How to Switch to Netflix’s Cheaper Ad Plan? Everything You Need to Know About

How to Switch to Netflix's Cheaper Ad Plan

Netflix is an American subscription streaming giant with more than 220 million subscribers all over the globe. In a recent announcement, Netflix surprises its subscribers by announcing a cheaper ad plan starting at $6.99/month. The plan will likely make its debut next month and is dubbed “Basic with Ads.” With the introduction of this plan, a large section of users will be eager to know ” How to Switch to Netflix’s Cheaper Ad Plan?”

In the last year, Netflix witnessed a huge fall of more than 200,000 subscribers after a decade. This backlash made Netflix fire around 150 employees (around 1.5 % of its global workforce) and a bunch of contractors with no other option. Netflix also confirmed that existing users would not be affected by the expulsion of this cheaper plan.

This plan will likely be available in the following countries: France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US. Let’s see how you can effortlessly switch to Netflix’s cheaper ad plan.

How to Switch to Netflix’s Cheaper Ad Plan?

How to Switch to Netflix's Cheaper Ad Plan?

Netflix offers you countless shows and movies with its existing subscription plan. You can enjoy quality streaming videos, allowing you to add more users n a single subscription plan. You can switch to the Netflix Cheaper Ad Plan by simply Signing up with the Basic with Ad, or if you are an existing user, you can change your plan.

How to Get Netflix’s Cheaper Ad Plan For The New Users?

For the new Netflix subscribers, follow the given steps to enable Netflix’s cheaper ad plan.

Step 1. Go to the Signup link on Netflix.

Step 2. Choose the “Basic with Ads” plan. (It should be noted that this plan will not be available until November 3, 2022)

Step 3. Now you can create your account by entering your e-mail id and a password.

Step 4. Enter the payment method of your wish.

Step 5. That’s all, and now you can enjoy your cheaper subscription plan with Netflix.

How to Switch to Netflix’s Cheaper Ad Plan For Existing Users

For those who are already users of Netflix, you can switch your plan to the cheaper “Basic with Ads.”

Step 1. Go to your Account section on Netflix.

Step 2. You can sign in to your Netflix account.

Step 3. Below the plan details section, select Change Plan.

Step 4. Choose the plan you would wish to continue with and then select Continue or Update.

Step 5. Select Confirm Change or Confirm.

This is how you can Switch to Netflix’s Cheaper Ad Plan and enjoy the benefit of streaming video content at a cheaper rate.

Netflix Cheaper Ad Plan Launching in November

Wrapping Up

Netflix has moved forward with a new and cheaper ad subscription plan. This will definitely give users an exhilarating experience of watching the spectacular content on its video streaming platform.

I hope you have understood the aforementioned steps comprehensively. Comment down below and let us know if you have any doubts regarding “How to Switch to Netflix’s Cheaper Ad Plan.”

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