How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen? (2023)

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Hulu is among the top ten streaming services in the United States as of 2023. Millions around the world are searching for ways to broadcast Hulu on Discord as the service becomes more prominent. However, until we get started, let’s define Discord and why it’s so famous.

Discord is extremely popular among teenagers, who use it to communicate with their peers and form groups. You could do activities like stream Netflix and even Hulu and watch the new episode of The Boys with your friends, in addition to speaking with others in the Discord server’s voice chat rooms. Once you’ve figured out how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen, you’ll have access to an endless supply of pleasure.

Before we could even start streaming Hulu on Discord, we’ll need to resolve a few big concerns. The biggest problem here is DRM security, which causes the viewers to see a black screen. If you use Discord, you’ve very apparently tried to stream Hulu or other streaming services and received a blank screen.

I will take you down through this article to let you know how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen? in 2023 with some amazing steps.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord in 2023?

How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen?

When looking to know how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen? The procedure may be followed on both the Discord web app and the Discord Windows program; however, I’ll be using the Discord app for this instruction; I also advocate utilizing the app because it has more features and gives you more flexibility.

Steps on How to Stream Hulu on Discord

1. Download any browser like Edge, Firefox, or Chrome, or use the Hulu app.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen?

2. Launch Discord and join a server that allows you to share your screen with others.

3. In the lower-left corner, tap the Settings button.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen?

4. On the left-hand menu, pick Game Activity.

4. From the top of the screen, select Add it. After that, select the Hulu program from the drop-down menu or select your browser window where Hulu is logged in and tap Add Game.

5. Tap the Screen button in the bottom-left corner to exit the Settings panel.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen?

6. Now select the app or browser window that you’d like to share.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen?

7. Select your desired streaming preferences. If you want to play in anything higher than 720p and 30 frames per second, you’ll need a Discord Nitro account.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen?

To start streaming, click Go Live.

Further, talking about how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen. You’ll now see a preview window showing your Hulu stream on this screen. Start the television program, and it should display in the little preview; however, if you tap away to preserve system resources, it may pause. Double-click it to see a larger version of the broadcast, as well as your webcam if you’re live-streaming in the chat.

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How to Stream Hulu on Fire TV Stick/Android TA Through Discord?

As far as how to stream Hulu on Discord without a black screen is concerned, to stream Hulu with companions on your Fire TV stick using Discord, first set up the film or program on Hulu, then just go live on Discord as described above. All you have to do now is connect your PC to your TV after you’ve set up the Discord call.

The most frequent method is to link an HDMI port to the television. This method is fantastic, although the only downside is that no one has an HDMI cable long enough to video chat and watch films simultaneously.

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To address this, we could use Miracast or Chromecast functions on the Smart TV or Fire TV stick. It’ll be accomplished with a Fire TV Stick, but can also be performed with an Android Smart TV. This is the way you approach things.

 Setting up a Watch Party on TV or on a Fire Stick:

  1. To use the Alexa key on one’s Amazon Fire TV Controller, say “Air screen.”
  2. User should also see a list of programs; choose the first one and download it on the Fire TV Stick. One may get the apps on the Google Play Store if you do have a Smart Television.
  3. Open the air screen app. This will properly enable Chromecast and Miracast on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Android TV. If your television already has these features, you can forgo using this software, but I highly recommend it because it’s quite reliable.
  4. After that, you may mirror your PC on Android TV using the Air screen app. The challenge now is to put up the entire infrastructure we previously set up, allowing us to use Hulu on Discord and then screencast.
  5. Create a Hulu watch party on your computer. Now, on the bottom right side of your Windows PC, go to the action center and select Project. You can also choose “Connect” and select the device of your choosing directly.
  6. Now choose your TV/Fire TV stick from the drop-down menu.
  7. Now you may use your firestick to host a Discord watch party. You may use your PC’s webcam and microphone to communicate to your pals while simultaneously watching the movie on the big screen and hearing their voices.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord without Black Screen?

How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen?

Looking to know how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen? Discord is among the most famous chatting software for gaming, but it’s also useful as it enables you to stream anything you want, such as Netflix, and enjoy film evenings with pals.

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to stream Hulu on Discord without getting a black screen. 

It is the most straightforward way to stream Hulu on Discord.

1. On the settings

2. Go to the voice and video box.

3. Go to the video codec, then disable it.

4. Open H264 Video Codec, or all of these alternatives if you like.

5. A setting for “Use our latest technologies to record your screen” can be found further below the voice and video menu. 

6. For some people, it has helped.

7. However, if the issue of only hearing audio persists, one last way that worked for me was to open Chrome and go to settings.

8. Navigate to the bottom of the page till you reach the advanced drop-down menu. 

9. Remove the function “Use Hardware Acceleration when applicable” by looking for it in the settings.

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Video on How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen

Are you Still Unable to Stream Hulu on Discord?

In connection with the how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen? We’ve had enough of watching Hulu with our colleagues on Discord. Let’s have a look at some of the most prevalent problems and how to solve them. There are a variety of reasons why you may be unable to watch Hulu on Discord, including your internet connection speed and other considerations. 

How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Black Screen?

You’ll need at least a 30mbps connection to stream Hulu in 720p quality on Discord. You will be able to stream at an extremely choppy framerate if you have a slower connection, which will impair the experience for everyone.

Another reason you can’t watch Hulu on Discord is the black screen issue, which occurs because all of Hulu’s or Netflix’s content is DRM-protected. In this article, we’ve already discussed how to fix the black screen problem.

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How do I Broadcast Hulu to Discord on my Computer?

When trying to know how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen? To cast Hulu to Discord, initially remove the black screen issue in your browser, then live stream the film or TV show using Discord. 

You can broadcast Hulu to your Discord server and view material with your friends at the same time by following the steps outlined above. Using the instructions above, you may easily stream your favorite movies and TV shows on Discord with your friends.

How do I Stream Films on Discord?

If the movie is permanently stored on the server, you can live stream movies on Discord immediately from within a voice conversation. 

To use Discord to stream internet services like Hulu, you must first eliminate your web browser’s black screen issue.

We went over everything in depth in the guide above, so go over it again and you’ll be able to simply stream movies on Discord. Moreover, you will also get the answer to how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen?

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Can I Screen Share Hulu on Discord?

Absolutely, you can use Discord to screen share Hulu, but this will result in a black screen. In this post, we’ve given a method that will allow you to simply watch Hulu online with your pals. Read it out. You’ll be able to screen share Hulu once you’ve completed all of the steps. Moreover, you will also get to know how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen?

Is Streaming Movies on Discord Illegal?

If you’re wondering whether or not watching Hulu on Discord is moral, the answer is no. It’s against the law to do so, but it’s not a big deal if you’re with a small group of pals. This is something you can always try when looking to know how to stream Hulu on Discord without a black screen?

Can You Stream on Discord Mobile?

Looking to show how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen? And stream on Discord. Since screen sharing is controlled by DRM, you won’t be able to start a Hulu stream from your phone.

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Wrapping Up

In this article on how to stream Hulu on Discord without black screen? The steps have been included carefully and to the point. Since things are kept clear and simple in this article, it has shown how you can watch Hulu on Discord without any problems or dark screens. The only issue is that if you move tabs within your preferred browser, your stream will display everything you do while streaming, so keep that in mind while streaming. 

I hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to use Discord to watch Hulu.


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