How to Use Twitter Circle | Get The New Roll-Out Feature on Twitter

How to Use Twitter Circle | Get The New Roll-Out Feature on Twitter

Social media platforms have come up with many new and exciting features. They have also enhanced their existing features to give their users the best experience. After TikTok and Instagram, Twitter has also come up with new and enhanced features in its platform. It is known as the Twitter Circle. Do you know how to use Twitter Circle? If not, you may go through our article to learn more about them. 

The new feature of Twitter has terrific features where you can include your closest friend on the platform and have a ball of time. Many users would be eager to use the feature in their profile. 

Hence, read our article, use the feature in your profile, and let us know how you like it in the comments below. 

How to Use Twitter Circle?

how to use Twitter circle?

If you wish to use the Twitter Circle, you can use several other benefits. Users can add up to 150 members to their circle. You can opt to remove the members, and the circle is changed several times. You will not get any notification from Twitter when you get removed from the circle. 

People in the circle can see a badge under the tweets and understand as they have limited access. The people included in the badge can only see the tweet. 

You can tweet regularly as you have done earlier and choose the audience with whom you want to share it. It can be either the entire audience or the people in the circle. You have the choice even to include or remove members from the circle who can view the tweet. You can do it with the edit option. Before we move any further, I believe it would be nice to discuss the feature. 

What is The Twitter Circle?

Twitter circle is available for every user on Twitter - how to use Twitter circle

Instagram users would be familiar with this feature. Here you can limit your audience on the platform and choose the number of people in the circle where you wish to publish them. This feature is helpful for people who have more users. They can share things they want to keep with the members of their group and do not want the other people in their profile to go through it. 

Wrapping Up

The new feature by Twitter has been quite exciting, and the users would take it happily. I am sure you would also love this feature and would eagerly wait to use it and include your friends in the circle. Subscribe to our website, Path of EX, for any news, hacks, and tips regarding your favorite social media platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twitter Circle?

The Twitter Circle is the best and the latest addition to Twitter. Here you can create groups among your close friends on the platform. Other people not in the group will have no access to things tweeted in the group.

How to use Twitter Circle?

You can use a Twitter Circle with 150 other users on the platform. Whatever you tweet or post, you can choose to post them only among the group or with the Twitter Circle group members. 

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