How to Stream YouTube Kids on Roku in 2023 | Understand Your Options

how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku

When you or anyone else is looking for a solution to an issue these days, we prefer to go to YouTube. YouTube application not only provides us the answers and educates us; but, it is a beautiful platform for entertainment also. In addition to this, our Kids find it easy to access YouTube for watching the Kid’s shows when keeping them entertained and showing them pictures of the beautiful world. Let’s find out how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku.

YouTube Kids channels have become so popular these days in the country that every child prefers to install them. However, to have an application like YouTube Kids on Roku is a wonderful idea and combination of streaming the content. As we know that Roku is already enjoying the peak of popularity among customers and then having YouTube Kids channel availability gives it further push to get closer with the viewers.

Let’s get ready to go through the write-up to know how you can Stream YouTube Kids on Roku and what options and Dos and Don’ts need to be considered.

How to Stream YouTube Kids on Roku | Know the Options

how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku

I understand that there is a huge demand for the YouTube Kids application in the country and most people are looking to have it with Roku. Let me tell you honestly that there is no possibility of watching YouTube Kids on Roku. 

The Roku device does not have a YouTube available in the Roku store. However, you do not worry since there are other options available through which you can watch YouTube Kids on Roku easily. Below are the options with details available to understand how to watch YouTube Kids on Roku.

How to Stream YouTube Kids on Roku by Using Android (Screen Mirroring)

As far as how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku is concerned, you would need to follow the proper procedure while using an Android device. Follow the steps given below to use the Screen Mirroring method through an Android phone to watch the YouTube Kids on Roku:

1. Ensure that you link accordingly both the devices Roku and Android phone to the same and reliable WiFi network.

2. Navigate to the PlayStore of your Android Phone and look for the YouTube Kids application and install it.

3. Once you are done with the installation, log in to your YouTube Kids account with relevant credentials.

4. Swipe down the Notifications option on your phone.

5. Look for the Screencast alternative from the Notifications bar. 

6. Hit on the option Enable Wireless Display.

7. With this, all the available gadgets in the nearby locations will be visible and you need to select the Roku TV.

How to Stream YouTube Kids on Roku by Using the iPhone

Roku’s newest release allows you to share the screen of your iOS smartphone. Because of the Roku’s upgrade with HomeKit and AirPlay, this is feasible. Now, let’s look at how to do it on a Roku and an iPhone.

How to Watch YouTube Kids on Roku Through Airplay

1. To begin, switch on your Roku to authorize internet access.

2. Use the Roku control to navigate to the homepage after switching on your Roku. By tapping the “home” button, you could do so.

how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku

3. Select “configuration” from the Homepage. iPhone AirPlay and HomeKit can be found in the account settings. From there, select an option.

how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku

4. When you select the AirPlay alternative, you would be presented with a password that you must enter. In the required code, select “First time only.”

how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku

How to Stream YouTube Kids on Roku Through Screen Mirroring

1. Ensure your Roku and iPhone are both connected to the same wifi connection.

2. Go to the AppStore and search for the YouTube Kids application.

3. Then, scroll down the command center on your iPhone to activate screen mirroring. You’ll see a screen mirroring choice, which you should click.

how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku

4. Locate and pick your Roku player from the list of neighboring devices.

how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku

5. Your Roku TV should display a password. To link your iPhone, you must provide it accurately.

6. Everything you must do is open the app and start watching Roku programs.

Wrapping Up

YouTube Kids is a treat to watch especially on Roku since it offers a variety of kids’ programs. There is a very good feature with this application called parental control. You can keep a watch on your child and the history of channels. If you find any irrelevant channels in the list, you can also block that.

If you feel that there is any other question related to how to stream YouTube Kids on Roku, please feel free to write back to me in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make YouTube Kids Friendly on Roku?

Please follow the steps below to make your YouTube Kids channel more friendly on Roku:
1 Using your Roku Television remote, click on The button.
2. Select Settings, then Parental control by scrolling up or down.
3. Turn on Enable Parental Controls after selecting it. Then, if appropriate, specify the desired TV/movie rating restrictions and/or prohibit unrated content.

Why are YouTube Kids not available on Roku?

YouTube’s User agreement prohibits anyone else programmer from creating a YouTube-based Roku channel other than YouTube. There had previously been third-party YouTube applications for the Roku, with Google/YouTube demanding that the third-party channels be withdrawn.

How can I restrict YouTube for Kids?

Create an account on YouTube by selecting the image button in the upper right corner. Navigate to your preferences. YouTube configuration allows parents to limit their children’s access to the website. Turn on the Restricted Mode option.

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