How to Watch Super Bowl on Roku in 2023 | Stream Without Paying Even Extra Dollar

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If you are a great lover of watching sports online, you have come to the right place. People get to watch the unlimited continent, especially the sports content with high quality while using the Roku device at home. The demand for watching the sports content has increased especially when the spectator’s entry got restricted due to the emergence of Covid-19. Scroll further to know about how to watch Super Bowl on Roku.

It is always a great feeling to watch America’s biggest professional game online on Roku TV. This has given the Roku device an edge over its competitors to gain the market. Roku enables you to watch the super bowl game easily on Roku and you would not have to spend even a single extra dollar for that. I will be guiding you with some simple steps and recommend using them carefully.

Let’s get ready to take on board all the steps to learn about how to watch Super Bowl on Roku and enjoy the streaming of our favorite sports without any problem. 

How to Stream Super Bowl on Roku Device | The Best Options to Stream it Freely

how to watch Super Bowl on Roku

As far as how to watch Super Bowl on Roku is concerned, there are several standardized hardware media products which American company Roku, Inc manufactures.

Roku does not only offer content related to family shows, movies, documentaries, and kids’ shows, however, but it is also rich in sports content as well. The best thing about Roku is it offers the streaming of famous football games worldwide and particularly in America.

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There are several apps through which you can stream online Super Bowl freely.  To know more about how to watch Super Bowl on Roku and those apps, please scroll further:

1. Sling TV

how to watch Super Bowl on Roku

As far as how to watch Super Bowl on Roku is concerned, Sling TV is one of the most preferred options these days. People use Sling TV app these days to watch the Super Bowl and other sports-related content. This app comes with several good features and is easy to use. 

Once you intend to use the app to watch the Super Bowl, you will be asked for the subscription fee of $35/Month for Sling Blue or $50/Month for Sling Orange. However, the subscription feature should not be a hurdle for you to watch the program since you can opt for a 3-day free trial.

For full information: Check the Plans

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2. FuboTV

how to watch Super Bowl on Roku

Talking about NBC and NFL live streams, FuboTV is always the first choice of customers. FuboTV has all that keeps you intact while watching the content online.

I can surely say that people who intend to use the FuboTV would not require the cable connection and do not have to pay for the plans initially.

FuboTV comes up with a 7-day free trial option and this is a huge period during which one can decide better about the plans and features to add.

For full information: Check the Plans

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3. Hulu

how to watch Super Bowl on Roku

The question comes to my mind why would anyone pay $5 more to Hulu with Live TV to watch the Super Bowl? I want to mention here that Disney Plus and ESPN Plus are included in Hulu (where UFC 271 is streaming). Therefore, once you register for Hulu, select the “View Channels in Your Area) from the drop-down menu. After this, enter the postal code and click Confirm to discover if you have NBC.

Select Hulu with Live TV at the time of signup; this is $69 per month (opens in a new tab), and add Hulu to Roku here. It also offers a vast selection of classic and current TV shows and movies, including award-winning original programming’s such as Handmaid’s Tale and Oscar-winning films such as Nomadland. The FX catalog is also included. A monthly fee of $69.99 is charged for Hulu with Live TV.

For full information: Check the Plans

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4. Peacock TV

how to watch Super Bowl on Roku

Finally, the Super Bowl is accessible on Peacock, which does not offer a trial version or replay capabilities but is still substantially less expensive at $5 per month for Peacock Premium.

If you choose the ad-free Peacock Premium Plus, don’t expect it to remove all of the Super Bowl advertising. Peacock effectively removes commercials from movies and television shows but not live sporting events. Our Peacock review has all you need to know.

In addition to the Super Bowl, Peacock offers WWE live feeds and a vast assortment of licensed media from various businesses. This includes shows like 30 Rock, The Voice, Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order: SVU and This Is Us.

For full information: Check the Plans

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How to Watch Super Bowl on Roku

Wrapping Up

Streaming the Super Bowl would definitely be an excellent deal for the sports fans. However, to figure out the ways and the procedure to watch it without a cable connection is sometimes hard. 

To ease out those problems and help you know how to watch Super Bowl on Roku without cable or even a subscription, I have come up with this article. I have written about the best ways to watch the Super Bowl, primarily through some apps, and have listed them along with their best plans also.

Further talking about how to watch Super Bowl on Roku, I have added the video link also, and I recommend going through the apps as well as the video to know about Super Bowl.

In case there is any other question regarding how to watch Super Bowl on Roku, kindly write back to me in the comments section below.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch the Super Bowl on Roku?

The greatest option to watch the Super Bowl on Roku is as simple as pizza! Try downloading the NFL or CBS Sports application from their respective app stores and watch live matches from anywhere in the United States (and internationally). It requires less than three minutes to load, it couldn’t be simpler, so what are you looking for? Begin to view this year’s big game straight away by taking these guidelines:
Launch the browser/app drawer on your internet-connected device.
Google “Roku Channel Store” and see what comes up.

How do I watch the Super Bowl 2023 on Roku?

Watching a sporting event is quite simple! The NFL and the CBS Sports application both offer free live viewing of any game.

How much does the NFL Roku app cost?

An NFL Game Pass membership is the greatest method to watch all of the games on your Roku player. It’ll set you back $99, but it’ll be well worth it when you receive access to live football games!


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