How To Use Google AdWords to Promote YouTube Video In 2022?

How To Use Google AdWords to Promote YouTube Video In 2022?

Marketing your content is an essential part of your social media career today. With plenty of creators and businesses; it sometimes becomes difficult to cut that competition. However, paying to win is a great choice to gather more attention and visibility from others. It becomes more vital when you are the owner of a specific marketing campaign. Hence, there are different ways to promote your YouTube Video with Google AdWords

YouTube provides you with a variety of offers to choose from. It means that you can pre-plan your spending limit accordingly. It is not mandatory to shoot a new video for promotion, an older one with more engagement can also be advertised to amplify its effect. However, if you have a specific campaign, it is advised to shoot a new one to target a certain set of audiences. 

In order to promote YouTube Videos using Google AdWords, it is also possible to add a call-to-action button. This call-to-action button takes the viewers to your very own website or a video.  

In this blog post, you are going to find out everything you are looking for. Continue to read and learn about different ways to promote your YouTube Video using Google AdWords.

Ultimate Guide to Promote YouTube Video Using Google AdWords

Google ADs is a primary source for promoting any Youtube content. There are many ways to set up an advert. This guide is all you need to make the most of it. The right strategy can attract a greater percentage of the audience to your channel. It can also save you from wasting any further bucks. Dive in to learn more different ways and steps to promote your Youtube video using Google AdWords

1. Open Your YouTube Studio

Use Google AdWords to Promote Your YouTube Video

To open your Youtube studio, open your application > click on the profile picture > Choose Youtube Studio. 

Another way of opening a Youtube studio is by Clicking on  ‘Your Channel’ > Tap on either ‘Customize Channel’ or ‘ Manage Videos’. Both of these buttons will take you to the studio. 

2. Select Your Video

Use Google AdWords to Promote Your YouTube Video
  • From the Studio, Tap on ‘Content’ > Choose your ‘Promotable Video’ > Click the ‘three dots’ > Go on ‘Promote’.
  • This will take you to a new web page. From there, Log in to your existing account or sign up for a new account. 
  • Tap ‘Get Started’.

3. Personalize Your Advert’s Facade 

A good, catchy, and impressive video with multiple transitions, graphics, texts, and a suitable beat surely makes a difference. It helps in establishing a brand that becomes 100 times better. Follow these steps below to personalize your Advert’s Facade:

  • 3 seconds of captivating content at the start.
  • In-between transitions
  • End your ad with a question or a snippet of value. This will increase curiosity among the viewers to click on your channel.
  • Attractive thumbnail to make it obvious yet fuzzy.
Use Google AdWords to Promote Your YouTube Video

Click the ‘Next’ button after previewing your ad facade. Make sure you check your advert’s presence on the phone as well as on the computer.

4. Language and Location

Choose your target audience by selecting your respective location and language. For better views, insert some translations as a caption to make it more understandable. Specify your target countries and tick off the languages. Click ‘Next’ when you are ready. 

5. Add On The Personalised Info Of Your Target Audience

As you go on further, personalize the specific gender, age, and parental status of your target audience. This will make your Youtube video using Google AdWords more functional. You can also tick off every box, in order to attract a larger group of audience. 

This is a crucial step so choose wisely. 

6. Choose Your Audience with a Certain Set Of Interests

Narrowing down to a certain set of Interests, Youtube gives you the privilege to choose your target easily. After adding on the personal info, a menu will pop out. You can choose your options for the target audience more precisely. It includes Banking, Lifestyle, Finance, Food, Fashion, Home, and much more. 

Use Google AdWords to Promote Your YouTube Video

7. Set Your Spending Limit

It is possible for you to promote your Youtube Ad on AdWords according to your budget. Fill in the box that says ‘Enter Budget’ according to your spending limit. Once you have added this, the system will catch your mind. It will stick to your budget as the campaign starts. 

Use Google AdWords to Promote Your YouTube Video

Also, if you are not aware of this, Youtube charges you with every ad. If a Youtube Ad is in video format, you will be liable to pay every time a viewer watches it for 30 seconds. Every interaction done with your ad is chargeable. It can be with a click, opening a channel, or tapping a ‘Call-To-Action’ button. In the case of a thumbnail ad, it means you are liable for every click by the user. 

However, Google stops counting the days when you cross your budget. 

8. Preview Your Final Advert

How To Use Google AdWords to Promote YouTube Video In 2022?

Last but not the least, Previewing your Youtube video with Google AdWords is a must-do task. Before clicking Done, make sure to check the following:

  • Time-length of your Ad.
  • Name of your Ad.
  • Dates of the promoted Ad.

Set your dates by clicking on ‘More Details’ from the menu. Tap ‘Edit in Settings’ for more details like name, location, videos in which your ad will appear.

Click Done after it is ready to be posted. 

Wrapping Up

It is very much important to be smart while promoting your Youtube Video with Google AdWords. An advert should be made, designed, and customized according to the viewer’s perspective. Google Ads has a wide variety of tools today. However, you can bring out the best for the audience with this Ad. 

For any further queries, drop them below. 

Good Luck!

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