How to Unlock Titans Reach in Remnant 2?

Titans Reach in Remnant 2

Unlock Titans Reach in Remnant 2 if you’re interested in progressing through the game fast. You can find rare archetypes that will test your limit.

The Titans Reach is one of the key locations in Remnant 2, like the Void Vessel Facility and the Locked Door in Hatchery. The best part is that you can get rewards and rare archetypes.

So read on to know where you can find the Titans Reach in Remnant 2, what’s inside it, and how to unlock it to get amazing rewards. Comment for suggestions, feedback, and queries.

Where is Titans Reach in Remnant 2?

How to Unlock Titans Reach in Remnant 2?

Titans Reach can be found within the Titans’ Reach World Stone. This location offers players the chance to discover rare archetypes and inventories, making it an enticing destination in the game. However, before embarking on the journey to Titans Reach, players must first locate the precious item known as the Navigator’s Helm.

The Navigator’s Helm is an armor item that can be found on a random zombie in N’erud.

What is in Titans Reach in Remnant 2?

Once players arrive at Titans Reach, they will encounter an environment filled with extreme amounts of poisonous fog. This challenging landscape may test the character’s endurance, but the rewards are worth the risk. Upon exploring the area, players will stumble upon the Alien Device in N’Erud’s second overworld.

Using the Alien Device will unlock the powerful Engineer Archetype, providing enhanced inventory capabilities to the player.

How To Unlock Titans Reach in Remnant 2?

Unlocking Titans Reach requires players to complete certain events, such as obtaining the Navigator’s Helm. This valuable item acts as the key to unlock different archetypes and rewards within Titans Reach.

How to Unlock Titans Reach in Remnant 2?

To get the Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2, follow these steps:

  1. Begin the Treasure Hunt to explore Titans Reach.
  2. Look for and approach the Dead Engineer within the area.
  3. The character may experience nausea, but it is crucial to jump to the next platform immediately.
  4. Collect all four pieces of the Technician armor set from the ground.
  5. Gather Technician inventories from the floor.
  6. Retrieve the Alien Device located near the armor set.
  7. Equip the Alien Device in the character’s inventory.
  8. Visit Ward 13 and trade the Alien Device with Wallace for the Dryzr Caliber Engram.
  9. Equip the Dryzr Caliber in the inventory to unlock the Engineer Archetype.

Once you complete these steps, the player will gain access to the powerful Engineer Archetype, one of the best Prime archetypes in the game. The Engineer’s abilities include the use of the Turret, which can be fired automatically or used as a weapon. Keep an eye on the Handy bar to monitor the Turret’s total ammo.

Other Engineer Archetype skills such as Vulcan, Flamethrower, and Impact Cannon will help players defeat high-level bosses and gain even more exclusive archetypes and skills.

Wrapping Up

Titan’s Reach in Remnant 2 can be found within the Titans’ Reach World Stone. This location offers players the opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards and archetypes, boosting their character’s combat abilities to overcome challenging battles against elite bosses. Now that you have all the information you need venture into Titans Reach and claim your well-deserved exclusive rewards!

Happy gaming!

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