How To Unlock Roman Reigns ’21 In WWE 2K23 | Match 9 Guide

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns

Who wants to unlock WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns? Ok, follow me. Now the thing is, if you want to unlock Roman Reigns you must complete Match 9 of WWE 2K23 in showcase mode. Basically, this article is the WWE 2K23 match 9 detailed guide. Let’s get started and unlock Roman Reigns asap.

Are you ready to unlock one of the greatest unstoppable forces called Roman Reigns of John Cena by completing match 9 of WWE 2K23? There will be a number of objectives you must complete in order to unlock WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns. Guess what? I have all the objectives solved in the requirements just for you.

Just like we have unlocked the Lita 06 of WWE 2K23 in match 7, the Brock Lesnar 14 in match 11, and WWE 2K23 Rock 12 in match 10, it’s finally time for us all to work on unlocking WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns ‘21 by completing match 9. Let’s go and slay this match 9 of WWE 2K23 & get our hands on Roman Reigns asap.

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns ’21 | WWE Match 9

How To Unlock Roman Reigns '21 In WWE 2K23 | Match 9 Guide

The ninth match in the Greatness Acknowledged career mode of WWE 2K23 features John Cena against Roman Reigns. Over his career, John Cena has fought several legendary wrestlers, but few are as fearsome as Roman Reigns. 

The two famously squared off at Summerslam in 2021, where Reigns was victorious after a long struggle. Now, as part of the game’s Showcase Mode, sports entertainment lovers may experience this momentous confrontation courtesy of WWE 2K23. Are you ready to slay match 9 and unlock WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns? Let’s go!

How To Unlock Roman Reigns ’21 in WWE 2K23 | Match 9 Objectives & Requirements

How To Unlock Roman Reigns '21 In WWE 2K23 | Match 9 Guide

Greatness Acknowledged is the 9th match of WWE 2K23 in Showcase Mode, which features 16 different objectives. Don’t worry; I will assist in every 16 objectives. You just have to meet the requirements. 

All 16 objectives to complete Match 9 & unlock WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns are as follows –

Roman started cool, looking to ring my bell with a Headlock Punch right away!While standing in front of a dazed and standing Cena, push the right analog stick to the left or right to spin him around. Then, press Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) to grab him before pushing the left analog stick down together with the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button.
He trapped me in the corner, and battered my ribs with a Front Shoulder Tackle Heavy Grapple Attack!Throw Cena into the corner and then grab him by pressing Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox). Next, push the left analog stick toward Cena while pushing the X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) button.
Two (2) Snap Suplexes from Roman really had me struggling to breathe!While Cena is standing in the ring, grab him by pressing Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox). After that, flick the left analog stick down and press the Square (PlayStation) or X (PlayStation) button to perform a Snap Suplex. Do this twice to complete the objective.
And that’s when Roman sent me to the ropes with an Irish Whip to tax my cardio even more!Grab Cena and then push the left analog stick toward the ropes while pressing the Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) button.
After eating those stairs, I did my best to fight back, but Roman was able to Dodge/Block/Reverse my next two (2) attacks!As in some of the previous Showcase Mode matches in WWE 2K23, Dodges can be cheesed here by knocking Cena down and then picking him straight back up so that he’s still groggy. Pressing R1 (PlayStation) or RB (Xbox) will still count as a dodge despite Cena not actually attacking.
He also hit me with a huge DDT!Grab Cena with Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) and then press Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) while flicking the left analog stick to the left.
Roman knows how to keep a pace going, and he didn’t let up, stunning me with a Heavy Combo!Perform any Heavy Combo while both Superstars are in the ring. To check Roman Reigns’ moves, players can pause the game and head to the COMBOS menu.
Looking to put me out, Roman applied a Cravate Sleeper Hold to me in the ring!With both men standing in the ring, press R2 + Circle (PlayStation) or RT + B (Xbox) to perform Roman’s Cravate Sleeper Hold: a powerful submission move.
Once I was free, Roman gave me no time to recover, charging at me with a Front Running Attack when I stood in the ring again!With Cena standing in the ring, run toward him and then press either Square or X (PlayStation) or X or A (Xbox).
Roman was livid that I’d survived his submission attempt, so he threw his Signature Superman Punch at me while we were in the ring!With the Signature meter filled and Cena on the ground, head into one of the four corners of the ring and press either R2 + Square (PlayStation) or RT + X (Xbox).
Thinking I was done, Roman took his time to dish out even more Damage on me!Deal enough damage to fill the meter.
Staggered in the ring, I saw Roman running at me, looking to deliver another Front Running Attack!Run toward Cena and press either Square or X (PlayStation) or X or A (Xbox).
I had hurt Roman big with that AA through the table, but he somehow managed to Reverse/Break my next 2 (two) attacks – unreal!Disrupt two of Cena’s punches by pressing the Triangle (Xbox) or Y (Xbox) button when prompted. Alternatively, wait for him to attempt a grapple and press the face button that appears on the screen.
He had me all measured up, ready to put on the finishing touches with the big Spear coming out of the corner!With at least one bar of the Finisher meter filled, knock Cena down and then head into one of the four corners of the ring and press either R2 + X (PlayStation) or RT + A (Xbox).
Roman then attempted one last Spear, confident that I was all but defeated!Fill up at least one bar of the Finisher meter and then knock Cena down in the ring. Then, while standing in one of the ring’s four corners, press either R2 + X (PlayStation) or RT + A (Xbox) to deliver another Spear.
And he went for the cover, hoping to Win the Match by Pinfall and take his seat at the Head of the Table!With Cena down in the ring, press down on the right analog stick to perform a Pin. Players can also initiate a pin by flicking the stick down after triggering the aforementioned Spear.

Rewards For Completing Showcase Mode Match 9 | 3 Rewards

How To Unlock Roman Reigns '21 In WWE 2K23 | Match 9 Guide

The eighth match in Showcase Mode, Greatness Acknowledged, has sixteen separate objectives. WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns ’21 and Paul Heyman ’21 are the two unlocked Superstars that players will receive for completing them all. Also, players will be able to access the 2021 SummerSlam Arena, which can be used in some of WWE 2K23’s other fantastic game modes. Let’s list all the Match 9 rewards –

  • Unlocks WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns ’21
  • Unlocks Paul Heyman ’21
  • 2021 SummerSlam Arena

Wrapping Up

This is pretty much everything. With the help of this article, now you how to unlock WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns with all the objectives and requirements. Share this and unlock your happiness in WWE 2K23. If you want guides on other WWE 2K23 matches you can search for them on Path of EX. Enjoy guys. I have to go now. Take care. Bye, all!

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