How To Use Room GPT for Free in 2024? Features & Limitations

How To Use Room GPT for Free in 2023? Features & Limitations

Have you heard of a new redecorating tool, Room GPT? Everyone wants unique and eye-catching designs and looks for their living rooms. So, ChatGPT, an intelligent AI tool, is now helping you get new techniques and decorations for your living room. Everyone always looks and surfs on different platforms to create a unique outlook for their homes and living rooms. Therefore, the new demand is on, and people are curious about “How To Use Room GPT?” 

I am very much sure that the latest AI chatGPT technology must have filled the butterflies in your dull living space. RoomGPT is an innovative AI application that allows users to transform any space with its powerful redesign capabilities effortlessly. Developed by Hassan El Mghari, this ChatGPT tool earlier gained access to Plugins and Ambition Plugins and has been upgraded to give your house a unique look. The best part? It’s completely free and open source, ensuring accessibility for all.

In the below guide, I will help you understand how you can recreate, redesign and redecorate your living room with the help of Room GPT. 

How To Use Room GPT? 12 Easy Steps

How To Use Room GPT for Free in 2023? Features & Limitations

You must be aware that ChatGPT is open source. So, by following the below steps, you can easily utilize RoomGPT’s capabilities to reimagine and redesign your room according to your preferred themes and aesthetics.

  1. Go to the RoomGPT official website.
  2. Access your current account or register by utilizing your Google login credentials.
  3. Take a picture of your room with either a camera or a mobile device.
  4. On the RoomGPT website, click on “Upload an Image” to import the photo of your room.
  5. Choose the design that you like the most from different options like Modern, Minimalist, Professional, Tropical, and more.
  6. Click on the “Render Designs” button to initiate the redesign process.
  7. View the generated designs of your room in each selected theme, presented as realistic images.
  8. Compare the different designs to evaluate the impact of each theme on your space.
  9. Customize the colors, furniture, and other elements to personalize the design further, if desired.
  10. Once satisfied with the final design, download the image of your transformed room.
  11. Employ the downloaded image as a visual aid or distribute it to demonstrate your fresh design to others.
  12. Implement the changes in your physical space based on the design created by RoomGPT. 
  13. You can easily access the Room GPT website on your Android device by downloading it. 

Features of Room GPT

How To Use Room GPT for Free in 2023? Features & Limitations

If you have understood “How To Use Room GPT?” Let me tell you Room GPT offers several impressive features that make it a valuable tool for room remodeling and design. Here are some of its notable features:

  1. Fast Processing and High-Quality Designs: Room GPT is equipped with advanced AI algorithms that ensure swift processing without compromising the quality of the generated designs. 
  1. User-Friendly Interface: The tool provides a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to upload their room photos and explore different design concepts. The user-friendly design enables seamless navigation and a hassle-free experience.
  1. Wide Range of Themes: Room GPT offers over ten different themes, allowing users to explore various design aesthetics such as modern, minimalist, professional, tropical, and more. This diverse range of themes ensures that users can find the perfect style for their room.
  1. Free to Use: Room GPT is available to users for free, ensuring accessibility to a wide audience. Users can take advantage of its design capabilities without any financial constraints. For additional features, a subscription is needed.
  1. Personalized Design Recommendations: The AI-powered algorithms of Room GPT generate accurate and personalized design recommendations based on the user’s room photo and selected themes. It ensures that the designs align with the user’s preferences and vision.
  1. Time and Cost Savings: Room GPT saves users both time and money by allowing them to visualize and explore different designs before implementing them in their physical space.

Limitations of Room GPT

How To Use Room GPT for Free in 2023? Features & Limitations

Before reading the limitations, you must know, if you ever got “Sorry, You hav been blocked” error message, resolve it now. You must be looking for “How To Use Room GPT? because you must have seen many positive reviews for using the Room GPT.” But, despite its positive reviews, Room GPT has some limitations that users should know. These limitations include:

  1. Impractical Designs: While Room GPT aims to generate visually appealing designs, it may occasionally produce impractical recommendations. For example, suggest adding a pool to an apartment or propose strategies that are not feasible within the constraints of the space.
  1. Limited Customization: While Room GPT allows for some customization, it may not offer extensive options for personalized adjustments. Users may be limited in modifying specific elements or details of the generated designs.
  1. Difficulty with Unusual Inputs: Room GPT may struggle to handle rare or unconventional room inputs. Unusual room shapes, non-standard layouts, or unique architectural features might challenge the tool to interpret and generate appropriate designs accurately.
  1. Lack of Technical Drawings:  Detailed technical drawings are often required for on-site construction or remodeling work. Room GPT may be unable to provide the precision and detailed specifications necessary for such tasks.
  1. Limited Cultural and Lifestyle Variation: The tool may only partially capture each household member’s diverse cultural backgrounds, individual lifestyles, and specific needs. Interior design often involves considering these factors, and Room GPT’s recommendations may not reflect the nuances and variations crucial for a tailored design.
  1. No Replacement for Professional Designers: While Room GPT can be a helpful tool for exploring design concepts, it must maintain the expertise and experience of professional interior designers. Professional designers deeply understand design principles, spatial planning, and client requirements, offering a more comprehensive and personalized approach to room remodeling.

Note: Users must consider these limitations and exercise judgment when utilizing Room GPT.

Price Plan for Using Room GPT

How To Use Room GPT for Free in 2023? Features & Limitations

Room GPT offers a pricing structure that includes both free and paid options. Here are the key pricing plans:

  1. Free Plan: You can use Room GPT’s basic features for free. Users can enjoy up to three daily renders without any cost. However, credits are required to save the generated designs and access more styles and room types.
  1. Credit-based Plans: Room GPT offers three pricing plans for purchasing credits, namely basic, standard, and premium. You can use these credits to save designs, generate high-quality photos, and unlock additional features. Each credit allows the generation of a one-room design.
  1. Premium Subscription: Room GPT also offers a premium subscription plan, which provides access to features such as saving projects, accessing more styles and room types, early access to new features, and the ability to request specific features. The premium subscription enhances the user experience and offers greater flexibility in design options.
  1. Business Plan: Room GPT provides a business plan that permits using generated images for commercial purposes. This plan caters to businesses and professionals requiring commercial project room designs.

How To Use Room GPT? A Tutorial Guide

Wrapping Up

You can effortlessly use RoomGPT’s innovative AI application redesign capabilities to transform your home’s space. The RoomGpt, AI tool has a user-friendly interface; anyone can use its remarkable features at no cost. Check the above steps to learn: How To Use Room GPT? Also, find the details for free and other credit plans. 

Are you excited to use Room GPT? Please fill my comments inbox with your views, opinions, and suggestions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use Room GPT for creating living room designs?

You can use Room GPT by logging into Room GPT’s official website. On the official website, “Upload an Image” > Choose design > Tap on “Render Designs” > Compare & customize designs > download your preferred outlook.

2. Can I use Room GPT for free?

Yes, Room GPT offers a free plan with limited daily renders and basic features.

3. How many designs can I generate with one credit?

Each credit allows the generation of a one-room design.

4. Can I save the designs created with Room GPT?

Saving designs require credits, which can be purchased through the available pricing plans.

5. Does Room GPT offer a premium subscription?

Yes, Room GPT offers a premium subscription plan with additional features and benefits.

6. Can I use Room GPT for commercial purposes?

Yes, users can utilize the generated images for commercial projects with the business plan.

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