How to View Your Report History on Instagram in 2022 | Check the Status Now!

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Are you facing any problems regarding posts and content you view on your Instagram profile? Are you irritated or hurt because of that content? Do not worry; you are on the right page. You can report your discomfort on Instagram and wait for them to work on it. Otherwise, we have curated many steps through which you know how to view your report history on Instagram.

We have noticed that many users report compromising content on Instagram. However, the authorities may not look after every complaint as they are flooded with reports every day. Therefore, sometimes the users also have to take steps to restrict seeing such content and block creators. 

Here we have got you all covered with the guidance on how to view your report history on Instagram. We would solve your dilemma regarding the measures you can take to stop yourself from going through such an experience. 

How to View Your Report History on Instagram?

Instagram comes with a feature where you can see all your reports, and their answers are all present there. It is present in the Help menu and helps trace the reports and get their results.

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Please follow the steps below when you wish to check the report history on Instagram.

1. Open Instagram on your phone.

2. Click on the Profile icon.

How to report your history in instagram

3. Go to the hamburger menu followed by Settings.

To view Instagram report history, go to settings
To view Instagram report history, go to Settings

4. Go to the bottom of the screen and click on Help

View your account data on instagram How to View Your Report History on Instagram in 2022

5. Click on Support Requests on the next page.

6. Click on Reports to view all the reports you have filed.

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How Does Instagram Deal With The Reports?

All the reports on Instagram are reviewed based on specific community guidelines. You can check the account of all the reports you have made on your Instagram account. The app has a timeline of the information submitted and their respective results sent by Instagram. It even includes the date the Instagram team reviewed it and its outcome.

When Instagram agrees to your report and understands that the post has violated its rules and regulations, they take down the post. They even choose to suspend the account when they receive multiple reports against that particular post. 

Instagram also may not view your report due to the enormous amount of reports they get each day. In such cases, Instagram may suggest you unfollow, block or mute the post. In such cases, you are welcome to make another report if you find another such activity of violation on the app. 

Do I Need to Report Someone on Instagram?

How to View Your Report History on Instagram in 2022 | Check the Status Now!

When we come across any post on Instagram that violates the app’s guidelines, we should report them. There are exceptions for pictures of breastfeeding mothers and paintings with nudity in these guidelines. 

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Instagram may take action against the person reporting about any content creator who reports against someone just because they do not like their reach or like the creator. 

You as a user have all the liberty to unfollow a post or any content which makes you feel uncomfortable and affects your mental health. It would save you from reporting anything to Instagram, as sometimes the process of reporting can be tedious. You can make your account private to stay away from such content. 

You may wish to take any measure you feel is effective for you. Otherwise, you may learn more about how to view your report history on Instagram and work on it. 

You may wish to restrict to see the account of people who pose a threat to you or who continuously post harmful content on Instagram. Here you need to know how to report and view your report history on Instagram. 

Should I Avoid Instagram Accounts With Harmful Posts?

When you report any harmful posts or anything which violates the community guidelines of Instagram, then you help the app restrict the spread of any harmful content. Hence, for the reports you file, the report history is beneficial to you. 

The reporting history on Instagram helps you avoid the accounts spreading forbidden content and restricting them from interacting with you. So, knowing how to view your report history on Instagram would always be beneficial for you as you would be on the safer side of the table!

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Wrapping Up

Instagram is a social media platform. Anyone has the liberty to post anything they wish until it violates the app’s guidelines and hurts any other user of the app. Here you need to know how to view your report history on Instagram and utilize it wisely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I report any abuse or compromising posts on Instagram?

Yes. You can always report compromising posts on Instagram and wait for Instagram to work on it. 

Where can I make my report on Instagram?

There is an option on Instagram in the Help section where anyone can report their issue. 

How can I check my report history on Instagram?

To check your report history on Instagram, you have to go to the help option on the app and review the reports under the suggested report option.


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