How To Unmute Videos on Reddit: Unmute NSFW & Standard Videos!

How To Unmute Videos on Reddit

Reddit, as a  social media platform, is one of the major destinations for all your queries. You can dive in on any conversation and find insights and related conversations on that topic. While Reddit is majorly a text-based app, you can still upload videos and images on the platform. Recently many users have had questions regarding the videos on Reddit and ways to unmute a video on Reddit. If you are among such users, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you, How to unmute videos on Reddit.

There can be any reason for a user to unmute videos on Reddit. But one of the major reasons why you might need to unmute videos on Reddit is to listen to sound content, even if it is NSFW content. As Reddit mutes all the NSFW videos by default, you might have to enable the adult content first and then unmute it manually in order to view the video with sound.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn how to unmute videos on Reddit.

Reasons Why Reddit Videos Are Mute

How To Unmute Videos on Reddit

Sometimes there are videos on Reddit that are mute, and it gets a user confused over why the video has no sound. In the below-mentioned list, I have explained the major reasons why Reddit videos are mute.

  1. The video has no audio: Sometimes, the video on Reddit is devoid of audio. A user might think that this is a glitch but make sure that e if it is marked as NSFW. In case it is NSFW, Reddit might have muted the audio by default.
  2. The sound option is off: On the Reddit app, a user needs to turn on the sound in the settings in order to listen to the sound of the video. In case it is a normal video playing without sound, it means you need to change the settings and then turn the volume back, and it will work fine.
  3. There Is Adult Content: Reddit, by default, flags the Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content. As such content contains nudity, pornography, or any 18+ content, all these videos are set to mute by default.

How to Unmute Videos on Reddit?

Since I already mentioned that NSFW content on Reddit is muted by default. But there are certain standard videos on Reddit as well that are muted. In the below-mentioned guide, I have explained both these methods step-by-step.

Method 1: How to Unmute Standard Videos on Reddit

How To Unmute Videos on Reddit
  1. Launch the Reddit app on your device.
  2. Provide your credentials and log in to your account.
  3. Once logged in scroll through the home page and choose a video to play.
  4. Once you find the video, you will find the speaker icon located at the bottom right of the video for volume.
  5. In case the speaker icon has a cross on it, it means the sound is muted.
  6. Now tap on the speaker, in order to unmute the video and voila, your video will start playing with sound.

Method 2: How To Unmute NSFW Videos on Reddit

In case you want to listen to adult content on Reddit, you will have to make a few changes on the desktop version of Reddit first. I have mentioned the steps below in order to unmute NSFW videos on Reddit.

  1. Head to the official website of Reddit and log in to your account.
  2. Now you need to enable adult content on Reddi. To do that, tap on the home option that is located in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Head to user settings and then click on the feed settings option.
  4. In the feed settings option, you will see the adult content option. Now turn on the toggle button to enable NSFW videos on Reddit.
  5. Now, head back to your mobile device and download and install Apollo or Sync App. For iPhone users, you will have to download the Apollo app, and for Android devices, you will have to download the Sync app.
  6. Now, launch Apollo or Sync App on your respective device and sign in with your Reddit account.
  7. Now go to the video that you want to listen to, tap on the sound icon, and you will be able to listen to the sound.

Note: All NSFW, even in the Apollo or Sync app, will start with no sound, so you will need to tap on the speaker icon in order to unmute the sound on the app.

Wrapping Up

Reddit is an information-gathering, sharing, discussion, and community-building website. Reddit is loaded with content in all forms, videos, images, and text. To know, How To Unmute Videos on Reddit, read the entire article and share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Apollo and Sync Apps?

Apollo and Sync Apps are Reddit viewer apps for iOS and Androids. Both these apps offer unique features for Reddit users, including the unmuting of NSFW content.

2. How do I turn on sound on Reddit videos?

To turn on the sound on Reddit videos, you need to tap on the speaker icon located at the bottom of the video.

3. Why are videos muted on Reddit?

Since, Reddit is a text-based platform, videos on the platform are not played instantly. Besides that, NSFW content on Reddit is muted by default.

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