How To Use Microsoft Copilot Android App & Know What It Can Do For Android Users?

Copilot App on an Android device; How To Use Microsoft Copilot Android App & Know What It Can Do For Android Users?

The field of artificial intelligence is growing and taking over the world in a very fast manner. The more we develop this AI technology, the more tools are being developed to ease our lives further. The revolution initiated by ChatGPT took an important turn when Copilot was released. The Microsoft Copilot revealed a whole new arena of ways that can make our life easier. On 5 December, 2023 Microsoft Copilot released an app for Android to get easy access of Copilot on their Android devices. Let us try to learn how to use Microsoft Copilot Android App.

Microsoft Copilot Android app is one of the most versatile AI tools that is released to make the life of tech enthusiasts easier. By integrating this new AI tool in the form of an app in our Android devices, would provide us with the help required in our daily lives. The app is loaded with many features and is meant to assist you in various tasks that would take you more time and effort if done manually.

Keep reading to find out more about how to use Microsoft Copilot Android App & learn to use this amazing tool in just a few steps.

What is the Microsoft Copilot Android App?

Microsoft Copilot App on an Android device; How To Use Microsoft Copilot Android App & Know What It Can Do For Android Users?

Microsoft Copilot App is a newly launched standalone application developed by Microsoft for Android devices. It functions as an AI-powered assistant, offering a diverse range of functionalities suitable for both professional and personal use. Unlike certain AI apps that require payment for access to premium features, Microsoft Copilot is available for free. It is compatible with Android 11 or later versions and is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 technology.

What Microsoft Copilot Can Do?

Microsoft Copilot is capable of assisting users with many tasks. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  1. Conversational Capabilities: Copilot has versatile conversational abilities that can help users engage in diverse discussions. The Copilot app can deliver comprehensive information to its users through this capability. It is an ideal companion for casual dialogue where brainstorming is essential.
  2. Image Creation: With DALL-E 3 integration, the Microsoft Copilot app can transform your image descriptions into visual creations. It is useful for crafting visuals for presentations, social media, or just for fun.
  3. Writing Support: Microsoft Copilot assists in composing emails, documents, or any text users need. It interprets prompts and suggestions to help overcome writer’s block and enhance writing efficiency.
  4. Free GPT-4 Access: Copilot provides access to GPT-4 without any charges, unlike ChatGPT, which requires a subscription. Perfect for those wanting to explore OpenAI’s latest powerful language model.
  5. Microsoft Edge Integration: The browsing can be enhanced with Copilot’s seamless collaboration with Microsoft Edge on Android. This feature summarizes web content, generates diverse text formats, and answers queries about webpages, enriching the browsing experience.

How To Use Microsoft Copilot Android App?

Copilot Android app homepage; How To Use Microsoft Copilot Android App & Know What It Can Do For Android Users?

Using Microsoft Copilot is a very simple and straightforward process. To use it, you need to follow these steps:

1. Installing Microsoft Copilo Android App

The first step for using the Microsoft Copilot is to download and install it. To download and install the Copilot Android app:

  • Head to the Google Play Store and search for Microsoft Copilot.
  • Download and install the app.

2. Signing Up And Signing In

You can use your existing Microsoft account or create a new one within the app. Signing in will help unlock more attributes and will personalize your experience.

  • On the top left corner, click on the profile icon.
  • Click on the Sign in option, and after entering your email details, you can start using the copilot.

3. Choosing Your Style

Copilot offers three conversation styles: Creative, Balanced, and Precise. Choose the one conversational style that best suits your needs. Creative for playful interactions, Balanced for everyday use, and Precise for factual accuracy.

Microsoft copilot logo; How To Use Microsoft Copilot Android App & Know What It Can Do For Android Users?

4. Exploring Features

There are various features that you can select and choose as per your needs. Some of the features are:

  • General Assistant: Tap the microphone icon or type your question in the chat window. Users can ask Copilot anything they would a regular assistant, and it will provide them with an answer.
  • Text Assistance: This feature will help users in writing emails, documents, or other text formals. Tap the “compose” button and tell Copilot what you want to write. All you have to do is provide prompts, keywords, or outlines, and Copilot will generate drafts for you.
  • Image Creation: If you want to generate an image using prompts, then you can do that also using the Copilot app. You have to tap the image button and describe the image you want to be generated. You will get it within just a click.
  • Microsoft Edge Integration: If you browse with Microsoft Edge on Android, Copilot can enhance your experience. Open Edge, navigate to a webpage and tap the Copilot icon. You can get summaries of the webpage, generate different text formats from its content, and even ask Copilot questions about it.

Is Microsoft Copilot Android App Free?

Yes, the Microsoft Copilot Android app is free to download and use. Microsoft Copilot is completely free for Android users. There is no need for subscriptions or in-app purchases. Simply grab it from the Google Play Store, install it, and access all its features without spending a dime.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Microsoft Copilot on Android is a helpful assistant that does a lot of things to make life easier. It is easy to get and free to use. It has a variety of features and can be used to accomplish many tasks on a daily basis. With its free accessibility and ability to cater to various user needs, Copilot stands out as a comprehensive and valuable addition to the Android app landscape, promising a smoother, more efficient digital experience.

Hope this article helped you figure out how to use Microsoft Copilot Android App!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Microsoft Copilot Android App?

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered assistant application designed for Android devices. It serves as a versatile tool offering conversational interactions, text composition aid, image generation, and seamless integration with Microsoft Edge, aiming to assist users in various tasks and enhance their digital experience on their Android devices.

2. Is Microsoft Copilot App available for other platforms besides Android?

No, Microsoft Copilot app is only available for Android as of now.

3. Is Microsoft Copilot Android App free to use?

Yes, Microsoft Copilot Android app is free to use.

4. Does using Microsoft Copilot require a Microsoft account?

While you can use Copilot without a Microsoft account, signing in with one unlocks additional features and personalization options.

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