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Amazon Alexa Character AI; How To Use Character AI On Amazon

We have arrived at the last day of the CES event in Las Vegas and it will be a great finish to the greatest technology event. I do not like to say I told you so, but I told you that this year’s CES event will keep AI in the spotlight. That is what is happening in Las Vegas right now. People are showing off their latest AI innovations with utmost pride, and now even Amazon has joined the race. Since Amazon Alexa users have found out they have a personal communicator at home, the most trending question is how to use Character AI on Amazon.

Character AI if you did not know, is an AI tool that acts as a personal friend, advisor, comedian, and anything that you want from it. In a crux, Character AI allows you to choose any character of your choice, be it an actor or scientist, or anyone you have in mind and creates an experience for you where you can talk to that character, and it will respond like a lifelike person that you chose.

If you are here on this article, then I can assume that you are a genuine tech enthusiast who likes to stay updated on their tech. Otherwise, you must be an Amazon Alexa user who is wondering how to use Character AI on Amazon.

How To Use Character AI On Amazon And Digitize Our Home?

Amazon Alexa ; How To Use Character AI On Amazon

The hype that AI has created is more ignited among people who know less about technology compared to people who use AI tools on a daily basis. AI made more accessible through Amazon Alexa has left a very exciting effect on common homemakers and older generations who were not very familiar with the concept of AI. 

To use Character AI on Amazon, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, Open Character AI.” That’s all you need to do to access the AI. Amazon Alexa, in return, will ask you who you would like to speak with, and it has a large variety of assistants, actors, and sportspeople, and there are characters for you if you just want all the fun and games. Amazon Alexa has a whole list of characters that are waiting to chat with you.

When it comes to limitations of the Character AI feature on Amazon Alexa, there are none. You can choose any character you want regardless of their age, gender or even the time period that they existed in. For example, you could ask for Nicola Tesla, and Character AI will generate that experience for you.

The Whole Generative AI Experience From Amazon Alexa

Charater AI alexa; How To Use Character AI On Amazon

Now that you know how to use Character AI on Amazon Alexa, you should read below to know a little about the whole packaged deal that Amazon Alexa’s generative AI experience is bringing you. Given below are all AI features that have been added to Amazon Alexa:

1. Character AI

I have mentioned enough about Character AI already in the paragraph given above. There are still some things that you should know about when it comes to Character AI. You will not have to worry about your conversations with Character AI as Character AI already filters or refines your conversations. There was even a petition against it, yet Character AI continues to offer ambiguity to your chats. 

2. Splash

Amazon ALexa; How To Use Character AI On Amazon

Creating a song in the comfort of your room without understanding a thing about music production. Splash allows you to create music with nothing but your voice. Again, to use Splash, you have to use the command “Alexa, open Splash music,” and you are all ready to roll. 

3. Volley

This feature will allow you to create a fun vibe when you are with the company. Volley allows you to use Amazon Alexa to organize 20-question games, including games like song quizzes. To use Volley, you will command your Amazon Alexa by saying, “Alexa, open Volley games,” and Alexa will list the games available for you.

Wrapping Up

I bet that with the help of this article, you not only know how to use Character AI on Amazon Alexa but also are one of the believers in the potential of AI. There is just so much in these three new features that take a lot of workload off us, so imagine what the capabilities of other professional AIs are. I would not even want to imagine the potential of the AI programs that are hidden by the big corporates. It scares me and excites me at the same time, but in the end we can be sure that these AIs will help us a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Use Character AI On Amazon Alexa?

Command Alexa by saying, “Alexa, open Character AI” to use Character AI on Amazon Alexa.

Q2. What New AI Features Are Available On Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is now inclusive of three generative AI features, namely Character AI, Volley, and Splash.

Q3. What Kind Of AI Is Used In Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa uses conversational AI, which is a speech-to-text recognition large language model.

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