How To Talk To Lunoven In Blox Fruits: Lunoven Location

How To Talk To Lunoven In Blox Fruits?

Bonjour, Gamers! According to the rumors, many of you struggle to talk to Lunoven in Blox Fruits. If you are one of those, worry not because I am here to help you with the same. Lunoven is a new addition to the NPC category in Blox Fruits update 15. Follow me through this article and learn where Lunoven is located and how you can interact with Lunoven in Blox Fruits. 

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Lunoven is a non-playable character in Blox Fruits. Read this page and see how you can talk to Lunoven in Blox Fruits. I will also walk you through the detailed steps on how you can find the Lunoven in Blox Fruits. Step further and learn everything you need to know about the same. 

Who is Lunoven in Blox Fruits?

How To Talk To Lunoven In Blox Fruits?

Lunoven is a well-known NPC in Blox Fruits who assigns you the quest in your gameplay.

Although you can communicate with and engage them, you cannot control them in any way. He is usually found in the bar at the Castle on the sea after crossing level 1500. He is also popular as the kind of the Third Sea because of his appearance. Let’s head future and learn how to talk to this non-playable character and his location. Step further!

Where is Lunoven Located in Blox Fruits | Lunoven Location in Blox Fruits

Lunoven is found in the bar at the castle in the Third Sea of Blox Fruit. However, to reach the Third Sea, you must cross the second sea of the game first. Furthermore, there is a detailed tutorial on reaching the Lunoven location in Blox Fruits. Dive right in!

Steps to Reach the Lunoven Location in Blox Fruit:

  1. Firstly, head to the Colosseum in the Second Sea. You can spot this in the kingdom of Rose.
  2. In there, locate the underground area where prisoners are looking for the King Red Head
  3. Complete the Colosseum quest and interact with the King Red Head.
  4. After the quest is completed, you will land on the Isolated Island
  5. Interact with the Rip Indra and deal enough damage to drop his health to 50%.
  6. You will encounter an animated fight scene between Rip Indra and King Red Head. As the cutscene ends, you will teleport to the Cafe and will get a message from mygame43 asking for help. 
  7. Ensure you are at or beyond level 1500 and have completed the Second Sea.
  8. After you reach the end, you will read a message: ‘Ready to go to the next world.’ This way, you will reach the Third Sea. 

How to Talk to Lunoven in Blox Fruits?

How To Talk To Lunoven In Blox Fruits?

You can talk to Lunoven by conquering 5 Elite Pirates and reaching up to the Third Sea (level 1500+)

After you reach the Third Sea, above 1500+ levels, and have defeated 5 Elite Pirates, you can interact with Lunoven. However, ensure that the Elite Pirates spawn on various islands. Below are the detailed steps to talk to Lunoven in your gaming session. Have a look!

Steps to Talk to Lunoven in Blox Fruits:

  1. Locate the Castle of the Third Sea.
  2. Move to the left from the Hallways > and go to the bar.
  3. Move around, and you will find an NPC named Lunoven
  4. Click on the Talk button.

After talking to Lunoven in the Third Sea, you will be rewarded with the pretty Helmet accessory. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to talk to Lunoven in Blox Fruits. To interact with Lunoven, you must defeat 5 elite pirates and make your way to the third sea. Give this article a thorough read, follow the instructions mentioned above to reach the Lunoven, and press the Talk button to begin your interaction. However, reaching out to the third sea requires many endeavors. 

Path of EX promises to be on your side through thick and thin. So, let me know if you have any further questions, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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