quality. Still, you are compromising the size aspect, and PNG images are relatively larger, affecting the page loading speed. If you use the JPEG format, then you will enhance the loading speed because of their lower size, but at the same time, you will lose some quality!

Suppose your niche is related to professional photography. In that case, you should add PNG format otherwise you should use the JPEG format!

Compress your images to optimize for size

You must know that adding images is surely an increase in the visual appearance of your website. Still, at the same time, you should know that it can affect the loading speed of your page or your website. If you want to use an image in the same quality but in a lower size, you should use an image compressor online tool to eliminate all the extra bits. You’ll be astonished to know that around 20% of the website’s total weight is dependent on the images you are using on it. 

Create or get unique images

You must know that using unique images is just as important as adding unique textual content on your site or blog. If you are adding duplicate images or copying from you, then there is no way you can get to the top of SERPs. You must know that image plagiarism is a killer for SEO, and you should always avoid it. You can use reverse image tools to get unique images for your content or find out if someone is stealing from you. One of the best reverse photo lookup tools found on the web belongs.

Beware of copyrights 

This is important when you are choosing an image for your website. The reverse image search tools would not only get you relevant images to your niche. Still, they would also provide you with the information that would help you determine whether an image is free to use or is protected with some copyrights. It is suggested that you check every image you are using on your website to not get into any legal trouble later on. Many reverse image search tools can help you find out this kind of details about an image!

Customize the image file name

For the sake of seo, you must focus on customizing the name of the image that you are using on your website. The typical image names are not good for your images as they give a spammy look to your website’s overall content. You must add a proper image caption filled with a keyword in it so that Google or any other search engine can crawl on it in a short amount of time. You have to focus on making the caption understandable to the audience and the search engine!

Make your images mobile-friendly

This is a particularly important aspect of image optimization. Usually, the images added on websites are structured to be displayed on desktop or laptop systems. Today, most of the traffic on the internet is coming from smartphones and tablets. This is why you must make your images friendly for mobile phones. If you want to index your page on the top ranks, it is important to focus on making all of your content friendly for mobiles. You have to create or get the most responsive images for mobile phone users!

If you focus on these tips and tricks, you would surely find a lot of help getting to the top ranks without any complications. Images play an important role in getting you the most organic traffic, so it is up to you to optimize your site’s important aspect. Image search techniques and reverse image search tools can help you a lot in image optimization.


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