How To Verify VSCO Account: An Easy 4-Step Guide

how to verify VSCO

VSCO is the trending photo and video editing app which became famous over the internet and attracted a massive user base because of its professional user interface. If you recently created a new account on VSCO and are worried about how to verify VSCO account, I will provide you with some basic steps to solve your problem.

VSCO is an editing and sharing platform where you can easily edit your images or videos according to your choice. You can also share them with other users. It engages a lot of users with its seamless creative features and services. Creating an account on VSCO is not a tough thing to do, but you may be confused about how to verify it.

Without further delay, I am here to provide you with some crisp and clear steps for how to verify a VSCO account. Let’s go through them one by one.

How To Verify VSCO Account?

How To Verify VSCO Account?

Verifying your account after completing the account creation is somehow a confusing process. Don’t Worry! I tried my best to make it clear. Follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to verify the VSCO account.

1.  Open VSCO 

2. Create an account using an email or phone number.

3. Check your email. (Same email which you used while creating your VSCO account).

4. Click on Verification mail.

How To Verify VSCO Account?

How to Verify VSCO Account If You Don’t Receive Verification Mail?

Sometimes you will not receive any verification email to verify your account. Nothing to worry about. I will provide you with some easy steps to verify your VSCO account if you don’t receive any verification mail. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Sign out from your VSCO account

2. Add their Customer Support Email in your address book.

3. Check the security settings of your email. Sometimes it will block      email from VSCO if you have enabled high-security settings

4. In case you are using Gmail, check all the folders, including spam and promotions.

5. Sign in again to your VSCO account.

6. Tap on Resend Email.

Note: Your email should be the same one you used at the time of account creation.

How To Verify VSCO Account?

Wrapping Up

Many people face this issue while creating a new account or signing in to a new device. I also faced a similar issue when I tried to sign in to my VSCO account through my new mobile phone. I came up with the above-mentioned steps to know how to verify the VSCO account.

I hope this article solves your queries; if you still have something in mind, mention it in the comments section. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Added Questions

How To Verify VSCO Account, If You Don’t Have Access to Your Email?

Here are a few steps to verify a VSCO account if you don’t have access to email:
1. Open VSCO 
2. Head over to the Request section.
3. Submit the Ticket regarding the issue.

How To Apply For VSCO Membership?

Here are a few steps to how to apply for VSCO Membership:
1. Open VSCO.
2. Head over to Subscriptions.
3. Tap on Subscribe Now.

How To Delete VSCO Account?

Here are a few details on how to delete VSCO Account:
1. Sign in to your VSCO account.
2. Head over to the bottom of the page.
3. Tap on “Deactivate VSCO Profile and Account.”
4. Tap on “Confirm” in the prompt box.

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