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As the MultiVersus is hosting its closed alpha!!. We are bursting with curiosity to know new features of Werner Brother’s newest 2v2 combat fighter platform which is MultiVersus. One of the new features disclosed is the Toast. Yes, now the player can toast each other. Let us find out how. In this article, we have covered what is Toast in Multiversus? How to gain toast pieces in MultiVersus and how to toast another player in MultiVersus.

As we know MultiVersus is bringing together all the likes of Batman, Steven Universe, Velma, Tom and Jerry, and many other popular Warner Brothers characters under a single platform. The most awaited MultiVersus now has its own new version of ‘Commend player’ called ‘Toast’. Scroll down and find how to toast another player in MultiVersus.

Isn’t it a good gesture? We can now Toast our opponent for giving their best in the game. I liked this feature. Let us know your opinion about this too. Now let us not wait further and find out how to Toast another player in MultiVersus. But first, let us cover what exactly Toast is in MultiVersus.

What is Toast In MultiVersus | Give Free Gold

Before we get into how to toast another plater in MultiVersus, first let us find out what Toast is exactly. Toast is a new feature in MultiVersus that allows players to pay due respect to one another to their opponents. If a player gives a Toast to another player, it will automatically convert into 25 gold.

How To Toast Another Player In MultiVersus? | A Detailed Guide

In the Closed Alpha fo MultiVersus, each character costs 2000 gold in order to unlock, including the likes of Arya Stark & Superman. It might not seem too much, but it can begin to add up slowly as the player collects more and more. Currently, the only way to obtain more Toast is by leveling up the Battle Pass and unfreezing new tiers.

In order to give another player a Toast, the full set in MultiVersus has to be completed first. Meaning, that one of the two teams has to secure two wins in the set. Only after completion of the match, there will be an option to give a Toast to the other players or to your teammate. The Toast option will be available above the player’s banners. It’s completely optional; you may use or leave it as it be.

Toast acts as a way to show kindness or respect to other players who are giving their best in the game. On the other hand, it can also be used to double down on the victory the player just claimed. Either way, Toast is a friendly feature, right? 

How To Toast Another Player In MultiVersus? | A Detailed Guide

Now that we know what Toast is in MultiVersus. Let us find out how to toast another player in MultiVersus?

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How To Toast Another Player In MultiVersus?

To Toast your teammate or any other player, you just need to wait and be patient until you complete the online battle match you are playing in. After that, the option will appear above each player’s character on the result screen as Toast. You can Toast every player other than yourself on the team, even if you are their teammate or opponent.

Easy as that, they can Toast you back or say thank you as a Gesture. This is a simple way and a simple answer to the question – How to Toast another player in MultiVersus.

How To Toast Another Player In MultiVersus? | A Detailed Guide

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How To Gain Toast In MultiVersus?

Toast is a consumable item which means it can run out someday by daily usage. You can unlock the Toast by simply playing more games and leveling up the battle passes. This will unlock more Toast along the game side by side. If you are impatient and you want the toast right away. You can buy 10 Toast from the collection menu.

How To Toast Another Player In MultiVersus? | A Detailed Guide

Click on the Toast icon on the top right of the collection screen, players can purchase it for 350 gold. While a single piece of Toast costs only 25 gold, buying a stack of Toast will cost 350 gold, it’s a small way to show some love and kindness in the world of MultiVersus. It’s also good karma to put some kind gesture to the world in some way or other.

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Wrapping Up,

So this was all about the Toast feature of MultiVersus, how to gain Toast pieces and How to Toast another player in MultiVersus. Hope this article was insightful. The Toast option is a commendation that can be rewarding at the end of every MultiVersus fight, right? It is more like a friendship feature for me.

Let us know what you think about this Toast feature of MultiVersus. Stay connected with Path Of EX for more updates.


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