How To Thank My Driver on Amazon App and Make Their Christmas Special

Amazon; how to thank my driver on Amazon app

The holiday season is upon us, and Amazon has introduced an excellent idea that would brighten the holiday season for our delivery heroes. Amazon is giving its customers an opportunity to put a smile on their delivery partner’s faces with the “Thank My Driver” option. In this article, we will learn about how to thank my driver on Amazon app and what it means for the driver.

“Thank my driver” is not a new concept, as many apps that offer delivery services already offer this option, and people do use it. But there are mostly complaints from drivers about the amount they get and from the customers about the amount that they are charged. As you see, corporate greed lets no body live in peace.

But that is not the case with Amazon’s Thank My Driver option; that is why it is worth knowing how to thank my driver on Amazon app and the benefits it holds.

How to Thank My Driver on Amazon App?

Thank my driver; how to thank my driver on Amazon app

There are 2 easy ways to use the Thank My Driver feature; read below to know how to thank My Driver on Amazon app:

1. Through Amazon Alexa

In the first way to use the Thank My Driver feature and deliver smiles this holiday:

  1. Turn “On” your Amazon Alexa device or App.
  2. Next, you will have to command like you normally do by saying, “Alexa, Thank My Driver.”

Just by doing this, your thank you will be sent to your most recent driver.

2. Through the Amazon Website or The Amazon App

You can also use an alternative other than Amazon Alexa, which is through the or Amazon app. In this case:

  1. Type “Thank My Driver” in the search bar.
  2. Press the yellow “Thank My Driver” button that will pop up after first step. When done, you are good to go.

What Does “Thank My Driver” Offer?

Thank you; how to thank my driver on Amazon app

Amazon’s Thank My Driver is an initiative that will help Amazon’s delivery partners earn some extra bonuses with your help this Christmas. But for delivery partners, it is something to be very grateful for this season. As Amazon 12 December has announced, the drivers that cross 2 million thank yous first will be given a tip worth $5 by Amazon, while costing nothing to the customer’s pockets.

Wrapping Up

Even though customers are not getting any extra bonus from this initiative, it is still worth everything to make someone’s holiday better, especially when they are a service provider. In this article, you and I learned how to thank my driver on Amazon app so that we can play our part in making someone’s Christmas extra special. So, I personally encourage you all to spare just a couple of seconds of your time to thank your driver this one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Thank My Driver On Amazon?

You can use Thank My Driver feature on Amazon Alexa device or through the Amazon app and website.

Q2. Which Drivers Are Available For Thank My Driver?

All the delivery partners based over the United States can be thanked. Though the customer can only thank the driver who performed their most recent delivery.

Q3. Can I Cancel Thank You Sent To a Driver?

No, you can not cancel the thank you once it has been sent to the driver. though it will not interrupt with exchange or return processes if you have any.

Q4. How Long Is Thank My Driver Program Active For?

Thank My Driver by Amazon started on December 12 and will be available at least till the first Driver reaches to 2 million thank yous. Amazon will still continue offering thank my driver feature to customers but $5 tip is for limited time only.

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