How to Use Reading Mode on iPhone | Activate Reader View in iOS & iPadOS

How to Use Reading Mode on an iPhone

Apple company launches amazing gadgets with outstanding and unique features from time to time. Even though other devices are also available in the market, Apple has its own solid customer base. Similarly, when we talk about iPhone, it also comes up with some unique features: Reading Mode. This reading mode feature in the iPhone is in demand, especially by the people who love reading the content online. Further, if you want to know more about how to use reading mode on iPhone, kindly get through the article.

Reading Mode for the iPhone and iPad removes advertising and changes the appearance of internet sites so that you can concentrate on studying the essential information. There are some simple ways to activate the reading mode on an iPhone that too without anybody’s help. You just need to understand the basic steps that I have listed here in the article. This is how to activate and deactivate Reading Mode.

Let’s get ready to scroll down the article till the end to know all options in detail about how to use reading mode on iPhone.

What is Reader Mode on iPhone?

How to Use Reading Mode on iPhone | Activate Reader View in iOS & iPadOS

To rapidly transform the entire website into Reader mode, try clicking the Reader Mode symbol (which looks like a sheet of paper containing paragraphs of dialogue). In the Search Window on the computer or mobile applications (yes, this functions in the Apple phone, iPad, and Android applications, too).

How to Activate Reading Mode on iPhone or iPad?

How to Use Reading Mode on an iPhone

As far as how to use reading mode on iPhone is concerned, the instructions to activate the reading mode are the same for iPhones as well as for iPad. Simply follow these instructions to acquire a reading-optimized version of a new website:

1. Go to Reading Mode on the homepage you would like to see.

2. The bookmark toolbar might say Reader Available after the website has been displayed. If that’s the case, click it.

Note: Many domains do not accept Reading Mode. As a result, this message might not show if the website restricts the reader, although you might not be allowed to use it when you complete the following action.

3. Click aA in the toolbar if you don’t touch the Reader Available message before it vanishes.

4. Select Show Reader from the menu.

5. The webpage is reformatted into a high-contrast, easy-to-read style. You’ve switched to Reading Mode.

Note: We may customize Reader’s appearance to suit our needs properly. Activate reading mode and hit aA in the search box to do so. Select the website’s background color and typeface and whether or not to expand the writing bigger or smaller. These preferences will stay throughout the Reading Mode periods unless we update anything. 

How to Disable Reading Mode on iPhone or iPad?

How to Use Reading Mode on an iPhone

While looking to know how to use reading mode on iPhone and disable it, the procedures are straightforward when the iPhone or iPad seems to be in reading mode, and you want to exit.

Simply type aA in the input box, after which select Hide Reader. This will take you back to the same old homepage layout.

Does the iPhone or iPad have a Reading Mode?

In connection with how to use reading mode on iPhone, for several years, the iPhone operating system (iOS) has allowed a reading-oriented interface in Safari. It has gradually been introduced to the iPads and Macintosh. The foregoing are some of the advantages of the Reading Mode:

  • Delete Advertisements: Improves focus and retention by generating a great reading experience.
  • Usability: is improved for persons who have visual or child mental disorders. 
  • Enables you to change the backdrop color, text, and readability to make reading extra pleasant.
  • When setting Reading Mode > Website Settings > Use Reader Always, you can make the reader the desired for a specific website.

How to Use Reading Mode on iPhone | Best Way

iPhone 12: How to Set Safari to Automatically Use Reading Mode on All Websites by Default

Wrapping Up

The Reading Mode feature is gaining momentum among all iPhone users irrespective of age, gender, class, and region. The reading habit has changed now to a great extent from offline mode to online mode.

People use social media and other applications to keep themselves updated about the latest happenings. The reading mode feature offers comfortability to the readers to read the content through the phone, whether at night or day.

I hope you fully understand how to use reading mode on iPhone while scrolling down the whole article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete entries from my Reading List in Safari?

To open the Reading List tab in Safari on a MacBook, click Control + Command + 2. Eliminate the item by right-clicking it and selecting Remove-Item. One may also erase the whole Reading List by selecting Remove All Entries from the same option. When opening Reading List on an iOS device, hit the Library symbol in Safari (it’s designed like a textbook); just select the button looking like glasses. To delete a connection, swipe left on it or select Edit to select numerous locations.

How can I enable Dark Mode in Safari?

Safari follows the program’s Dark Mode preferences, therefore if you enable it for MacOS or iPhones, it will also be enabled for Safari. Once this parameter is enabled, websites that support Reader Mode would show content with such a dark background.

What is Safari Reader Mode, and how does it work?

Safari Reader helps to read a website content inside one screen, structured for better readability and free of adverts, scrolling, and other annoying elements. For Readers, one may change the type, readability, and color scheme.

What is the best way to make my website Readers Discoverable?

Switch Reader View by clicking the Switch reader mode symbol in the search box or pressing F9. Mozilla eliminates all additional objects from the webpage and centers the media files in the content for a better user experience when the Switch reader view box goes blue.

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