HWM + HWZ Tech Awards 2021 Readers’ Choice Voting – Vote & Win!

HWM + HWZ Tech Awards 2021 Readers’ Choice Voting – Vote & Win!

HWM + HardwareZone Readers’ Choice Voting 2021 – Vote & Win!

Singapore’s most comprehensive tech media awards is returning again in 2021. All you have to do is vote for your favourite tech brands in the respective categories and you stand to win up to S$7,500 worth of shopping vouchers! What’s more, every successful submission is entitled to redeem a 3-month digital subscription to HWM magazine, Singapore’s only locally produced tech publication. Voting is open till 10th January 2021, so make your vote count!

To recap, the HWM + HardwareZone.com Tech Awards consists of two segments, Readers’ Choice voting to determine the best brands from readers of HWM and HardwareZone, while the Editor’s Choice segment identifies best tech products as tested by the review team. While our team is busy testing and assessing candidates for the Editor’s Choice portion, the Readers’ Choice segment began earlier this month and voting is open till 10th January 2021

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In its 12th year running, the annual HWM + HardwareZone.com Tech Awards is poised to honour all the outstanding tech brands and revolutionary products launched this year. From gadgets and services to communication and gaming, we get ready to give props to the best in the industry. All the results will be revealed by March 2021.

To better respect the increased concerns of running physical events, we skipped conducting an event this year before the Covid-19 pandemic spread globally. Still, the accolades must go on to recognise the best in the tech industry and we kept all publicity in the digital medium. The landscape isn’t safe enough to run physical social events anytime soon, so 2021 will be an all-digital event as well but with a new presentation format.

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Meanwhile, here are all the winning brands and products for Tech Awards 2020.

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