How to Use Pinterest Analytics Tools for Your Business in 2023 

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Pinterest is a platform for sharing images and videos known as ‘pins.’ These pins are pinned to specific pinboards like hashtags on Instagram. Most trending pinboards and pins come to your suggestion when you search travel. You must be wondering why some pins perform better than yours. To understand that, you have to familiarize yourself with Pinterest Analytics and learn how to use it.

When IKEA USA recognized their demographic users as college students, they posted more pins on ‘Dorm ideas’ and ‘Dorm accessories.’ In that year, their click rate to websites increased by 72%. IKEA USA is only just another account that benefited from the analysis. Pinterest users are more attracted to visual treats and creative concepts. To be competitive with those, You should break down your data analysis of each pin one by one. 

 Let us guide you on using Pinterest Analytics to grow your business more. We have covered every section in Pinterest Analytics and compressed the long explanations into single words. Let’s begin!

Why is Pinterest Analytics Important | Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Analytics

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You know how Pinterest works- eye-catching content strikes!

Sometimes, audiences of other niches might also become interested in your content. If you could break down the analysis much better, you can have some content for them. It will help you have more of an audience. More audience means more business.

It is time to stop drooling over the number of saves on your pin and develop a strategy that works better for you. So, sit tight and learn this ultimate guide to Pinterest Analytics.

How to Use Pinterest Analytics | Step-by-Step 

Let’s start from scratch and tweak our best. To access Pinterest Analytics, you must have a business account. Wondering how to set up a business account for Pinterest Analytics? Here is how,

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How to Use Pinterest Business Account

  1. Move to ‘Pinterest and sign up first.
  2. Provide ‘details of yourself.’ 
  3. Fill in the ‘fields for your business.’ 
  4. A good narration always wins – so tell your heart out about your business in the ‘Tell us about your business’ section.
  5. Continue.

Tada! You are on board now. 

Bonus point: If you have a website with a sub-domain, add an HTML tag to it. Later claim your website on Pinterest to have a verified tick there.

How to Check Pinterest Analytics

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Checking on your Pinterest Analytics is not a big deal. Grab your laptop and follow now,

  1. Log in to your ‘Pinterest business account.’
  2. Tap on ‘Analytics’ in the upper left corner
  3. Select the categories you want to analyze from the drop-down menu-
  • Overview
  • Audience Insights
  • Conversion Insights
  • Video
  • Trends

How to Check Pinterest Analytics | Drop Down Menu Data

You might find various options in the drop-down menu. Each section handles separate information. But you don’t have to sweat by looking at it.

How many of them are familiar? Not much? Let’s see,

1. Overview – Track performance of pins and boards

Analytic page ; Pinterest analytics
  1. Impressions- It is the number of times your pin is viewed.
  2. Total audience- It is the number of viewers who view your pin.
  3. Monthly audience- It is cumulative audience exposure data in a 30 days window.
  4. Engagements- The number of times someone clicked or saved your pin.
  5. Engaged audience- It is the number of interacted users on a day.
  6. Monthly audience- It is cumulative data of interacted users every month.
  7. Saves/ Pins- It is the number of times someone saved your pin.
  8. Save rate- It shows the generated percentage of saves over time.
  9. Engaged audience- It is the number of times people engage with your pins.
  10. Pin clicks (Close-ups)- How many times has a user tapped your pin to zoom in on the content.
  11. Close-up rate-  Percentage of performance of pins.
  12. Outbound Links (Link clicks)- Total number of clicks to the URL in your pin.
  13. Link click rate- It shows your outbound link performance over time.
  14. Followers Driven- The number of followers after viewing a specific pin.
  15. Top Boards- It is the overview of top-performing boards.
  16. Top Pins- Overview of best-performing pins over the last 30 days.

2. Audience Insights – Track your followers

Analytic page ; Pinterest analytics

Analytic tab → Audience Insights

You can set a date range in audience insights and filter it for either engaged audience or total audience. You will see categories and interests specific to the chosen audience in both cases.

3. Conversion Insights – Best Pinterest Analytics for your paid campaigns

Analytic page ; Pinterest analytics
  • Top converting pin- Analyze your top pin by combining information on impressions, clicks, saves, add to cart, and checkout.
  • Page visits- The number of times people visited your website from Pinterest.
  • Add to cart and checkout shows the number of times people added your items to the cart and checkout.

4. Video – Track your statistics of videos

Analytic page ; Pinterest analytics

Analytic tab → Video

The video area is to measure the performance of your video pins by analyzing views, total watch time, link clicks, and saves. You can filter and sort data by device, organic Pins, impressions, clicks, saves, etc.

5. Trends – Check out what is trending now and create according to that.

It is a great way to optimize your content strategy. The Trend section in Pinterest Analytics gives you an overview of the current trending topic on Pinterest. You can also view associated pins or issues with that content. Also, you can analyze the trend by date, like when it was tending.

How Pinterest Analytics Help Your Business

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If you are running a business, an analysis of your Pinterest profile will help you customize a content strategy every time. People using Pinterest and trends are exciting periodically in both of these changes. You can’t sell a polaroid camera to DSLR lovers. To attain a successful business, you have to understand our audience.

With Pinterest Analytics, you will get to know which pin works better with which audience. You can bring more audience to your website by designing your campaigns and content for your most viewing audience. Pinterest Analytics helps you to earn more with an organic audience.

Wrapping Up

Entrepreneurship is one of the most explored sides of the economy in the 21st century. Social media platforms like Pinterest have enhanced their flavors of it. A well-updated analysis of Pinterest made things easier to market. This article is a short-packed guide to Pinterest Analytics. Share with your entrepreneurs if you found this helpful. 

Let us cherish the customers and flourish the bank accounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I see my Pinterest analytics?

Open the Pinterest app and log in to your business account. Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right. Tap the chart bar icon in the top-right corner. Select Analytics.

2. What are the best Pinterest analytics tools?

There are several essential tools in Pinterest analytics according to your needs. Impression saves and clicks rates are some of the most useful.

3. Is Pinterest Analytics accurate?

Most of the time, the values might be misleading. Consider the Pinterest analytics data as a cumulative sum of information to better the content strategy.

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