How to Watch NFL on Paramount Plus in 2023?

How to Watch NFL on Paramount Plus in 2023? The Answer Lies Here!

Being a Football fan and irrespective of the subscription tier you have, You should not be worried about how to watch NFL on Paramount Plus. There is a way out to deal with this. And there is a perfectly fine way to watch NFL Paramount Plus. Read out to learn, How?

NFL (National Football League), a professional football League is a huge Sporting event that garners a huge viewership and is quite popular among the masses. It is a professional American Football League, in which 32 teams are in the fray for the title. 

In case you are worried about how to watch NFL on Paramount Plus. I’m here to assist you with the answers to all your queries and make it easy for you to know about NFL games on Paramount Plus. Stick around to know more.

How to Watch NFL on Paramount Plus?

How to Watch NFL on Paramount Plus in 2023? The Answer Lies Here!

There is no straightaway and simple method to watch NFL on Paramount Plus. Several factors count in accomplishing this task. But if you own CBS, You are there. Since CBS is of utmost importance when it comes to watching NFL games. What are the other factors that will contribute to watching NFL games on Paramount Plus?  Here goes the list.

1. Prerequisite to Watch NFL Games on Paramount Plus: 

The first and foremost thing that you need to watch NFL games on Paramount Plus is to have CBS. It is only on CBS. You will find regional AFC games. Although under normal circumstances, Paramount plus does not provide access to local CBS live stream. But the NFL game is an exception.

2. How to Start NFL Streaming On Paramount Plus: 

  1. Open the paramount plus app or visit the Paramount plus website.
  2. Click on Live TV from the Menu.
  3. Sign Up for a free trial of 7 days.

You can switch over the plan of liking once the trial period is over. 

3. Which Devices Allow Stream the NFL on Paramount Plus: 

How to Watch NFL on Paramount Plus in 2023? The Answer Lies Here!

1. Paramount Plus is available on a smart TV, android TV, and Google TV. It is also available on Fire TVs, Vizio TVs, LG TVs, and Roku TVs. 

2. You can also access the paramount plus Tv on the Web via TV devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV devices, and Google Chrome. 

3. On the Web, you can watch the Paramount Plus on  Roku, Amazon fire TV, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV streaming devices.

4. It is also supported on other devices like Tablets, iPhones, iPods, PlayStation, and Xbox. 

4. What are the Paramount Plus Live Channels? 

The following are the Paramount Plus Live Channels: 

  • CBS Network
  • CBSN
  • CBS Sports HQ
  • ET Live

These are the channels that are meant for Paramount Plus live streaming. 

5. How Much Does Paramount Plus Cost?

How to Watch NFL on Paramount Plus in 2023? The Answer Lies Here!

Since any of the premium services to the stream channels are not free, accordingly, the Paramount Plus pricing is divided into three heads based on the following categories, Sports, entertainment, and News. 

1. Required Plan:  It is priced at $4. 99/ Monthly or $ 99 yearly.

2. Required Plan + Show Time: $ 9.99/ Monthly or $ 99.99 Yearly is what this plan is priced at. 

3. Required Plan + Show Time: it prices 12.99 / Monthly or 129.99 Yearly. 

6. Which NFL Games Can You Watch on Paramount Plus?

Any live NFL game that your CBS is broadcasting can be streamed on paramount Plus. So the match that is being played in your region is up there to watch.

You can get the entire schedule and fixture by visiting Paramount+ NFL on the CBS page. 

How to Watch NFL on Paramount Plus?

Wrapping Up

All said and done, it has come to the fore that NFL is available on Paramount Plus, although, with a caveat, it is there to stream the live NFL matches once you get it connected to CBS.

Paramount Plus stream the live matches, and you can watch them accordingly depending on which and when it is being played in your region. You have the option of knowing the entire schedule of the league, which you can know prior to the match being played. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is CBS important for NFL streaming?

Ans: CBS is the pe requisite, in case you want to watch the NFL live stream.

Q: Are all NFL games available on Paramount Plus?

Ans: All NFL games are streamed on Paramount Plus.

Q: Can I watch NFL for free?

Ans: Paramount Plus does not allow any such services for free.  

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