How To Unlock Halloween Items In Sorcerer Battlegrounds | Get Emotes & Cosmetics

How To Unlock Halloween Items In Sorcerer Battlegrounds?

Well, everyone’s favorite Halloween Season is here, and we will not let it go by any chance! To add up to such a kick, Sorcerer Battlegrounds is already here with its Halloween Update 2023. Go on through this page and learn how to unlock Halloween items in the game.

In order to get their hands on various emotes and cosmetics from the vendor, a player has to explore different areas of the Halloween map and collect as many candies as possible. Every year, Sorcerer Battlegrounds introduces us to new cosmetics and various ranges of costumes.

Hence, to get a great hold of all of these items, you need to follow this game guide. Read this page and learn how to unlock Halloween Items in Sorcerer Battlegrounds.

How To Unlock Halloween Items In Sorcerer Battlegrounds?

How To Unlock Halloween Items In Sorcerer Battlegrounds?

Are you ready to explore the recent Halloween update 2023 in Sorcerer Battlegrounds? This is it! With this new update, you can get spookier enough and unlock many emotes, movesets, and cosmetics throughout the gameplay. Let’s go further and learn how you can unlock multiple items in Sorcerer Battlegrounds.

Steps to Unlock Halloween Items in Sorcerer Battlegrounds:

  1. To begin with, head onto an NPC, and you will locate the Janitor beside a bunch of graffiti in the fun park.
  2. As you head into the Janitor, begin mopping and scrubbing the floor. Don’t forget to gather the trash on the way.
  3. As you go along the quest, you will find candies while purchasing.
  4. You would have to conquer others to earn as many candies as possible. One defeat will give you three candies in total.
  5. On the map, you will spot a Halloween-oriented area with a red exterior. The sky will turn darker as you will go further.
  6. Here, you will find many pumpkins and an NPC below the giant spider web.
  7. As you talk to Pumpkin Spirit, the vendors will enquire you about the candies.
  8. Choose the I Have Some Candy option to continue the purchase. You must spend 75 candies to purchase an emote. The costume costs you 150 candies.
  9. However, you must collect as many candies as possible by accomplishing the quest and defeating enemies.
  10. You can also purchase the candy from the store for dollars.
  11. After you purchase the movement, you will get the Neckbreaker ability and an unyielding barrier.
  12. The first thing is to throw a pumpkin on the head and, secondly, make a broom attack.

Collect as many candies as you can and purchase the maximum emotes and costumes possible. Emote costs you 75 candies, and costume costs you 150 candies.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to get Halloween Items In Sorcerer Battlegrounds. Spend the candies you have gathered while exploring the map and make the most of this Halloween update 2023. Path of EX has answers to all your questions. Write down your confusion in the comment box below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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