How to Stream NBA on Roku? Explained in 2024

How to Stream NBA on Roku? Explained 2023

When the NBA league is around, do you gasp for ways to stream NBA? One of the most credible and preferable ways is to watch it on Roku. The question now stands, how to stream NBA on Roku? Stick around; I will try to answer your query.

NBA is one of North America’s and Canada’s most popular basketball leagues, thereby having a vast and considerable audience, thus making it the hugely viewed league. NBA is the premier Men’s professional Basketball league all over the world. It is streamed across different and several platforms. Thus there are various ways to catch NBA games.

One such platform is Roku. In this article, I will tell you how to watch NBA games on Roku. What are the ways you can opt-in in order to watch NBA games on Roku? To know more about it, read the article.

How to Stream NBA on Roku?

How to Stream NBA on Roku? Explained 2023

There are more than one ways to avail of the Roku NBA coverage. You can choose one from the many Roku Media players. And each Roku device enables you to access the Roku Channel store that provides apps through which you can watch NBA games besides News and Updates. 

Types Of Subscriptions: 

The types of subscriptions can be broadly categorized into two categories:

Paid Subscriptions: The paid subscription provides you with On-demand Broadcast and cable alternative solutions as well. 

Non-Paid apps and Channels include more commentary and news.

What are the Major Networks that  Televise NBA on Roku? 

There are several major networks that are entrusted with the task of televising NBA on Roku. Some of the major networks are ESPN, NBC, and TNT, among others. Besides, it is also important to have an existing cable package. Since there is no team-specific channel available on Roku, you can get updates with regard to a specific team on Youtube. 

How to Stream NBA on Roku?

How to Stream NBA on Roku? Explained 2023

Following are the ways you can stream NBA on Roku.

1. ESPN: 

ESPN programming can be accessed through Roku devices in multiple ways. ESPN being an extension of your existing TV provider, therefore, is not for free. On adding ESPN to your Roku channel store, you are supposed to provide information for your cable provider. You can watch only after activating your account via Roku. The ESPN+ app will cost you $4.99 monthly. 

2. Fubo TV: 

With its launch in 2015 as a streaming service for Soccer. Later on, 2017 transitioned to other sports. As a result, it provides a comprehensive and complete package of NBA coverage, thus providing extensive NBA Coverage.  The pricing of Fubo TV starts at $59.99 monthly, which enables you to customize with channel bundles and extra features. 

3. Hulu + Live TV:

Since NBA games are available on ESPN and TNT channels that are part of the Hulu live Tv package, besides, Hulu + Live TV entertains several Sports Centered channels. Hulu + Live Tv is deemed a viable alternative to Cable Services that work on the lines of traditional TV. 

In order to avail of the benefits, you can even download the Hulu app in the Roku Store and add HULU + Live TV subscription by adding your account information.

4. NBA App: 

How to Stream NBA on Roku? Explained 2023

Go to the Roku store. You will find the NBA app there that is free to use. However, access is restricted to short videos and stats. But it is quite handy for quick updates.

If you want to use the app for streaming games, you need to have a subscription to paid services like an NBA League pass. 

5. NBA Top:

When it comes to streaming sports, free services are hardly expected. You can never expect to stream a live game for free of cost. But then there are ways where you can watch the pick-up moments, highlights, updates, last gameplays, etc. this service is enough to keep you updated. 

6. Watch TNT: 

The contract of the NBA with TNT goes up to the 2024- 2025 season. So TNT is one of the go-to destinations to stream the NBA. However, it does not have the TNT app in the Roku store. All you can do is watch it with cable alternative services. 

7. Final Cut:

Cable or cable replacement services are the best ways to watch NBA. in the Roku Channel store, and every service has an app available. The flip side is that in order to avail of the services in toto, you have to spend a few bucks, whereas non-paid services provide limited and restricted access. 

How to Stream NBA on Roku?

Wrapping Up: 

NBA league owing to its popularity is a widely streamed sport, and there are many channels and mediums that are entrusted with the streaming of NBA games. Streaming in the category of sports is a rarity, as explained in the article above, with a few windows opened where you can know about the NBA though in brief. How to stream NBA on Roku? I have tried to answer all the donut and queries with regard to the question. Kindly read this article to know yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What are the benefits of Paid subscriptions?

Ans: The paid subscription provides you with On-demand Broadcast and cable alternative solutions as well. 

Q: Can I stream NBA for free on Roku TV?

Ans: You have to pay to stream NBA games. 

Q: Which network broadcasts NBA?

Ans: Some of the major networks are ESPN, NBC, and TNT.

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