How to View a Snap Without Opening it | Apply 2 Methods

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Snapchat is an incredible app that can be used to send photos and videos to your friends. The platform keeps its security at the top priority so that the users do not have any problems while using it. So, Snapchat users are never worried about their privacy on the platform. But there are loopholes on the platform which can be hacked, like viewing snaps without opening them. Let’s get started to know How to View a Snap Without Opening It?

Refer to my article with all the latest information mentioned below. I am sure you would like it. The tips there come in handy; you can easily use them without intervention.

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How to View a Snap Without Opening it?

How to View a Snap Without Opening it | Apply 2 Methods

Snapchat is one of the unique platforms with its security policies which are quite efficient. Hence, when you view snaps, they get deleted after that. So when you open the chat of someone and hold your finger on ‘tap to view’ they get labeled as Opened. Unfortunately, you do not have any such feature where you read the message, and nobody knows about it. But do not worry; I know the hacks you can use to view snap without opening it. Let’s go through the methods below.

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1. Check Snap in Airplane Mode

How to View a Snap Without Opening it | Apply 2 Methods

You can do that in airplane mode when you want to view messages on Snapchat without letting the other person know about it. So, learn the process as mentioned below.

1. Open Snapchat.

2. Go to chats.

3. All the recent messages are available for viewing.

4. Go to the message you want to view.

5. When the messages are loading, click on view or click on load.

Note: You may also put the device on airplane mode.

6. Open to view chats and snaps.

When you follow the steps mentioned above, the message remains unopened.

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2. Half Swipe to See Snaps

How to View a Snap Without Opening it | Apply 2 Methods

You can half-swipe on Snapchat messages and read them without opening them. The method is less complicated than the earlier one, and you can do this flawlessly.

There is a drawback with the airplane mode method; when you re-establish the internet, the message is labeled as read. Snapchat never labels a message as opened till the snap is seen, so you can half-slide the app to see the messages. Always slide it close to the end, not to the end. When you stop farther away, you do not see the message. 

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Watch How to View a Snap Without Opening it

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to view a snap without opening it. You can easily follow the methods mentioned above and use them. The tips are quite helpful and come in handy. So, use them and let us know your feedback in the comments below. Visit Path of EX, for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to view a snap without opening it?

When you wish to view a snap without opening it, you can half-swipe it and read it.

Can I use airplane mode to view snaps?

Yes, you can use airplane mode to view snaps. In that method, the sender would not be able to see whether his snaps are already been viewed.


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