How to Uplift Your Profile in Feeld App Explained!

How to Uplift Your Profile in Feeld App | Explained!

Being a social media user, you want to reach the maximum number of people and make every possible effort to accomplish this goal. And the same is the case with the Feeld app. But the question arises: how to uplift your profile in Feeld app? I’m here with an answer to your query. Stay around to know the answer.  

Since its inception in 2014, Feeld app has become a name to reckon with when it comes to the list of dating apps. It is a location-based online dating app available for both iOS and Android users. To cater to users, it keeps introducing features like uplifting your profile and group chats for community-building.

So if you want to boost your profile, here is how to lift your profile in Feeld app. Dive in to know the ways and methods that you can try. 

How to Uplift Your Profile in Feeld App?

How to Uplift Your Profile in Feeld App | Explained!

Uplifting your profile in the Feeld app enhances visibility. It ensures that your profile shows up earlier in “Discover.” Uplifting profiles make it visible to other Feeld members living within a 10-mile radius for 24 hours. 

To uplift your profile, you have to purchase Uplift. Here is how you can get it. 

1. There are two ways to purchase Uplift. You can get it by tapping the ‘Get Uplift’ button in your Likes tab or by tapping the ‘Uplift’ button in your Settings tab to purchase this feature. 

2. Once you tap these buttons, it will take you to the App Store or Play Store, where the process of completing the purchase of Uplift is accomplished. 

How to Uplift Your Profile in Feeld App | Explained!

Once you complete the purchase, the Uplift feature will be enabled on your profile for 24 hours. 

Note: Both Basic and Majestic members are allowed to avail of the benefits of Uplift. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to optimize your profile on the Feeld dating app. You can do so by uplifting your profile, which will make sure your profile appears way earlier to the potential matches within a set radius of the area. This article explains how to uplift your profile in Feeld app. You can refer to this article to know more about it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q 1: How much does Uplift cost?

Ans: The price of Uplift varies from country to country. To check the price of Uplift in your country, tap the “Get uplift” button in the likes section, and the price of uplift will appear on your screen. 

Q 2: Is it guaranteed the uplift will result in more connections? 

Ans: Nothing can be said with certainty. However, it is expected that Feeld members can get seven to fifteen times more likes after purchasing Uplift. 

Q 3: How can I know about the Uplift time? 

Ans: You can find your remaining Uplift time in your Likes and Settings tabs.

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