How to Tell if Your iPhone is Fast Charging: Tips and Tricks

How to Tell if iPhone is Fast Charging: Know the Trick

Are you one of those who are often stuck to their iPhone and drain the battery of their iPhone faster than usual? Are you a person who is always on the go, thereby facing the problem of draining battery fast and needing a quick charging boost to your phone’s battery? Under such circumstances, fast charging is a handy tool. In this article, I will tell you how to know if iPhone is fast charging or not.

Fast Charging is a method to quickly charge the battery of your phone in the minimum time possible. As of now, all sort of mobile devices supports the feature of fast charging. Android Phones on charging indicate fast charging, whereas no such indicator is available for iPhones. However, iPhone does support fast charging. Almost all the devices launched after 2017 support the fast charging feature. 

In the article, we shall dive into learning about fast charging, the sort of accessories required and the ways fast charging takes place, and much more. Stick around and give it a read to know the answer to your question. 

Does iPhone Have Fast Charging?

How to Tell if Your iPhone is Fast Charging: Tips and Tricks

The direct answer to this question is, Yes, iPhones have fast charging. All the models of iPhone that are launched after 2017 fast support charging. In other words, iPhone 8 and later models support fast charging functionally. USB, Power Delivery fast charging standards were introduced by Apple in 2015 to iPad and were subsequently introduced to iPhone in 2017 with the launch of iPhone 8. 

Which iPhone Models Support Fast Charging? 

How to Tell if Your iPhone is Fast Charging: Tips and Tricks

Almost all the iPhones launched post-2017, iPhone 8 and later models, support fast charging. To date, the models that support fast charging are:

1. iPhone 8 -12 Watts

2. iPhone 8 Plus – 18 Watts

3. iPhone X -18 Watts

4. iPhone XR – 18 Watts

5. iPhone XS – 18 Watts

6. iPhone XS Max – 118 Watts

7. iPhone 11 series -22 Watts

8. iPhone SE (2nd generation) – 12 Watts

9. iPhone 12 Series – 22 Watts

10. iPhone 13/ Mini – 22 watts

11. iPhone 13 Pro/Max – 27 watts

12. iPhone SE (3rd generation) 18 Watts

13. iPhone 14/ 14 Plus – 20 Watt

14. iPhone 14 Pro/Max – 27 Watt

What is The Charging Equipments Required for Fast Charging?

How to Tell if Your iPhone is Fast Charging: Tips and Tricks

In order to ensure the fast charging of your iPhone. You need to make sure that you have the following given equipment. 

1. USB-C to Lightning Cable: This sort of cable comes with iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max, and newer models. In Case you have iPhone baseline 11 models, you have to purchase the cable from the Apple store. This does not come with the phone in the box. 

2.  USB-PD Power Adapter: Apple no longer provides you USB-PD Power adapter with the Phone. You have to buy one from the Apple store.

If you have a 2015 or later MacBook, 2018-2021 MacBook Air, 2016-2021 MacBook Pro, the adapter or the brick chargers that come with these devices should work. 

Apple’s 61W, 87W, and 96W will work and enable fast charging but are too expensive and are not necessary for fast charging. 

ZMI’s 18W-USB IF-certified wall plug, 33W wall plug, and 65W  wall plug chargers work absolutely fine and enable you to fast charge your iPhone.

How to Know if iPhone is Fast Charging? 

How to Tell if Your iPhone is Fast Charging: Tips and Tricks

Apple is silent on the topic of determining fast charging. But there is a claim that Apple does. It is the only method of checking if the iPhone is fast charging or not. Apple claims that if you have the requisite equipment, you can fast charge your iPhone from 0 to 50% in a stipulated time of 30 Minutes. So all you can do is, drain your battery to 0% and plug in the charger and wait until your battery is charged to 50% in 30 minutes. If it does, your iPhone is fast charging. 

Tips For Fast Charging: 

How to Tell if Your iPhone is Fast Charging: Tips and Tricks

1. No Fast Charging after 80%: Your iPhone enables fast charging up to 80%. Once your battery trickles to 80%, the fast charging is disabled automatically. The iPhone is coded in such a way that it stops fast charging after the battery capacity reaches 80%. Fast charging kicks in only when the battery capacity of your iPhone is between 0 to 70 %. 

2. 20 MW Adapter is Morethan OK: Almost all iPhone, barring iPhone Pro/Max has the capacity to handle 20MW Charger. So it is useless to opt for the charger beyond 20 MW as it will add no value to the purpose. 

3. Opt for Third-Party App: In order to check the fast charging on iPhone, You can opt for a third-party app like Ampere and others. Third-Party App is also supported by Android phones.

Tips for Optimizing Your Fast Charging Experience: 

How to Tell if Your iPhone is Fast Charging: Tips and Tricks

The following tips can come in handy for optimizing your fast charging experience.

1. Use Right Cable and Adapter: To elicit the best fast charging results, make sure that you use the appropriate and right cable and adapter. Since all sort of devices does not support fast charging. So you have to choose the right one, as mentioned above in the article. 

2. Turn On Airplane Mode: Turning On Airplane mode disables all the wireless connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular data, which results in less consumption of the battery and helps in fast charging. 

3. Remove Your iPhone Case: At times, the case of your iPhone traps heat, which, as a result, slows down the charging of your iPhone. So to optimize your fast charging. Remove your iPhone case. 

4. Avoid Using Your iPhone While Charging:  Don’t use your iPhone while charging. If it is urgent, you can use it, but try to limit the number of apps you use and use it in Low Power Mode. 

How to Know if iPhone is Fast Charging?

There is no certain and accurate way to determine if your iPhone is fast Charging. But you can go by the claim of Apple and check for yourself, provided you have the right type of accessories. 

Wrapping Up: 

It has come to the fore that you can easily find out if your iPhone is fast charging or not. You just need to have the right set of equipment and follow the way as explained in the article above. It is an easy and simple method to determine the fast charging feature of your iPhone. 

I hope you would have found this article useful and worth reading. You can visit our website to read articles like this and more. Your feedback and comments are solicited. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Can I fast charge my iPhone with a Wireless Charger?

Ans: No, Wireless charging does not support fast charging on iPhones.  

Q: Will fast charging damage my iPhone’s battery? 

Ans: Fast Charging won’t damage your iPhone’s battery, but it can cause your battery to heat up. 

Q: Why does my iPhone charge slowly after 80%?

Ans: The iPhone is coded in such a way that it stops charging once the battery is charged to the capacity of 80%. 

Q: How long does it take iPhone to fast charge

Ans: iPhone has the capacity to charge up to 50% in 30 minutes.

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