Hunter x Hunter Season 7 | Suspense | Release Date | Plot

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2021 is a golden year for the entertainment industry for sure with people desperately eyeing the news for the release of their favorite anime. But, No matter how many new animes debut this year, millions of anime fans are hoping for a green light to Hunter x Hunter season 7 soon after its season 6 is released on Netflix this year in July. So, is it happening? Excited to know? If that’s a yes, then leave everything for a while and get on the board to know about the biggest reveal.

It’s been seven years since the anime aired. Over the years, several chapters of the series were released that became quite popular. Seeing the worldwide popularity, several other materials are ready to be adapted as intriguing stories for the new seasons. Well, no one has ever imagined that this anime drama can rule people’s hearts, but, all the intricate details with no extra shiny faces or any dumb CGI made it possible.

The hottest anime series in the Netflix streaming library at the moment, Hunter x Hunter season 6 has become the talk of the town soon after it dropped on the platform. But, with this viewers are also questioning for Hunter x Hunter season 7. Though it is not going to air in 2021, yet it is believed to be the most favorite amine show in the Netflix library in 2022. How Exciting!!!

But, What is this hype about? What will be its plot? And what about its release date? When will the anime show available on Netflix? Hang on! And, relax as there is a lot to talk about. Dive deep with this post to get to know the answers to these popping questions.

Hunter x Hunter 7 | What We Know By Far

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 | Suspense | Release Date | Plot
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Hunter x Hunter is Japan’s very popular manga and a top-rated anime series from the 90s. The appreciated manga was written by Yoshihiro Togashi in 1998 and proved to be an extremely successful anime as well!

The transition of Hunter x Hunter from a manga series to anime was not easy. The manga was adapted into anime in 1999 but couldn’t make its mark in the viewers’ eyes and hence was stopped after a short while.

But when the time’s right, everything falls back into place.

In the year 2011, Madhouse gave Hunter x Hunter another shot when it released this anime series. It became an instant hit that ran for six odd and long seasons and ended in 2014.

What’s more? The mange became so popular that the English dubbed version of Hunter x Hunter was released on Toonami in April 2016. The English dubbed version also had a long run of six successful seasons, and this is when Hunter x Hunter season 7 came into the picture.

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Hunter x Hunter 7 Plot To Wait For

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 | Suspense | Release Date | Plot

The plot of Hunter x Hunter revolves around a guy named Gon, who is initially told that both his parents are no longer alive. As the action moves further, he realizes that it is not the case and his father is alive. In pursuit of finding his father and seeing the world with his own eyes, Gon sets off on an adventure.

The plot of the anime, basically focusing on “friendship over everything,” goes into being rhythmic. The anime also explores elderly themes and touches on the issues of one’s morality and subjectivity.

This is so far what we have in Hunter x Hunter.

What now? What is going to happen? Is there going to be a new plot for season 7? If yes, what the source material is going to be for season 7 of Hunter x Hunter?

Is There Going To Be Hunter x Hunter Season 7?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 | Suspense | Release Date | Plot
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With season 6 ending on extreme viewership, the demands for Hunter x Hunter season 7 are incredibly high.

But the sad news for fans is that the chances for Hunter x Hunter season 7 are very thin.

If added, close to non.

But wait! Don’t break your heart. There is a piece of good news too!

What’s the good news if the chances of Hunter x Hunter season 7 are low?




The good news is that Madhouse has not made any official announcements that discarded the possibilities of Hunter x Hunter season 7. So, viewers still have hope. But, Hunter x Hunter season 7’s chances are also low because of the source material, as the Hunter x Hunter has used up most of the source material and is not left with much.

How Long Do Fans Have To Wait For Hunter x Hunter Season 7?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 | Suspense | Release Date | Plot

Waiting is irritating!

Especially when you have to wait for the new season of your favorite show.

Yeah, we know this!

Well, now the upcoming news can upset you a little more if you were enthusiastically waiting for hunter x Hunter season 7 to come out.

As already mentioned, most of the manga’s material to produce more seasons of the anime is not available yet. The author’s work has been severely affected by his mental health issues, and he’s also been under a lot of pressure for user satisfaction.

The Hunter x Hunter series currently has 36 volumes, out of which four aren’t yet used in any of the anime adaptations of the manga.

Do you know what that means?

This means that they might serve as the source material for the Hunter x Hunter season 7.

Uffff! Finally, some relief!

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 | Suspense | Release Date | Plot
Source: Syfy wire

With the scarcity of material to adapt into anime for this manga, the authors are battling mental health issues. Most importantly, the Madhouse is not making any official announcements.

One can’t predict when season 7 for Hunter x Hunter will come out!

Oh, there

Wait! But, what is the sigh of relief in between all this tension?

Well, the sigh of relief for the anime fans and viewers is the time. Yes, you read it right. It is widespread for animes to take substantial time gaps for new seasons to come out.

Meanwhile, if you are an anime fan, you can check out other amazing animes with similar plots!

That could be fun.

Wrapping Up:

So, all the anxious fans, we are keeping an eye on the latest updates on the Hunter x Hunter as its season 7 can be announced anytime soon on Netflix by the makers. You can keep on checking them right here. Till that you can check out other popular anime. Who knows those become your favorite as well.

Now turn is yours, tell us in the comment section, why you love this anime so fanatically?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why was Hunter X Hunter 7 Cancelled?

The high mental pressure of delivering the incredible anime story, made Togashi shift on his projects. He didn’t say that he will not continue anime nor he denied this.

Is Hunter X Hunter available on Netflix?

After a wait of years, Hunter x Hunter has finally arrived on Netflix. Just get cozy on your bed and watch the whole series.

Is Hunter x Hunter 1999 and 2011 the same?

AH Haan! Don’t get confused. Though Hunter x Hunter is a quite large series, these two versions are different. 1999’s Hunter x Hunter has 62 episodes while the 2011 one has 80 episodes.

How many seasons does Hunter x Hunter have?

It’s 2021, and by far Hunter x Hunter has a total of 6 seasons including 148 episodes and 6 arcs.


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