Armor Trims In Minecraft 2023 | How To Trim Minecraft Armors ?

Armor Trims In Minecraft | Learn How To Trim Minecraft Armors Now!

Minecraft updates 1.20 is a bit unique. This Minecraft updates 1.20 is giving us all the option to customize our precious armors. Yes, the Armor trims in Minecraft feature is finally here thanks to the Minecraft snapshot 1.20. Let’s know how to get the Minecraft Armor trims in this article.

Players who love personalization and customization in games like me will defiantly love these new Minecraft Armor trims. Do you know how to get the Armor trims in Minecraft? Don’t worry you can learn it here with this blog.

This article is for you if you wanna know more about Armor trims in Minecraft in detail. Let’s know how to trim armors in Minecraft and know how to customize it Smithing Template and trim objects. Enough of the intro part and let’s dive into the article now!

What Are Armor Trims In Minecraft | New Armor Trims Feature Introduced In 2023

Armor Trims In Minecraft | Learn How To Trim Minecraft Armors Now!

Armor Trims is the new upcoming feature of Minecraft from which we can all customize our armor in our own way. Technically, with the release of the Minecraft 1.20 update, a new customization tool called armor trims will be added to Minecraft.

Here are some key pointers you need to know about Minecraft Armor trims –

  • Armor trimmings are available in 10 different colors and 11 different patterns.
  • Each piece of armor has its own armor trim added, allowing you to mix and match as your heart desires.
  • To apply armor trims, you’ll need to locate smithing templates, a new component needed for smithing upgrades.
  • In particular places, such as the Nether Bastions, one can find unusual armor trimmings, such as one that was inspired by Piglin.
  • By mixing the smithing template with gems and ingots such as diamonds, copper, and nephrite, you can alter the color of armor trims.

How To Trim Armors In Minecraft | How To Use Minecraft Armor Trim

Armor Trims In Minecraft | Learn How To Trim Minecraft Armors Now!

You should know how to utilize all the newly updated features. Now, you should know how to trim armor and use the brand new Armor trims in Minecraft feature. Here is how to trim Minecraft armors, just follow these basic steps one by one –

Steps To Trim Minecraft Armors –

  1. Get a smithing table first by crafting ingots and wood planks or by any other means. 
  2. You’ll also need to find a smithing template ( see all the 11 smithing template locations in a further section of this article)
  3. Once you have both the components, you have to use the smithing table to trim your armor.
  4. Put your armor, template, and an item into the smithing table. 
  5. That’s it, it will trim your armor.

How To Color Your Armors In Minecraft | 10 Armor Trimmer Objects

Armor Trims In Minecraft | Learn How To Trim Minecraft Armors Now!

The color of the trim will depend on the item you are using, while the design will depend on the smithing template. The following trimming objects can be used to apply various colors:

  • Iron ingots
  • Redstone dust
  • Gold ingots
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Netherite ingots
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Copper ingots
  • Quartz
  • Amethyst

How To Get Armor Trim Templates In Minecraft | 11 Smithing Template Location

Armor Trims In Minecraft | Learn How To Trim Minecraft Armors Now!

Players will require the new smithing template items in order to install armor trimmings. There are 11 different armor trim smithing templates in total, so players will need to do some looting to locate their favorites. Here is the location of all the 11 Minecraft Armor Trim Smithing Template locations –

  • Coast Trim – Shipwreck chests
  • Dune Trim – Desert temple chests
  • Eye Trim – Stronghold chests
  • Rib Trim – Nether fortress chests
  • Sentry Trim – Pillager outpost chests
  • Snout Trim – Bastion remnant chests
  • Spire Trim – End city chests
  • Tide Trim – Ocean monument chests
  • Vex Trim – Woodland mansion chests
  • Ward Trim – Ancient city chests
  • Wild Trim – Jungle temple chests

Wrapping Up

So, this was everything you had to know about the Armor trims in Minecraft. Now we know how to trim the Minecraft armor and we know all about it. Share this blog with your friends who are waiting for the release of this update. That’s it for the day. Enjoy your day.

Thanks for reading!

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