3 Ways on How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously in 2022 

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Have you ever wondered what your ex is doing right now? Who is he or she dating currently? Who am I kidding? Of course, you have! That’s the biggest reason why you want to know how to view Instagram stories anonymously. Well, congratulations if you are still added to your ex’s private Instagram account. If you aren’t, there still might be a way for you to brush up on your Instagram stalker skills.

Everybody wants to see who’s doing what, who’s dating who, and whether a person is doing a job, studying abroad, and all of those answers you get from some’s Instagram. However, when you aren’t on good terms with the person, viewing their story could be a little awkward. In situations like this, some Instagram stalker tools can help you view someone’s story anonymously.

The person you want to stalk can have a private or public account. If they are having a public account, then things are a little easier. When they have a private account, you might need to take a little extra effort. If you are ready to do it, then scroll and find out about all the ways to view Instagram stories anonymously. 

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on iPhone and Android?

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on iPhone and Android?

The safest thing you can do to view Instagram stories anonymously is to use another account that doesn’t identify as yours. It could be a mutual friends’ account, or anyone else’s in their follower list. Or you can specially create an account on Instagram to view their Instagram stories discreetly.  

After you create another account, make it look like it’s not a fake account. Add a good bio, a profile picture, post some photos to make it look authentic. After that, you can add the account to your Instagram app. I am assuming you know how to use multiple Instagram accounts.  

Once you have added the new account on the Instagram application on your iPhone or Android, you can just click and hold to the profile icon, click on your new account and that’s it. If the person you want to stalk has a public account then you can easily view their Instagram stories. Otherwise, you would have to send them a follow request. 

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously Using Airplane Mode?

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously Using Airplane Mode?

What if you are already added to their account, but you don’t want to view their stories? Well, you can view Instagram stories anonymously, and luckily you don’t even need to create a fake account or use a third-party service to do so. 

You just have to make sure you have a strong internet connection, and that’s all you need to view Instagram stories anonymously. Firstly, refresh your feed page on Instagram. This will preload all the Instagram stories or at least the ones that are in front of you on the feed page. After you have refreshed the page, wait a few seconds and then enable the Airplane Mode on your iPhone or Android. 

After you have turned the Airplane mode on, jump right back to the Instagram app and open the story you want to view. Most probably, the story would be loaded until now. If it isn’t, then you repeat the process. 

Turn off the Airplane mode, go to the Instagram app, visit their profile, and refresh the page without clicking on the story. Now turn the Airplane mode on and view the story. This way, your name won’t show up in the Viewers list of that story. 

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously Using a Third-Party App or Site?

There are numerous websites and apps (on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store) that claim to allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously. Some websites and apps don’t even require you to log in. While many of them, a lot of these websites and apps don’t. Moreover, if some website is asking for your credentials, it might save it and know how unsafe that could be. 

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously Using a Third-Party App or Site?

Despite the fact that these websites could be unsafe, some of you might still want to see Instagram stories anonymously using them. Check out these private Instagram viewer apps. These tools work for some and don’t for others. So, give them a try and see for yourself, just don’t provide your credentials. 

Wrapping Up

I hope this article on “3 Ways on How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously in 2022” helped you. If you are choosing third-party apps, then please don’t give them the credentials of your account. They may access your private information. The other two methods will be better options if you want to see someone’s story anonymously. 

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