How to Use Meta AI /Imagine? Facebook AI Beyond Imagination

AI; How to Use Meta AI /Imagine? Facebook AI Beyond Imagination

There is sky blue, navy blue, and one more blue, which is Facebook blue. Facebook is owned by Meta. Recently, Metaverse has been rebranding and focusing on developing Meta. Can you imagine? Meta is going to change the way we interact with each other in virtual space. One of the intriguing additions by Meta until now is /Imagine. You should know how to use Meta AI /Imagine.

Meta AI feature promises to generate images from text. The news of Meta AI has spread immense joy to Facebook users. Users can express their emotions in an advanced way now. AI is everywhere, so why not on your Messenger App? However, understanding the exact process of activating the feature is crucial.

To help you out better, I have created below a detailed guide for how to use Meta AI /Imagine. Let us figure out all about one of the most talked about slashes.

How to Use Meta AI /Imagine?

AI ; How to Use Meta AI /Imagine?

Meta is a crucial part of the Metaverse, and the primary aim of the Meta is to give engaging and interactive experiences to users. By adding the AI feature to Facebook Messenger, Meta has stepped into the world of AI full-fledged. Imagine how cool it is to create an image just with the prompts. In case you do not know how to use Meta AI /Imagine, then read below given steps.

  1. Update Facebook Messenger: Make sure you are using the updated version of the Messenger App. You will get the new feature update on the latest version of Messanger only.
  2. Access the Chat bar: Head to the conversation bar in the Messanger app. You need to activate the keyboard of your device by tapping on the chat input.
  3. Type command: To activate the AI feature, simply type the “/Imagine” command.
  4. Autocomplete: Try to click on the /Imagine autocomplete option. This will catch the command @ Meta AI /Imagine.
  5. Add prompt: Once you are done with the adding command on the chat input, you need to add the prompt you want to add. Meta will start generating images as per your prompt.

What are the Speculations and Hopes on Meta AI /Imagine?

We have learned above how to use Meta AI /Imagine, but the feature is still not available to use publicly. It is still under development. I will take you through some speculations and hopes for the feature. Check out the details for the Meta AI chatbot.

  1. Image generation: Meta has the intention to provide image generation features to users. Users only need to add the prompts, and it will generate the image they want.
  2. Collaborative creativity: There are possibilities that Meta will allow users to collaborate through images, so it has made the feature social and quite interactive.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I have shared all about how to use Meta AI /Imagine. Recently, Meta launched an impressive AI-based feature on Facebook Messenger, and it caught users’ attention. You can create any image that you want to generate using the AI feature. You simply need to add command /imagine along with your prompt, and you are good to go. However, the feature is still in the beta version and available to use only in the United States. I have given above all the details of the features, so check it out. Follow Path of EX for more technical updates. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Meta AI /Imagine?

The Meta /Imagine is a tool that can convert text into images with the help of the/Imagine command and prompt.

Q2. Is Meta AI image generator launched?

Yes, the Meta AI /Imagine has been launched, but it is still in the beta phase and available to use in the USA only.

Q3. Can I generate images using Meta AI /Imagine?

Yes, you can generate images using Meta AI /Imagine with the help of a prompt.

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