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The Nintendo Switch controller became the most popular game console during a pandemic. When the pandemic began, the Nintendo Switch was a significant success. As a result, gamers started experimenting with it on different platforms like PC, Mac, Steam, and many others. But can you connect Nintendo Switch with Steam? Let’s see how to use a Nintendo Switch Controller on Steam.

The Nintendo Switch is climbing the stairs of success by making its name among game lovers. Along with a wide selection of games, the portable gadget offers functions that will undoubtedly be useful to its users. 

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How To Setup Any Controller on Steam for Any Game

As you go down while reading this article, you will find how to use the Nintendo Switch controller on Steam and the steps for setting up the controller.

How To Use A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller On Steam?

Follow the comprehensive instructions below if you want to play games using a Nintendo Switch controller on Steam. 

How to Use a Nintendo Switch Controller on Steam

Steps To Use A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller On Steam-

  1. Before configuring the Nintendo Switch controller on Steam, be sure you download the Steam software on your PC. This can be downloaded from their official website.
  2. Now, open Steam and sign in to create your account.
  3. The Steam can be found at the top left nook of the screen.
  4. You can now select settings from the options that appear on the screen.
  5. Select the controller tab from the setting menu.
  6. The Controller Settings page will open as you choose General Controller Settings in the right pane. You must visit this page to configure your Nintendo Switch Pro, Xbox, and PlayStation controllers for compatibility with Steam. The Control Settings section also offers button layout choices and controller settings.
  7. Now tap on switch pro configuration on support 
  8. Connect your PC with your Nintendo Switch Pro controller.
  9. Your Steam account after registering the controller.
  10. To access the Controller Configuration next, choose Pro Controller from the list of Detected Controllers. Every button on your Nintendo Switch Pro controller can be customized, and finally, you will be able to play your Steam game after setting up the controller correctly.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers | Nintendo on Steam

Nintendo Switch controllers are an addition to a game lover’s convenient and detachable pleasure gadgets, which serve as the Switch’s official controller. In addition, Nintendo has also created a Pro controller. Because it resembles the wireless Xbox controller, the Nintendo Switch Pro controller is simple for PC players to use when playing games.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch Pro controller can also operate games on Steam. By using a Nintendo Switch controller on Steam, you can magnify your gaming experience.

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Wrapping Up

The Nintendo Switch controller and its use on Steam have made games more exciting and thrilling. People learned how to use a Nintendo Switch Controller on Steam and enjoyed using it. This controller was not designed for PC but is still used. Nevertheless, people enjoyed using the Switch controller over their setups. The controller includes more prominent, robust buttons than the Switch joys, the same analog sticks, and great battery life.

It’s an excellent option for your next PC controller, especially if you’ve been using an Xbox 360 controller for a while and are ready to upgrade. I hope this would have helped you in configuring your problem of how to use a Nintendo switch controller on steam.

Do mention in the comments how you use your switch controller?


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