How to Upgrade to God Mode in Gas App? Try These 2 Easy Methods

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Have you heard about the latest feature of the social media iOS app, Gas? Yes, I am talking about the God Mode feature. In this article, I will explain how to upgrade to God Mode in Gas app. I promise the steps and method will be easy to follow. Additionally, I will talk about some cool features and operations of the app as well. Be here with me to explore all about the Gas app and particularly what God Mode is and how to get it enabled on your iOS device.

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Gas is currently trending at the number 1 spot in the Social Networking category on App Store. The app has been downloaded more than 5 million times from App Store since its launch in August 2022. The app is currently only available for iPhone and iPad devices. Isn’t all this impressive and great for an app to get this much success when there are established names and brands already serving millions of people?

Though the Gas app is available for all iOS device owners who are 12+ years old, high school pals have been using the app more frequently. Let me now walk you through the ultimate guide on how to upgrade to God Mode in Gas app and what God Mode means in the Gas app.

What is God Mode in Gas App and Why is It Popular?

How to Upgrade to GOD MODE in GAS App

The Gas app has 5 in-app premium plans, one of them being Reveal Poll. Reveal Poll is a basic plan to know the number of votes you have got and just that. The other 4 plans are God Mode plans. God Mode subscription plans let you know more about the polls. It unlocks the following features when you subscribe to a God Mode plan:

  1. It lets you reveal the first letter of the person who has voted for you. You can use this feature to know the first letter of all persons infinite times.
  2. It lets you reveal the complete name of two of your voters. Once you use the feature twice, it will ask for a new subscription if you want to reveal more names.
  3. You can send polls 100% anonymously. No one will be able to reveal your name or the first letter of your name to get a hint.
  4. You will get notified whenever someone adds themselves to the polls you have created.
  5. You can make coins double while voting on polls that are created by your friends, classmates, or someone else on your list.

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How to Upgrade to GOD MODE in GAS App?

How to Upgrade to God Mode in Gas App? Try These 2 Easy Methods

The Gas app is free to download and use. However, few in-app purchases let you go beyond the app’s limitations. Ranging from $1.99 to $9.99, the app has 5 premium plans for its users. And God Mode is — rather “are” — the premium plan names of the Gas app.

Gas app is available to get downloaded all over the world; however, the app is operational only in the States — that too limited to certain provinces and regions. The app is expanding its field day by day, and it will be available soon in the entire country.

The premium plans, like the operational regions of the app, are also limited to certain people. There is a possibility that you can use the app and take part in polls and voting, but the subscription plans are not available for you. Here is how to upgrade to God Mode in Gas app and how to know if the feature is available to you.

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How to Upgrade to GOD MODE in GAS App Using the Polls Section?

Under your polls, tap on reveal, and it will ask you to upgrade to a premium plan. Hit on any of the variants of the God Mode plans and see if it is available for you. It will let you make payments — via Apple Pay, credit and debit cards and like — only if you are eligible for the plan or the subscription.

How to Upgrade to GOD MODE in GAS App from the Settings or Inbox?

There is a subscription option inside the app settings and in your inbox (it will be a promotional link forwarded by the app developers). Click one of the two options and proceed with payments.

How Much Does the Gas App Costs?

There are five premium plans or subscriptions available on the Gas app. The cost ranges from $1.99 to $9.99. Here are the all official plan names and their prices as of now.

SerialPlan NameCost
1Reveal Poll$1.99
2God Mode – Secret Discount$4.99
3God Mode Lite$4.99
4God Mode$6.99
5God Mode$9.99

Wrapping Up

That is all about how to upgrade to God Mode in Gas app. As the app is yet to go global and available for all of the people of the United States as well as the world there is very little information available about it. If you are one of the lucky people who is using the app, do share your reviews and experiences with me in the comment box given below.

I hope the article has helped you out. For more articles like this, keep visiting and surfing Path of EX regularly.


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